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[100 Questions About Cars]Unexpected ways to use "outside car thermometer" and "compass"! How to use multimedia display screens

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●"Is this necessary?" Hyundai vehicle information explosion?
●Why do you know so much information?
●Fuel consumption and cruising distance are information that can be used at any time
●"Exterior car thermometer" and "compass" are unexpectedly convenient

"Is this necessary?" Hyundai vehicle information explosion?


Whether it is a light car or an imported high-end car, it is equipped with a multimedia display screen, which can be said to be a must-have feature for recent vehicles. It is usually placed in the center of the instrument panel or between the driver's and passenger's seats and is shared with the navigation system to display information.

The displayed information includes vehicle driving distance, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, outside temperature, driving time, etc. Electric vehicles such as gasoline-electric hybrids and electric vehicles will also provide more detailed information, such as power consumption, charging status, storage status, etc.

Some 4WD and SUV models will also provide the driving torque distribution status of each wheel, steering wheel direction, simulated images of the surrounding body, etc. The car is full of all kinds of information. Many drivers may be thinking, "Is this information really necessary?"

Why do you know so much information?


Vehicles of the previous era probably only had signs such as headlights and high beams, and whether the doors were open or not, and the fuel level. However, since the 1990s, vehicle electronic control has further evolved. After the entire vehicle is controlled through the ECU, the aforementioned information can be obtained from various sensors.

In addition, modern vehicle screens are becoming larger and more sophisticated, and touch screens have become standard equipment. As a result, various car manufacturers compete with each other by displaying multiple pieces of information as their "unique features."

At first glance, there seems to be too much information, but in terms of how many functions are actually used, many of them are probably not used. But if you make good use of these functions, you can drive your car smartly.

Fuel consumption and cruising distance are information that can be used at any time


Take fuel consumption information as an example. Everyone knows that average fuel consumption represents how much fuel a vehicle uses to drive, but if there is instantaneous fuel consumption, you can know whether the current driving state is fuel-efficient. If you want to drive with low fuel consumption, you can make adjustments while watching the instantaneous fuel consumption.

In addition, gasoline-electric hybrid models can adjust the throttle while watching the charging status of the driving battery, so as to achieve better fuel consumption performance.

Displaying the driving range will be helpful for cars with less impressive fuel consumption performance. In this way, when driving long distances on the highway, you will not be afraid of missing the opportunity to refuel. The cruising distance and the distance to rest stops can also help drivers determine whether to get off the intersection to refuel first.

With the recent increase in gas prices, this function is very important if you want to use regular road gas stations to refuel.

"Exterior car thermometer" and "compass" are unexpectedly convenient


The outside temperature gauge is also helpful equipment for driving. Everyone knows that when the temperature is below 1℃ in winter, it can predict the risk of road freezing, but it is also very useful when the temperature is high.

For example, if you drive long distances on the highway when the temperature exceeds 30°C, the temperature inside the tires will also rise. If the tires age, they may burst.

If you are not sure about the condition of your tires, you can check the temperature outside the car. If the temperature outside the car is high, you can take a break after driving for two hours. This will reduce the risk of tire blowout.

A compass is also surprisingly handy. When driving, you can leave the driving direction to the navigation, but you can make good use of this feature when parking. When arriving at your destination at night or in bad weather, it is difficult to grasp your current location. At this time, you can use the compass. Parking the car with the front of the car facing north can prevent the temperature inside the car from being too high in summer. Parking with the front of the car facing south can prevent the windshield and water tank from freezing.

In addition, by checking the driving torque of the SUV model, you can know whether the driving state of the vehicle is 2WD or 4WD with FF or FR.

Although these functions are not commonly used in daily life, they sometimes come in handy. Everyone can use it according to their own lifestyle.

Original source:``Is it obvious that you know this if you love cars?'' Surprising uses for compass and outside temperature gauge! Techniques for utilizing “information displays”
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