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[100 Questions]Effectively block flying rocks? The "fender" was a hot seller in the 1980s and is now popular again. Installation precautions are also listed.

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●Fenders go great with off-road style!
●When installing, be careful not to make any noise or get caught in the tires while driving.

Fenders go great with off-road style!


Recently, "fenders" have attracted great attention in the modification industry. The background of this phenomenon is that off-road style modifications are becoming popular for Jimny and other off-road 4WD models, vans, light station wagons and light trucks.

Mudguards are equipped on the front and rear wheels to prevent mud splashing, and are mostly made of plastic or rubber. It first appeared on WRC cars in the 1980s.

When a rally car drives at high speed or drifts violently on gravel roads, gravel and mud will splash due to the force of the tires, sometimes damaging the sides, chassis, and suspension of the vehicle. Therefore, baffles are installed on the wheel arches to reduce damage and dust.

Later, cars participating in the Paris-Dakara Rally and other competitions were also equipped with this part, and the fenders that followed the "four-wheel drive trend" became a popular part.

When it is installed on an off-road 4WD vehicle, in order to prevent it from being rolled into the tires when driving on uneven terrain, the fender will be slightly lifted rearward with iron wires.

By the way, most of the fenders are usually black, but for modified accessories, the competitive color - red is the mainstream. But red is not versatile, so black modification accessories have recently begun to be introduced.

When installing, be careful not to make any noise or get caught in the tires while driving.


Fenders can add style to your car and protect against sand, gravel, and mud, but they're not without their drawbacks.

Larger fenders made of soft material will make noise when driving at high speeds. When the vehicle is driving on snowy or rugged off-road roads, the fenders may become involved or break when reversing. The above conditions tend to occur with large-size rims.

It is recommended that you try to use stronger materials when choosing. If the material is soft or there is a risk of hindering the tires, you can use iron wires or chains to slightly lift it back.

Some people point out that installing fenders may affect fuel consumption, but it is still unclear whether there is a direct impact. However, adding accessories may indeed affect aerodynamic performance.

In the aftermarket parts market, the price of fenders ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 yen, depending on the material. Styles made of durable materials or with hardware chains hanging backwards will be more expensive. Some original parts cost tens of thousands of yen.

Basically, it is not a very designed part, and the appearance after installation will also vary depending on the product. It is recommended that you think carefully before purchasing.

Original source:Is it also effective against flying stones? “Mud flaps” were a big hit in the 1980s and are now back in the spotlight, but there are also installation methods that you shouldn’t do.
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