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[100 Questions]Is it true that gasoline will corrode? Explain the service life, impact on the engine, and countermeasures.

table of contents
●Will it rot if left alone for a long time after refueling?
●What are the effects of gasoline deterioration?
●Does gasoline have an expiration date?
●How to prevent gasoline from deteriorating?
●How to deal with gasoline deterioration?

Will it go bad if left alone for a long time after refueling?

It is said that "gasoline goes rancid after a while." This is also an issue that car owners who seldom drive and refuel less frequently will be very concerned about.

Gasoline does not go rancid, but if it is left unattended for a long time, the gasoline will deteriorate due to the deterioration of its components. This state is described as "spoilage."

Gasoline is a mixture of various hydrocarbons and additives. These ingredients are easily affected by oxygen and moisture, and their state will begin to change after the product is made.

Deterioration of gasoline may cause changes in viscosity, odor, discoloration and other changes. Among them, viscosity changes have the greatest impact on the vehicle, which may also cause engine failure and must not be taken lightly.

What are the effects of gasoline deterioration?

Deteriorated gasoline clogs peripheral parts of the engine, causing malfunctions

High viscosity causes engine failure

Long-term storage will cause the volatile components of gasoline to vaporize, and non-volatile substances will remain in the fuel tank. The residual material is sticky and will increase the viscosity of the gasoline, causing it to deteriorate into tar.

Gasoline is like the blood of a vehicle. The gasoline that turns into tar will clog the fuel injection device, filter device and other parts, causing engine failure. Just like hyperlipidemia is caused by lifestyle habits, thick gasoline can also affect vehicles.

Engine failure may cause an accident

Tar-like gasoline can cause problems such as poor engine starting, idling vibration, and engine stalling. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of flameout. If the vehicle stalls while the vehicle is moving, it may cause an accident.

Pay attention to corrosion of metal parts

High-viscosity gasoline adheres to engine peripheral parts and accelerates corrosion of metal parts. Corrosion of parts can become the main cause of oil leakage and can also indirectly cause vehicle fires.

Oxidation produces foul odor

Motorcycles are more susceptible to the smell of gasoline

Gasoline will produce a foul odor due to changes in its composition. The oxidation of olefins contained in gasoline is the main cause of odor. Deterioration of gasoline will produce a strong sour smell.

Does gasoline have an expiration date?


Gasoline is a product that gradually deteriorates over time and generally has no expiration date. However, the state of gasoline will change due to the storage environment, so the warranty period and validity period cannot be set.

The reference information provided by some oil companies is that "gasoline stored for about half a year can still be used." But this premise is that the gasoline is stored in a cool place with a stable temperature, which is not applicable to gasoline stored in ordinary households.

The recommended period is 2 to 3 months after refueling

The vehicle fuel tank is easily affected by the external temperature, so the gasoline added to the tank does not count as being stored in a dark place with a stable temperature. It is recommended that gasoline should be used within 2 to 3 months after refueling.

2 to 3 months is only a recommended period. Gasoline will deteriorate over time, so it is better to use it up as soon as possible. The rising temperature in summer will also cause changes in the environment inside the fuel tank, so special attention must be paid to gasoline consumption during this period.

How to prevent gasoline from spoiling?

Low fuel consumption gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have longer refueling intervals

It is very important to consume gasoline and add new oil as early as possible to prevent gasoline from deteriorating. However, the vehicle's fuel consumption performance has been excellent recently and its gasoline consumption is not large. Here are some preventive methods for people who don’t often use cars.

Note the refueling time

Keeping track of your last fuel days will help you know when you'll be running out of gas. If you feel that your gasoline consumption is too slow, you can also make a long-distance driving plan.

Fill up the tank

Full oil can sometimes reduce deterioration due to oxidation. Because gasoline does not easily come into contact with the air, it can prevent moisture from condensation from being mixed in during winter.

But being full of oil doesn’t mean it can be stored for a long time. Regardless of the amount of oil, it is still recommended to use it up within 2 to 3 months.

Add deterioration inhibitor

If the gasoline cannot be used up within 2 to 3 months, it is recommended to add a deterioration inhibitor. It is an additive that prevents gasoline from oxidizing, and its effect can last up to 2 years.

How to deal with gasoline deterioration?


If you are unable to drive for a period of time due to an emergency and the gasoline in the fuel tank deteriorates, please contact a waste recycling company for disposal.

Do not throw away gasoline yourself

Gasoline is a dangerous substance regulated by fire protection laws. Please do not dispose of it yourself. Discarding fabrics stained with gasoline as garbage or directly discharging gasoline into sewers may cause fires and explosions, which is very dangerous. Do not dispose of gasoline on your own.

Correct use of gasoline is the responsibility of driving

It is also the driver's duty to use gasoline in a proper manner and handle it safely. I hope everyone can replenish gasoline in a more planned way after noticing that gasoline will gradually deteriorate over time.

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