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【Parking in the car】Must-read for DIY beginners! What is the reason why NV200 is suitable as a camping modified car?!

table of contents
●Practically DIY with NV200
5 reasons why NV200 is very suitable as a DIY camping modified car
●Three points to pay attention to when choosing a car model
●Basic interior decoration needed for DIY camping modified car
●Enjoy the best car travel life with NV200!

Actual DIY with NV200

Recently, more and more content related to car travel life has been seen on SNS and magazines. It is something that everyone longs for to create the interior according to their own preferences.

That is to say, but I believe that many people will not know which model to choose because they are not very familiar with DIY when they actually start.

In this article, the author will explain the reasons for recommending NV200 and the precautions when choosing a car model.

5 reasons why the NV200 is perfect as a DIY camper

Next, I will introduce the reasons why the author recommends NV200.

The following are the problems observed by the author during DIY, and it would be great if it can be used as a reference for you.

Here are five reasons why NV200 is recommended for DIY.

·The cabin is spacious

· Less uneven parts in the car

·Standard screw holes

·As long as you search online, you will find relevant information

The windows can be opened and closed even when the engine is not started

NV200The cabin is spacious

The necessary condition for use as a camping modified car is the spaciousness of the car.

The base model of the NV200 is a commercial vehicle with a spacious interior, so it is fun to freely adjust the interior such as beds and tables.

The space in the car is small and the part that can be DIY will be limited. There are also some people who feel oppressed after putting the bed set and table in the car compartment.

The cabin space of the NV200 can easily accommodate two adults, and they will not be constrained when sleeping in the car.

NV200Less uneven parts in the car

The bottleneck that you will encounter when doing DIY is the uneven structure inside the car.

If there are many uneven structures on the floor and walls of the car compartment, it will be unfavorable for modification.

The only thing that NV200 needs to pay attention to is the tire bulge, as long as you pay attention to this part, DIY will not be too difficult.

If there are many uneven parts, the wood needs to be cut frequently, which may be more difficult for DIY beginners.

NV200Standard screw holes

Next, I would like to introduce the advantages of NV200, that is, the standard screw holes in the car.

If you drill holes in the car, you need to worry that the car inspection may fail. The standard screw holes in the car can be used to fix the table and wood.

NV200Just search for relevant information

When building a camper, the question "what to do here?" should arise.

At this time, there are many modification steps and processes to refer to when searching online. If the relevant information is difficult to find a car model, you can only try one by one and learn from failure.

NV200Open and close the windows without the engine running

When DIYing around the window, make sure that the window switch will not come into contact with the wood. Every time you have to start the engine, open and close the windows to confirm, and then turn off the engine to continue the DIY work.

While it might not seem like a big deal at first glance, DIY requires constant tweaking, which in this case is surprisingly time-consuming.

In addition, it is very convenient to open and close the windows when the engine is off, to take a breath and to see the scenery outside the window.

Three points to pay attention to when choosing a car model

Next, I will introduce three points to pay attention to when choosing a DIY camping modified car.

· Whether the spaciousness is appropriate

· Is the vehicle easy to drive

·Whether the necessary equipment is attached

Is the spaciousness appropriate?

Car travel needs to stay in the car for a long time, so it is very important whether there will be a sense of oppression in the car.

It feels spacious when you look at the empty car alone, but it may become narrow after putting in the bed set and interior.

It is also very important to predict what kind of bed set you want to install in the car, and what kind of life in the car is likely to be.

Is the vehicle easy to drive

People who usually drive small cars will suddenly become unaccustomed to driving a large car.

There are many differences in the inner wheel gap, the length of the rear body, and the view from the driver's seat.

If you feel uneasy such as "I don't know if you can handle such a large vehicle", please make sure to take a test ride. When driving a vehicle, feeling is a very important part, and you must confirm whether you can master it.

By the way, when the author tried to drive a car larger than the NV200, he felt that he could not control the vehicle well. Although the car journey would become more comfortable, considering the driving problem, the author simply gave up.

Of course, readers who are good at driving and feel that there will be no problem after getting used to it can also choose a car with a more spacious cabin.

Is the equipment perfect?

If it is a second-hand car, the vehicle equipment may be very different, so you must confirm in advance.

The vehicle should preferably come with the following equipment

·Travel recorder

·Reverse development

·Navigation System

·Bluetooth connection

These are auxiliary equipment during driving, and you must confirm them.

Basic interior decoration needed for DIY camping modified car

Finally, I would like to briefly introduce the basic interior decoration required for DIY camping modified vehicles to readers.

The equipment that can make car travel more comfortable and convenient is as follows.

·Bed set



·Table (storage rack)

·Water tank

It is suggested that you can first outline the position of the bed group in your mind, and then design the interior space of the car. First conceive how many people the sleeping space is expected to accommodate, and build it according to the size. Of course, you can also choose to sleep directly on the floor. Unevenness can be slightly adjusted with a towel or the like.

After the bed set is completed, just put a mattress on it, and the mattress will greatly affect the quality of sleep. It is best to prepare a cushion with a thickness of 8-10cm. I used to make a mattress with a thickness of 5cm, but the mattress was too thin for sleeping.

The second most important thing after the mattress are the curtains. After the lights are turned on in the car at night, you can see the inside of the car from the outside. Considering the issue of crime prevention, it is recommended that you cover the windows to protect your privacy.

Whether there are tables and storage racks will greatly affect the comfort of the car travel. If there is room for a drink at bedtime, it doesn't matter if you don't have to tidy it up right away. And if you use an open fire to cook in the car, you will feel more at ease if you have a table.

The last is the sink. If there is a sink, it is very convenient to wash hands and clean ingredients.

Enjoy the best car travel life with NV200!

The above are the reasons why NV200 is very suitable as a DIY camping car.

Hope this information can serve as a reference for readers. You can modify the interior of the car according to your own preferences, creating a secret base exclusively for adults.

Original source:[Must-see for DIY beginners]Why is the NV200 recommended for self-made van life? !
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