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【F1 Topic】Championship team resumes formation~Red Bull takes 1-2 in six races

Since the fifth race, Red Bull's deputy Perez has not ranked second in six races. When he came to the 12th race, he finally returned to the position he "should have at least" and allowed the team to regain the sixth place. A 1-2 victory in the game!

seasonSergio Perez won two championships, two second places, and one fifth place in the fifth race of the first day. At that time, he thought that his fifth place in Australia in the third race was already a lagging performance, but he did not know that from the sixth race to the 11th race The rankings in the finals were 16th, 4th, 6th, 3rd, 6th, 3rd - half of the races were worse than the 5th - it shouldn't be Red Bull's performance to miss the podium for three consecutive races Shouldn’t it?), the qualifying results are 20th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 15th, 9th, and the defending teammate Max Verstappen has already surpassed the second-placed team in his own driver’s personal points.

After three months of slump

Compared to Verstappen who ranked 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd in the above six races, and won all of them in the final, Perez seems to be in danger even as a deputy – just because of the racing advantage It has made Verstappen no need for a deputy. During this period, the sub-team driver Alpha Tauri driver Nyck De Vries was replaced and replaced by the experienced Red Bull third driver Daniel Ricciardo. If he is good enough, Perez may even have his own race Seats are at risk.

In addition to the rain in the qualifying session, the sprint race also started from the wetland state, and even the safety car led the race to slow down for five laps.

However, according to Helmut Marko, the driver in charge of Red Bull, the contract between Red Bull and Perez does not have the clause that can be exchanged to the sub-team like the previous drivers of the group, so even if the team is dissatisfied with his record, they can only finish the contract- ─From now until the end of next year──Or direct dismissal (although the contract may be breached, but Red Bull will not care about it). At present, Perez can only rejoice that there is no relative since Ricciardo's comeback──his teammate Yuki Tsunoda── Brilliant performance.

Although Verstappen no longer needs the "wingman" of Perez to defend his title, if the latter wants to finish his contract with peace of mind and even seek a chance to renew his contract, he must be able to keep up with his teammates-as he did at the beginning of the season-even with his teammates. No other person can be inserted between the rankings. Coming to Belgium, the only stop in this column, Perez ranked third in the qualifying race and made up to second after the pole winner Verstappen was penalized for five places due to excessive replacement of the gearbox. This is not only his last two consecutive races Made it to Q3 -- listen up -- and even the last time he did that was three months ago.

The results of the sprint race are a bit new: in addition to Gasly, who has not achieved great results, the rookie Piastri even won the top three results for the first time in his F1 debut.
Leclerc, who started first in seven races after being penalized for the pole position, held the first turn, but was overtaken by Perez within the first lap.

Re-emerge as a key player in the team

Verstappen, who started 6th, was invincible all the way. At the end of the 1st lap, he was 4th, 3rd on the 6th, 2nd on the 9th, and rose to the first place after his teammates stopped on the 13th lap; and Perez surpassed the replacement pole on the 1st lap Charles Leclerc, who was in the second place, then held his position, and when Verstappen also passed Leclerc, Perez in front did not need to run so fast, which indirectly caused his teammates to catch up with the time of nearly one stop in just 13 laps, so that Verstappen could pass After returning from a break on lap 14, Perez gave way directly on lap 17.

Aston Martin's mid-season improvement has not been effective. The scoring has slowed down in the last three games. It is also the first time this year that Alonso is not as good as Hamilton in three consecutive games.

In the end, Verstappen won eight consecutive victories. Red Bull broke McLaren's record in 1988 with 13 consecutive victories (cross-season) and 12 consecutive victories at the opening of a single season. Perez won the second place in the final after six games. Of course, Red Bull also achieved success. 1-2 for the first time in six games; his teammates have won consecutively, but he himself is only on the podium for two consecutive games for the third time this season--you listen to it--but it is a good sign that there are signs of recovery, If Perez can continue to be on the podium one after another, at least this season can be at ease for the time being, and then just wait for the team and teammates to determine when to win the title in advance, and he himself is expected to win the annual runner-up that refreshes his personal F1 record.

It took only 13 laps for Verstappen to catch up with the time of nearly a stoppage. Seeing that his teammates had appeared in the rearview mirror, Perez certainly knew that sooner or later he would have to give way.

Red Bull is really plentiful: Before the deadline of this issue, they have finished 12 races in this season, with 10 races left. Their team points have already surpassed the second-ranked Mercedes by more than double. Can they achieve an unprecedented perfect season in history── ─For the first time in the history of the team, it won the driver's annual championship and won the whole season──Let's continue to watch from the first game after the summer break, Verstappen's home country, the Netherlands!

Wang Yiping

Following the winning trophy in the previous station, Red Bull was smashed again at this station: the leftmost team trophy in the picture was pushed down and broken by the indicator board behind when the members rushed forward.
Even if he was captured by Red Bull, following behind was the best result Ferrari could achieve, and Leclerc stood on the podium for the third time this year.

[Critical criticism of F1]Max Verstappen's performance this year is completely different from other rivals. Red Bull's driver management consultant Helmut Marko began to get carried away, saying that even if Verstappen sits in the car of their sub-team Alpha Tauri, he can also win pole position , and even win! Since the former Sebastien Vettel, as long as it is a star driver that Marko loves, this old consultant will say all kinds of good things—even big things—even the impossible! But this year, the rankings of the two teams under Red Bull are exactly the same, and the F1 record is mostly determined by the car, so Marko's words are really too much. If it is as he said, you can try it right away at the next stop: directly exchange with Alpha Tauri's current driver Daniel Ricciardo or Tsunoda Yuki, I believe both of them will be very happy! Figure F1_c (no description)

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