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More than 200 pre-sale orders Nissan Altima can re-innovate?

The rise of SUVs has driven the leisure atmosphere of the people, but at the same time it has changed the ecology of the automobile market. The first and foremost is the medium and large-sized domestic motorhomes with comparable prices. In the same one thousand dollar price, the SUV can provide a similar or even more spacious space for the owner when the length of the car is shortened by 20 or 30 centimeters. As long as the height of your parking space is not limited, it is basically easy to "poison". Turn to the arms of the SUV. Of course, there are still a few of the original buyers who insist on the car to be sedan and four doors, and adhere to the highest principle of "not Sedan does not buy". Therefore, there are still operators who plan for the relatively niche market and prepare suitable products for buyers. select. Nissan Altima.

  • The new sixth-generation model has a length of 4.9 meters and is imported and sold.
  • All cars are equipped with ACC and AEB as standard, and the top version has AHB and LDP lane departure prevention system.
  • Using the same 2.0-liter variable compression ratio engine as the Infiniti Q50, zero-speed acceleration of 6.4 seconds
  • Listed on September 25; the current pre-sale price is 168.283,06 dollars / flagship 181.055,16 dollars

This time, Yuri introduced a new generation of Altima to fill the vacancy less than a year after the discontinuation of Teana, and the response was quick. The length of the new car 4900mm and the 2825mm wheelbase shape the slender body line, although the sense of style is not as mature as the steady Tena, but the actual internal space is not inferior, after all, the light wheelbase has a full 50mm precision, with The NASA zero-gravity pressure-reducing seat is a comfortable ride. Appearance part, into the 2.0 generation V-Motion water tank cover shape, you can see its blood relationship with the new Leaf at a glance, but also create a dynamic momentum different from Teana; the other top models are equipped with 19-inch aluminum ring With the 235/40/19 Bridgestone RE050A performance tires, it shows the performance difference from the traditional RV.

Open the door, the new Nissan Altima is paved in a black cockpit, the texture is above the level, but relatively less sexy. The central control also shows the design of the V-shaped plaque as the main axis, supplemented by the

upper 8 吋 touch screen multimedia system, providing a modern and user-friendly operation interface. Although the driving instrument is a traditional double-loop pointer style, there is a large 7-inch display screen in the middle, and all vehicle settings can be adjusted here. This time, the entire car is equipped with a super-horizon vehicle chasing warning (pre-detection front car dynamics), automatic emergency braking and active fixed-speed cruise, and the flagship version of the superior flagship is also added to the panoramic development, which can detect pedestrians' automatic emergency braking. Functional, active high beam and LDP lane offset prevention system. Among them, LDP uses a single-side wheel brake to correct the direction of travel, there is no steering wheel automatic steering function, and it is impossible to maintain the vehicle in the center of the lane, and the semi-automatic driving does not reach the Level 2 level. In the future, the original factory will complete the road test and regulatory certification in Taiwan before it will have the opportunity to see the ProPilot driver assistance system.

Compared to the bright orange appearance, the black interior is slightly dull, but the texture work is still above the standard.

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Although Nissan Altima is not going to be in good shape at the beginning of the market, the world's first variable compression ratio 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine is powerful. The output of 248hp and 37.7kgm not only outperforms rivals at the same level, but also creates excellent results with an acceleration of 0-100km/h in only 6.4 seconds. At the same time, it has an excellent fuel consumption performance of 13.1~13.7km/L from the Energy Bureau, and the overall product strength is not too much. Since the pre-sales began in late August, Altima has received 200 successful results in the whole Taiwan, of which more than 95% are equipped with a flagship version that is obviously much better, but the price is only 14.035,50. It is obvious that buyers still attach great importance to C. /P value instead of only the price of the car. 200 orders may not be a problem for any SUV, but in the case of Altima, it can be regarded as a red plate. In the future, whether it can be sold with heat and water, and the unemployed continue to strive for better equipment to keep it. Strong product competitiveness.


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