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TEST business EVs: Mercedes EQE does nothing wrong, but requires one big sacrifice from you - AutoReview.nl

4 seconds ago

In a comparison test between long-distance EVs, the Mercedes EQE competes against four competitors: the BMW i4, the Hyundai Ioniq… Read More

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Menacing Toyota YARiS CROSS

In the past, small cars often meant that they were well-equipped, had poor quality, or were crowded with space. They… Read More

3 mins ago
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FSK gives back seasonal gifts every month

Autumn and winter are coming. Although the weather is not as sultry as summer, don’t think that the mild sunshine… Read More

1 hour ago
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New Suzuki Swift (2024): this hidden part is open and visible again - AutoReview.nl

The appearance of a new Suzuki Swift is never shocking. You always recognize the predecessor in it. And that's okay,… Read More

3 hours ago
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[Test Drive]Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium

I think there should be no car fans who don’t know the reputation of Mustang! Since its birth in 1964,… Read More

5 hours ago
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This new car makes 6,000 Europeans happy with 4.5 centimeters - AutoReview.nl

Subaru celebrates the European introduction of the Subaru Crosstrek, the successor to the Subaru XV. We search the press release… Read More

19 hours ago
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Toyota C-HR (2024) price and versions: lots of choice, but one important one is missing - AutoReview.nl

The new Toyota C-HR can now be ordered. And that means that the prices and versions of the Toyota C-HR… Read More

21 hours ago
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Subaru "BRZ" facelift! MT model equipped with driving assistance system "EyeSight" and newly added "STI Sport" specifications

table of contents●Subaru "BRZ" facelift! Added MT-specific EyeSight system and new specifications●MT cars are also equipped with the driving assistance… Read More

23 hours ago
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Tesla sells more cars in the Netherlands than Audi, BMW and Mercedes - AutoReview.nl

If you drive through the Netherlands, you will see that the Tesla Model Y is popular. But September's sales figures… Read More

1 day ago
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The opportunity to buy FD is the initial D! I can’t stop loving the limited edition car ♡ A fashion designer who loves traveling and traveling

A special episode of "Car Lover" that introduces people who enjoy car life and love cars. Today's CarLOVER!! Ms. Emu… Read More

1 day ago

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