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[100 Questions]Major plastic surgery on the front of the car? Reasons for the rise and decline of "face modification"

table of contents
●Can the front end of the car be changed to the design of another car?
●Why was the “face-changing” design so popular at that time?
●The reason for the disappearance is the increase in restrictions and regulations
●The second reason for the disappearance is that the degree of freedom of modification is reduced due to the original equipment of the car manufacturer.

Can the front end of the car be changed to the design of another car?


If you could freely modify the appearance of your car, which part would you focus on? For those who are not that familiar with cars, the first thing that comes to mind would be changing the height of the car, changing the wheels, adding spoilers and other parts.

So what do you think if you can change the appearance of your car to look like other cars?

This modification technique is called "face swapping", and it is also one of the modification methods practiced by professional modification shops and DIY veterans.

Face-swapping modification is a modification method that changes the appearance of the vehicle to the front and rear of a different model. By replacing the water tank guard, headlights, bumpers, etc. with parts from other models, you can create a unique style model.

Why was “face-changing” design so popular at that time?

Pictured is "Sileighty" Author:FotoSleuth CC BY-SA 2.0

Face-swapping modifications became very popular among some enthusiasts around 1990. One of the most famous combinations is the "Sileighty" where the S13 Silvia front end is transplanted to the Nissan 180 SX front end.

The reasons why face modifications were so popular at the time are as follows.

First of all, it was an era when novelty and individual appearance were highly valued. At that time, car enthusiasts pursued individual style and styling in order to differentiate themselves from other models.

Face-swapping modifications can create an elegant design and a powerful front look that are different from the original model, so it has become a means to highlight the personality of the vehicle.

In addition, it can also give other cars a certain performance or driving feel.

For example, by combining a more practical body such as a sedan with a sports car front design, you can create a car with both sporty appearance and practical performance.

Face-swapping modification can create a new car appearance without replacing it with a new car. It can also create a unique car, so for car owners at that time, it was very attractive to create original style face-swapping modifications.

The reason for its disappearance is the increase in restrictions and regulations.

©Minerva Studio /

Face-swapping modifications were all the rage for a while, but these days it’s almost impossible to see them anymore.

The car owner who asked the modification shop to carry out this modification said about this phenomenon, "Modifications that were very popular among car lovers in the past are almost invisible now. The reason may be due to the increase in legal restrictions and regulations. Face-changing modifications may have different effects on the appearance of the vehicle. It conflicts with the regulatory requirements and specifications. Changes related to vehicle safety and ensuring visibility may cause the above-mentioned legal issues, so many regions have restrictions. Because of these restrictions, it is more difficult to implement face-changing modifications, which reduces demand. "

The second reason for the disappearance is that the degree of freedom of modification is reduced due to the original equipment of the car manufacturer.

Operational picture of active pedestrian safety (Toyota)

Furthermore, the impact of the car manufacturer's own design upgrades is also one of the reasons.

"Most modern car designs are streamlined and original, and take into account aerodynamic performance and safety performance. Car manufacturers pursue unique designs to establish their brand image, so the need for face-changing modifications is gradually decreasing. In addition, cameras, sensing devices, safety sensors, etc. If installed on the front of the car, if face-changing modifications are performed, these mounting technologies will not be available, and today’s cars are not like before, making it very difficult to replace front parts.”

Generally speaking, in an era where face-swapping modifications are all the rage, everyone is pursuing individuality and novel modifications. However, in the modern automobile industry, due to the restrictions of legal regulations and the design upgrades of car manufacturers, the modification trend has changed, and face-swapping modifications have become increasingly rare.

It was popular in the past for modifications that could create unique styles. However, there has been a huge change in the values ​​​​of vehicles between then and now, which is also one of the reasons for the decline of face modification.

Original source:Complete plastic surgery on your car's face? Why unconventional customizations such as "Face Swap" became popular, and why they became obsolete
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