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10 interesting models made in Japan and overseas! Will cars with interesting designs be difficult to drive?

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●There are many interesting car models at home and abroad
●[Domestic]5 interesting design cars are actually on the market for sale
●【Overseas】5 interesting design cars are actually on the market for sale
●Will cars with interesting designs be difficult to drive?

There are many interesting car models at home and abroad


Four-wheeled vehicles are popular all over the world, and you can see them wherever you go out. Automobile manufacturers around the world have developed and marketed numerous models of vehicles.

There are also many models with interesting exterior styles, including models with nostalgic looks and models with near-futuristic designs.

This time, 10 "interesting car models" full of personality will be selected from the models on the market and introduced.

[Domestic]5 interesting design cars are actually on the market for sale

In this part, we will explain to you 5 interesting domestically produced cars on the market.

The car manufacturer aims to become a "unique presence" in the Japanese automobile industry and has launched various models with unique appearance. Let us take a look.

Mitsuoka Buddy

Mitsuoka Buddy(2020)

Mitsuoka Buddy is an SUV characterized by retro-style appearance and stylish and lively interior design. It will be launched in 2020 as Mitsuoka's first SUV model.

Buddy was developed with the concept of "a natural and easy-to-driving partner" and has a unique front design reminiscent of old American cars. Its practicality and design are excellent in everything from daily transportation to leisure and entertainment.

A total of 18 body colors are available as standard and optional. Although the annual production is planned to be only 150 units, its design ingenuity that enriches the lives of drivers deserves everyone's attention.

Himiko Mitsuoka

Himiko Mitsuoka (2023)

The two-door convertible sports car designed by Mitsuoka Himiko has a long front. It should be difficult to find a design with such a long front in Japanese cars.

The design is like a British antique car appearing in the contemporary world, and it attracts more than 100 eyes when driving on the street. The interior of the front lower fender and fender side panels adopt a wing-shaped cross-section design, allowing the vehicle to generate downforce when driving at high speeds.

MitsuokaViewt story

Mitsuoka Viewt story(2023)

Mitsuoka Viewt story is a new model of the "Viewt" series launched in 1993.

The compact body, round headlights like shining eyes, and heart-shaped radiator guard are characterized by an endearing front design. It has a retro British car atmosphere and is recommended for those who want a compact and distinctive vehicle.

Honda e

Honda e(2020年)

Honda "e" is designed with an urban commuter car in mind and is a battery electric vehicle of the near future.

What is noteworthy is that the car is equipped with a variety of latest technologies. It adopts the world's first wide banner screen composed of five screens, and is equipped with functions such as "Honda Personal Assistant" that uses AI voice recognition to provide information.

It feels like these devices will be commonplace in the future decades from now.

Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler(2022年)

Suzuki Hustler is the most common among the 5 models.

It is a Crossover SUV with a spacious cabin that combines the characteristics of a high-roof station wagon and an SUV.

The exterior adopts individual style designs such as round headlights and a tough-guy image, while the interior is made of anti-fouling materials.

[Overseas]5 interesting design cars are actually on the market for sale

In this part, we will explain to you 5 interesting overseas cars launched on the market.

Overseas cars have many advanced designs and unique atmosphere.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500(2008)

Fiat 500 has a history of more than 60 years since the first generation was launched. It is a small car launched by an Italian car manufacturer.

It features an egg-shaped body with round headlights. Equipped with a very rare "in-line 2-cylinder" engine in the world, the body is light and practical.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender (2022)

Land Rover "Defender" is a representative model of off-road SUV that continues the manufacturer's traditional 4WD specification SUV.

The current model, which will be sold in Japan starting in 2022, adopts a near-future styling design. From the positive appearance of the past to an appearance design that can be active in the future. It is an SUV that attracts attention when driving on the street.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y (2019)

Tesla Model Y is an SUV battery electric vehicle that is one step ahead in design and driving performance.

Mechanically, it adopts "dual motor AWD" drive specification. Electronic control is used to control the torque exerted on the wheels to achieve excellent driving performance and stable driving in snow and rainy weather.

Its unique design is also the focus of everyone's attention. It has excellent crash safety performance and aerodynamic performance that can bring excellent driving performance. The rear design is close to that of a 5-door hatchback, showing a sporty style.


BYD ATTO3(2023)

BYD "ATTO3" is an SUV battery electric vehicle launched by BYD with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

The interesting thing about ATTO3 is hidden in the dynamic appearance design composed of complex curved surfaces, which is created through the technology of Japanese company "TAKEBAYASHI MOULDING". This futuristic-looking vehicle should have a high rate of turning heads when driven on the streets of Japan.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Ioniq 5(2022年)

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an SUV battery electric vehicle that re-enters Japan.

What is worth noting is that the car adopts an original design of digital pixel LED headlights and unifies the front and rear shapes of the vehicle.

In addition, the automatic pop-up handle is also a noteworthy design. It will be stored in the car door when parking and driving, and will automatically pop out when getting in and out of the car, which is very convenient.

Will a car with interesting design be difficult to drive?

Schematic diagram (@VanderWolf Images/

Will a car with interesting design be difficult to drive?

In conclusion, they are all developed for the purpose of driving on the highway, so there will be no problem of difficulty in driving.

It is different from the concept cars displayed at auto shows around the world, and its design is based on actual driving. In addition to ensuring driving visibility, the design is also designed not to impede driving performance.

However, among battery electric vehicles that have become increasingly popular in recent years, there have been cases where they were difficult to drive. In order to reduce the occurrence of "purchasing a car because it looks interesting, but then discovering it is not as expected after driving it", it is recommended that everyone check the physical vehicle before buying a car.

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