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[100 Questions]Is this a malfunction? There is moisture inside the headlights without washing the car! Leaving it alone may cause malfunctions

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●The inside of the headlight is wet! Is this okay?
●Why does condensation occur inside the headlights?
●Condensation and a small amount of water droplets can be dealt with by yourself
●If it rains or there is moisture inside the headlights after washing the car, be careful!

The inside of the headlight is wet! Is this okay?


Have you ever encountered water droplets inside the headlights on sunny days?

It hasn't rained or the car has been washed, but there is water inside the headlights. Is this a malfunction?

In fact, fogging and condensation inside the headlights are common phenomena of high-temperature light bulbs such as HID bulbs and halogen bulbs.

Why does condensation occur inside the headlights?


Headlights often produce condensation due to the temperature difference between the outside and inside.

Driving with the lights on for a long time in a low external temperature environment will cause the temperature inside the headlights to be higher. As the temperature rises, the moisture content in the air will also increase.

When the engine is turned off in this state, the headlights will gradually cool down due to the outside air, and the internal temperature will also drop. As the temperature drops, the water vapor in the air decreases, and the water vapor that cannot be stored in the air will appear in the form of water.

In addition, the same phenomenon can occur if the gasket at the base of the bulb deteriorates. Under normal conditions, the gasket can block the entry of outside air. After the gasket ages, it begins to create gaps, causing more moisture to enter the interior, causing condensation.

Although the headlights are built with the premise that "condensation will occur" and vents are provided to prevent this phenomenon, they are still affected by climate and temperature and are unavoidable.

Condensation and a small amount of water droplets can be dealt with by yourself


If there is not much condensation inside the headlight, there is no need to worry too much. If there is a thin layer of condensation or a few drops of water on the inside, you can handle it yourself.

If condensation occurs on cars equipped with HID bulbs and halogen bulbs, the simplest way is to turn on the headlights for a period of time to remove condensation on the lampshades and discharge the moisture through the vents.

In response to Japan's hot and humid climate, many Japanese cars pay special attention to the design of headlight vents to prevent fogging and condensation. Therefore, keeping the lights on for a long time can allow ventilation inside the headlights, creating an environment that is less prone to fogging and condensation.

If it is equipped with LED headlights and water droplets appear inside the headlights, the gasket may be aging.

As long as the gasket is replaced, the above phenomenon can be prevented. You can consult your favorite repair shop to replace parts.

Pay attention if there is moisture inside the headlights after it rains or after washing the car!

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If it rains or water is found inside the headlights after washing the car, it is recommended to replace the entire set of headlights as soon as possible. Because the headlights are electronic parts, moisture can cause malfunctions, so please consult a repair shop immediately.

Usually when installing the headlights, sealant will be used for waterproofing, so water will not happen when it rains or after washing the car.

In addition, the headlights may be broken due to flying stones or impacts while the vehicle is driving, which will also allow external moisture to enter the interior of the headlights.

Installing non-original headlights will also increase the risk of moisture entering the interior, mostly due to poor sealing. When modifying headlights and taillights, perfect sealing is required, and the installation technology of the industry is of great importance. When refitting, be sure to choose the installation provider carefully.

In addition, observing the condition of your car's headlights is also the secret to making your car last longer!

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