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[100 Questions]It is very dangerous to leave "sounding tires" unattended! Ignoring the signs of tire deterioration will have serious consequences... What is the correct maintenance method?

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●What is tire "noise"?
●What are the conditions that tend to produce tire noise?
●What are the risks of leaving it alone?
●What are the key points to prevent tire noise?
●Consider tire storage as part of maintenance

What is tire "noise"?

It is common to hear various sounds coming from the tires while driving. Among them are the sharp sounds produced during sudden acceleration and sudden braking. This sound is often used in movies and TV series to show driving scenes, so everyone should be familiar with it.

"Squeal" also means screaming, but when it is used on tires, it refers to the abnormal sound produced by the friction between the tires and the ground when stopping, moving forward, etc.

The sound produced varies depending on the tire grooves and tread patterns. Generally speaking, low-priced tires and tires with low tire pressure are more likely to produce abnormal noise.

In addition, indoor parking lots with smooth pavement will also make friction sounds when driving at low speeds.

What are the conditions that tend to produce tire noise?

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We asked the sales manager of a large tire store about the characteristics of tire noise.

He said: "I have encountered customers who came to the store to change their tires due to noise problems. But this is not something that can be eliminated immediately by changing the tires. The tire condition and road conditions will affect the generation of noise. There are also drivers who are worried about whether their driving skills will be affected. It causes noise problems, but in fact this has nothing to do with driving skills. If you hear noises without sudden acceleration, sudden braking or low-speed turning, it may be a tire problem."

When asked about the conditions under which tires would produce abnormal noise, the sales manager replied: "It will happen frequently when the tire grooves are reduced and the rubber becomes hard after long-term use. In addition, the tire pressure will gradually disappear over time. When the tire pressure becomes low, the tires will bend and produce abnormal noises. Low-priced tires are mostly made of compounds with lower grip, so they are prone to produce abnormal noises. If the car owner notices that the frequency of abnormal noises increases when driving compared with the past , please check and replace immediately."

What are the risks of leaving it alone?


In the world of competitions such as F1 and rally cars, controlling the tires until there is only a slight noise means that the tires are in the best state of grip.

Hearing noise from your tires does not mean you are in danger. However, you still need to carefully observe the condition of the tires. If you leave them alone, tire deterioration may cause failure.

For example, low tire pressure will increase rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption. However, if the tire pressure is too low or too high, the tire will wear concentrated in one place, shortening its life.

If the tire pressure is incorrect or if it is left unchecked with cracks, it may cause a puncture in the worst case.

What are the key points to prevent tire noise?


Tire noise is also an indicator of tire deterioration. We also asked sales leaders what they need to pay attention to.

He said: "No matter how careful you drive, you cannot prevent tire deterioration. But you can slow down the rate of tire deterioration by paying attention to the following points. For example, maintaining the tire pressure at an appropriate value. Everyone will confirm the change in tire pressure when driving long distances, but in fact the tire pressure It is something that will change when it is parked in the garage. The ideal thing is to check the tire pressure at least once a month. You can quickly measure the pressure at a gas station or car wash. It is recommended that you make a habit of checking the tire pressure every time you refuel. In addition, it is recommended that you just wash the tires with clean water when washing the car, and do not use tire lotion. If the lotion is not washed away, the residual lotion will cause the tires to deteriorate. In fact, as long as you wash with water, most of the dirt can be removed. No need to use too much detergent.”

Treat tire storage as part of maintenance

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When tires are not used for a long time, in order to delay deterioration and deformation, it is recommended that you store them in a cool and ventilated place. The author himself rents a warehouse to store tires.

When storing the rims together, it is recommended to lower the tire pressure, stack them horizontally and cover them with protective covers. If it is without rims, please place it vertically to prevent deformation.

Through proper maintenance and correct storage methods, tire life and comfort can be extended.

In addition, whenever you hear strange noises coming from your tires, you should be aware that it may be a sign that the tires are abnormal. If you hear different sounds from the tires, you should be alert and go to the repair shop immediately for inspection and repair.

Original source:It is dangerous to leave the "squeal sound" unattended! If you ignore the signs of tire deterioration, it will lead to a disaster...What is the correct maintenance method?
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