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If car brands meet this EU requirement, the combustion engine is saved

The combustion engine is far from dead. The European Union has drawn up a plan to allow the sale of… Read More

4 days ago
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The name of the car is revived after 30 years! Subaru released a new generation of "Rex", the brand's first small SUV

table of contents●Subaru released the first small SUV "Rex"●It was discontinued in 1992...the name of the car was resurrected after… Read More

3 months ago
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Formosa Group Christmas Year-End Ceremony! Two major brands, Krabi & Kate Lienburg present at one time

With the lifting of the epidemic ban and the loosening of the restrictions on outdoor masks, there will be a… Read More

4 months ago
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Toyota mid-engine sports car resurrected? Will the MR2 be the GR brand's first Sport BEV?

table of contents●“Toyota mid-engine sports car” has not appeared since 2007●Judging from the concept car and patent application, it may… Read More

6 months ago
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"Stay tuned" GR brand's first 4-door car! Will "GR Camry" be a hit in North America?

table of contents●GR Corolla unveiled! It is rumored that a sedan model will be launched...●When it comes to North America,… Read More

10 months ago

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