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There are two ways to experience the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2021) optimally: from the driver's seat or from the board… Read More

3 years ago

Volvo Cars accelerates R & D of autonomous driving

Zenuity is a 50-50 joint venture between Volvo Cars and Swedish vehicle safety technology provider Veoneer. The original idea was to… Read More

4 years ago

May Operation BYD Toyota Electric Vehicle Technology Co. Ltd. officially launched!

In November 2019, BYD Co. Ltd. (BYD) and Toyota Motor Corporation signed a cooperation agreement to establish a 50-50 joint… Read More

4 years ago

BMW Diversified Car Purchase Benefits in April

BMW is arriving in Hong Kong in 2020, and the general agent provides a multi-car purchase plan for the entire… Read More

4 years ago

More than 200 pre-sale orders Nissan Altima can re-innovate?

The rise of SUVs has driven the leisure atmosphere of the people, but at the same time it has changed… Read More

4 years ago


The new AUDI Q7 (2019) can now be ordered from the Dutch Audi dealers. The prices start at 90,680 Euro,… Read More

4 years ago

Test: First review Jaguar XE P300 AWD - 2019

The Jaguar XE has undergone a major update. That could use the car well. But has Jaguar also invested enough… Read More

4 years ago

Test Drive the Bad Boy Toyota GR Supra! - Video

Perhaps in the big impression, the old Supra looks less mini, the new Toyota GR Supra car length reduced by… Read More

4 years ago

Leading BMW 5 Series Platinum Ultimate Edition New release!

Since its launch, the BMW 5 series has been proud of its many smart technologies and dynamic aesthetics. It sold… Read More

4 years ago

This is definitely a model for everyone 1992 BMW E36 320i!

Sometimes things can be very simple, but your obsessive-compulsive disorder will prevent you from coming out smoothly. This is the… Read More

4 years ago

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