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10 popular sports cars made in Japan and imported from Japan! List of sports car prices, so ordinary people can afford sports cars! (Part 1)

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●What is the definition of sports car?
●[Domestic Cars]5 Popular Sports Cars
●[Imported cars]5 popular sports cars
●Sports car price
●Common people can also afford sports cars

What is the definition of sports car?


"Sports car" is different from ordinary cars. It is a car that is fun to drive from a driving perspective.

Sports cars have the following elements and focus more on performance than convenience.

.Excellent driving performance

.Low car height and linear appearance design

.possess value

Excellent driving performance

The most important thing about a sports car is "excellent driving performance."

The high-horsepower engine and suspension system settings adapted to various road conditions bring an excellent driving experience, paying more attention to driving performance than ordinary cars.

In order to bring out excellent driving performance, some car models not only increase engine horsepower, but also completely reduce the weight of the body, thereby improving sports performance.

It is difficult to see cars with the same characteristics, and different sports cars will be produced according to the methods adopted by each.

Low car height and linear appearance design

The second element is "a low-profile, high-profile exterior design."

It has the body shape of a coupe and a sedan and features a streamlined design that takes into account the air resistance during travel to improve driving performance.

In addition, the low-profile design also lowers the center of gravity, which can slow down body shaking when driving in curves and improve ride comfort.

possess value

Although it depends on factors such as the vehicle's performance, sales price, and manufacturing year, as long as you drive a sports car on the street, you will attract everyone's attention.

In addition, like fixed assets such as housing, the market price may rise. As long as it is a popular car model, it is possible to achieve a higher price than the price of a new car in the used car market.

In recent years, sports cars have not been booming in sales. It is also a good choice to keep them well after buying them and treat them as "assets".

[Domestic Cars]5 Popular Sports Cars

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Skyline GT-R(R32)

When it comes to the most popular domestic sports cars, Nissan Skyline GT-R comes to mind. It has a history of more than 60 years since the first generation was launched.

Although the Skyline name is no longer used, if the current R35 model is also included in the discussion, this car has been at the pinnacle of sports cars for half a century.

The Skyline and R32 GT-R, which are now important high-end cars, were both cars that could be purchased with a little effort at the time.

It is also a very common model in the used market, which also means that Nissan Skyline GT-R is deeply loved by everyone, and many people have driven this car.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R, which has been continuously revised due to its extremely high popularity, has grown into specifications comparable to supercar performance. Become an invincible racing car in the domestic four-wheel competition "Super GT".

The prices of new and used cars have also increased, and they are no longer a car that everyone can ride, but they are still very popular to this day.

Mazda RX-7


The Mazda RX-7 is Japan's only sports car equipped with a rotary engine.

It is active in many competitions such as Super GT and D1 Grand Prix. Today, 20 years after it was discontinued, its charm has not diminished at all.

Among sports cars with piston engines as the mainstream, only the Mazda RX-7 chooses a rotary engine.

The final models of the RX-7 and FD-3S only had a displacement of 1,308㏄, reaching the upper limit of the horsepower specification at the time of 280 horsepower. In terms of power ratio per liter of displacement, no other car can beat it.

The distinctive engine coupled with the streamlined large body, lightweight body, and high power output make the car extremely popular.

Unfortunately, the market for used cars is rising year by year, making them more difficult to buy.

Subaru Impreza WRX


If you are a fan of WRC, you should know this car.

Subaru Impreza WRX won the WRC championship just one year after its launch, which had a huge impact on the rally world at the time.

Subaru, which is known as a farmer's car in Europe and was considered to have no connection with the WRC, has become the world's number one automaker. This is undoubtedly a shock to those involved in racing.

In addition, it was an era when sports cars were equated with "2-door coupes". The Subaru Impreza WRX is equipped as a 4-door sedan with the same equipment as the coupe, which also brings great popularity to the car.

Unfortunately, the price of ancient cars has also increased year by year. Readers who like this car are recommended to buy it as soon as possible.

Toyota Supra


The Toyota Supra is one of Toyota's few sports cars.

It was originally a premium model of Toyota Celica, sold under the name Toyota Celica XX. However, "XX" is one of the adult movies in the United States, so Toyota in North America changed its name to "Supra" for sale.

After that, the Toyota Celica XX was uniformly renamed "Supra", and sales in Japan began under the Toyota Supra name.

The combination of the 3L large-displacement engine and twin turbines gave it overwhelming power output. It also rode on the sports car craze and became extremely popular from the early days of its launch.

The fourth-generation Supra (AE80) is equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder 3L twin-turbo engine.

The car's body exceeds 1,800mm and resembles the shape of an American muscle car. It has gained high popularity both at home and abroad.

After the model was temporarily discontinued, the fifth-generation Supra (DB) was jointly developed with BMW in 2009. It shares the chassis platform with the BMW Z4, but the suspension system and engine are independently tuned by Toyota.

The entry-level model of Toyota Supra (DB) is priced at 4,995,000 yen. The price of today's sports cars is quite reasonable.

Honda NSX


It is no exaggeration to say that Honda NSX is a racing car.

With its mid-mounted engine, two-seater layout, and all-aluminum body, it looks like the Honda NSX, which was specially developed for fast driving. It not only attracts Honda fans, but also captures the hearts of sports car fans.

The Honda NSX was discontinued in 2022, and the final model NC1 evolved into a 6,500 rpm 529 horsepower monster racer.

The drive specification has also been changed to 4WD, making driving stability even better. The price of the car has also become higher, but it is still worth taking a ride.

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