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[100 Questions]Even though they try so hard to promote sales, they only account for 2.1% of total car sales. The reason why Japanese people don’t buy electric cars

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●How are electric vehicles selling in Japan?
●Will it be an opportunity to promote the purchase of light electric vehicles?
●What is the reason why Japanese electric cars are not selling well?
●Ask car owners for their opinions

How are electric cars selling in Japan?

The Nissan Leaf has been launched for about 13 years. The 2022 small electric car has also caused discussion, and now electric cars have become not so rare. But it is rare to see electric vehicles on the road.

If electric vehicles sell well, they should be seen on the road very often. Therefore, the author investigated car sales from January to July 2023 and obtained the following data.

. Car sales from January to July were 2,602,175 units

.Electric vehicle sales during the same period were 55,045 units

.During the same period, electric vehicle sales accounted for about 2.1% of total automobile sales.

The sales of electric vehicles account for about 2.1% of the total car sales, so it is difficult to say that it sells well. It can also be said that electric vehicles are not often seen on the road because they do not sell well.

The above data is calculated from the data of "Japan Federation of Automobile Sales Associations" and "National Federation of Light Vehicle Associations" (the above numbers exclude rental cars, and the data mentioned later are also handled accordingly)

Will it be an opportunity to promote the purchase of light electric vehicles?

Speaking of the important issue of electric vehicles in recent years, it is the launch of Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi eK X EV (June 2022). These two can be said to be practical and affordable light electric vehicles, but they have not succeeded in promoting the popularity of electric vehicles. See the data below.

. Sakura sales volume from January to July 2023 = 22,763 units

.Mitsubishi eK X EV sales during the same period = 5,486 units

.During the same period, Mitsubishi MINICAB-MiEV sales = 1,260 units

Total sales of light electric vehicles from January to July 2023 were 29,509 units, with Sakura accounting for the majority of sales. Looking at the numbers alone, Sakura is considered a best-selling vehicle.

However, the total sales of light vehicles from January to July 2023 were 1,011,972 units, and the proportion of light electric vehicles was about 2.9%. Although Sakura and eK X EV are selling well, it cannot be said that they have made a great contribution to the popularity of electric vehicles.

What are the sales of general electric vehicles?

After looking at the sales of light electric vehicles, let’s also talk about the sales of general electric vehicles, including imported vehicles. To put it simply, the sales of general electric vehicles from January to July 2023 accounted for 1.6% of the total sales of general vehicles (out of 1,590,383 general vehicles, there were 25,536 electric vehicles).

By the way, the sales volume of general electric vehicles in July 2023 was 2,679 units, an increase of 510 units compared with the same month last year. The number of units sold from January to June was higher than last year, so it can be speculated that the number of owners choosing general electric vehicles has increased.

...However, even if the sales share of electric vehicles is included in light vehicles, it will only be about 2.1%, not even 5% of the overall sales. Why are electric vehicle sales so poor?

What is the reason why Japanese electric cars are not selling well?

Below are some of the most commonly discussed reasons for “not choosing” electric vehicles in Japan.

. There are more people renting houses (more people cannot charge at home)

.Car price is high

.The distance you can travel on one charge (cruising distance) is short

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, about 40% of ordinary households in Japan rent. Moreover, most rental houses do not have access to charging equipment, so 40% of people live in an environment where it is difficult to choose an electric vehicle.

Although there is a subsidy for the vehicle price (purchase cost), many people still think that general electric vehicles are still relatively expensive. The Leaf's entry-level specification, which is considered a Volkswagen model, also costs 4 million yen.

Range will vary depending on how the vehicle is used. High-end cars that can travel 500km or more can be used as family cars, but the price exceeds 5 million yen, which is very high.

Ask car owners for their opinions


The above shows you the most commonly discussed "reasons for poor sales of electric vehicles", but the author still wants to know the real opinions of car owners. So the author posted the question on the Q&A website.

"What do you think is the reason why EVs are not the first choice of vehicles?" The most popular answer to this question is "because of the high price." Others said, "This price difference can buy thousands of liters of gasoline. It is not cost-effective to think of electric vehicles like this." , "Charging takes time", "Replacing the battery is very expensive".

Many people also said that "battery loads are heavier in winter and cannot be popularized in cold areas." Many car owners are uneasy about the batteries of electric vehicles.

Even so, the popularity of electric vehicles continues to be promoted

Low prices, shortened charging times, and the installation of charging equipment in residential buildings are all factors that must be overcome to popularize electric vehicles. But there are many car owners who do not choose electric vehicles, so at this stage there is nothing they can do.

The author is also a wait-and-see fan of electric vehicles. The author thinks that gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles are also quite good as environmentally friendly vehicles, and I also like the power of the engine.

As mentioned in the previous article, sales of electric vehicles are indeed increasing. I believe that in a few years there will be many electric vehicles driving on the streets.

Original source:``Despite all the advertising, only 2.1% of all cars sold'' Why Japanese people don't buy electric cars
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