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【Parking in Car】Introduction to Italian used campervans! Plenty of storage space and home-like comfort (Part 2)

Granduca interior design introduction

Granduca is packed with great designs. Let us introduce it to you area by area.

Plenty of storage space! The cabin is spacious!

There are 9 storage cabinets above the windows on the left and right sides.

The author mainly uses it to place photographic equipment and computer equipment, and the space is very sufficient.

There is a four-seater sofa in the living room, both the driver's and passenger's seats can rotate, and the seating area can seat a total of 6 people.

Very enough for two people.

The table has a folding design and can be changed in length. It is very useful whether it is used for eating or working. Simply lower the table and move the sofa to transform it into a spacious bed.

There is also a double bed at the rear of the vehicle, so the vehicle can sleep four people in total.

In addition, the rather surprising design is a dedicated storage area for red wine. It can only be said that it is a design that would be thought of in Italy, a country that is big on red wine.

This design prevents the wine bottle from tipping over while the vehicle is moving. I really like this design.

Convenient kitchen

Next, I’ll introduce you to the kitchen.

Although the kitchen is not big, it is quite convenient to use.
There are 4 gas stoves in the kitchen. When I was in Japan, I only used 2 gas stoves at most. This design is very surprising.

Maybe it’s because there are many dishes in Italy that require ovens, so there are also ovens in the car.

The kitchen has ample storage space for easy cooking.

The two upper storage cabinets and the storage under the sink are designed with drawers, which is very convenient.

The author mainly stores cooking utensils such as pots at the top, and seasonings and other items at the bottom.

Next is the refrigerator.

One of the reasons for choosing this camper is the refrigerator.

The refrigerator capacity of camper vans is about 100L, and this one has 150L, ​​which is quite large.

Because the author lives in his car 365 days a year and needs to reduce the number of meals he eats out in order to reduce his meal expenses, he has been looking for a large-capacity refrigerator.

Granduca's refrigerator is a 3-Way type refrigerator equipped with a freezer compartment.

3 Way refers to cooling down in the following three ways at any time according to different situations.

●DC 12V cooling while the vehicle is in motion

●When connected to an external AC power supply, it cools down at 230V just like a household refrigerator.

●When no external power supply is connected, gas cooling is used to cool down the temperature.

The refrigerator has a very large capacity, so you don’t need to worry when buying ingredients. This fridge size works great for the two of us.

The toilet is spacious and clean

The restroom has a shower space, toilet, and sink. With a separate design, you don’t have to worry about getting the toilet wet when taking a shower. The shower is heated by gas, so there will be no problem of hot water not being hot.

The toilet is 16L. When cleaning, you can take out the sewage bucket from outside the car and dump the sewage. Special cleaning chemicals can be poured into the sewage bucket to break down excrement and eliminate odor and color. As long as you pour it into a dedicated sewage treatment place every two days, other uses are not much different from that of a household toilet.

In addition to the attached mirror, the sink also has enough storage space.

Although the space is not large, I feel very satisfied to have this fully equipped bathroom space in the car.

Sleeping area with views of the scenery along the way

The rear of the car compartment is 200cm x 130cm, which is enough to accommodate a bed for two people.

There are also storage cabinets above the bed to store clothes, towels and other supplies.

There are designed windows behind and on the sides of the bed, so you can park your vehicle in a beautiful place and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the bed.

The bottom of the bed is connected to the external storage space, and luggage can be accessed by simply lifting the bed.

Electrical appliances and system control panels

In addition to the on-board battery of the camper itself, the author also installed an auxiliary battery and solar panels. The auxiliary battery can supply the electricity needed for short-term travel. However, in addition to traveling, the author also works in the car, which consumes a lot of electricity and requires a lot of electricity storage.

The author also installed an inverter to convert the vehicle's 12V power supply to 230V, so that it can be used to charge laptops and cameras.

However, solar panels and batteries still have limits. No matter how good the weather is, if you work on a computer for a long time in the car, the battery will run out in three days. In this part, the author can only rely on sites with campervan charging equipment for frequent charging.

The campervan system control panel is equipped with the campervan's electrical appliances and water pipe switch buttons, as well as indicating the remaining water volume, drain bucket water volume and remaining power.

The above is the author’s introduction to the campervan used when traveling in Europe.

The author's journey has just begun, and there are still many things I am not used to. In the future, I would like to slowly transform the camper van into as comfortable as my own home.

In the future, the author would like to visit more beautiful scenic spots and enjoy the car travel life.

Original source:[A couple traveling around Europe by sleeping in their car]The Italian camper they bought second hand is revealed to the public!Plenty of storage and comfort just like home
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【Parking in Car】Introduction to the medieval Italian camper van! Plenty of storage space and home-like comfort (Part 1)

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