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[100 Questions]New car wipers make strange noises! Is the reason due to the anti-water repellent processing? Can it be improved by replacing the rubber strips?

table of contents
●What is the windshield wiper noise?
●What is the sound of the wiper noise?
●What causes abnormal noise from wipers?
●What will happen if the wipers make noisy noise and are left alone?
●Effective ways to remove abnormal noise from wipers

What is the windshield wiper noise?


Wipers are an essential accessory when it rains or snows. Turning on the wipers can keep the front and rear windshields of the vehicle clean.

Have you ever felt the strip stuck on the windshield and heard some strange noises when the wipers were operating? Leaving it alone may cause a major accident.

Then the author will explain to you what this sound is, cases of leaving it alone, why this sound occurs and how to solve it.

What does the windshield wiper noise sound like?

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The beeping sound of the wipers is the sound that occurs after the wipers are activated.

If the wiper operates normally, there will be no such sound, and water droplets on the glass can also be removed.

But as the number of uses increases, there begins to be a dragging sound. The wipers will also be unable to clean the windshield smoothly due to the vibration of dragging.

The wipers will start to make strange noises the more they are used.

What causes abnormal noise from wipers?


Aging of wiper strips
Noise from the wipers may be due to the aging of the rubber strips.

In addition to driving in rainy and snowy days, which will cause the wiper strips to age, parking in the parking lot will also cause the wiper strips to age due to high temperature, moisture, snow, frost and other environments.
Aging of the strips will also cause the wipers to become insensitive and produce abnormal noises.

Wipers are not installed correctly
If the wiper strips are not installed correctly, abnormal noise may occur.

When replacing the wiper strips and blades, they were not installed correctly, causing the wipers to fail to lay flat and causing abnormal noise.

In addition, if you drive without the wipers installed correctly, the wipers may become dislodged due to shocks such as vibration.

The glass is water-repellent and has an uneven surface.
The glass is made of water-repellent material, and the uneven surface is prone to causing abnormal noise.

The waterproof coating is applied by hand. If the thickness is uneven, the wiper will not be able to glide smoothly. If the wiper moves abnormally, it will produce abnormal noise and vibration.

The oil film left on the glass from DIY car body waxing will also affect the wiper action.

What will happen if the wipers make noisy noise and are left in place?

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What will happen if you leave it alone?

worsening of vision
If you continue to use the noisy wipers when it is raining or snowing, water droplets will be left on the windshield, affecting the driving vision.

Dirty wipers will also affect driving at night. Street lights and the headlights of oncoming cars will make the marks left on the windshield more obvious and affect driving.

Broken wiper strip
The wiper rubber is a consumable item and it is recommended to replace it once a year. However, if you continue to leave it alone, the rubber may fall off or break from the wiper blade.

If the wiper breaks while the vehicle is moving, the broken wiper may fly towards other vehicles, which is very dangerous.

Causes the entire wiper blade to age
Failure to replace the wiper strips may result in complete wiper failure.

Continuous use of wipers that do not fit the windshield will put a burden on the strips, blades, and arms, and will also cause the metal and plastic parts of the wiper accessories to age.

How to effectively remove windshield wiper noise


To eliminate abnormal windshield wiper noise, in addition to daily checks to confirm the status of the wipers, you must also confirm the status of the glass.

Next, I will introduce to you the method to solve the abnormal sound.

If you have just purchased a new car and your wipers are making strange noises, it may be that the wipers have not been installed correctly.

wiper protectant
It can fill the scratches on the wiper strips, make the wipers operate smoothly, and can also remove dirt on the wipers.

This effect depends on the aging degree of the wiper strip. If it cannot be improved, it is recommended to replace the spare parts.

Replace wiper strips
The lifespan of the wiper strips is about one year, but the lifespan also depends on the usage conditions. As long as the rubber strip deteriorates, it will affect the effectiveness of scraping off water droplets. It will also cause the wiper to be unable to lay flat against the glass, unable to glide smoothly and producing abnormal noise.

Replacing the rubber strip can improve this phenomenon.

Clean glass during car wash
If the thickness of the water-repellent treatment is uneven, it is recommended to clean it first and then reapply it. Cleaning the oil film on the glass can also improve abnormal noise.

Original source:Even in a new car, there is a chattering noise from the wipers! Is it caused by water repellent treatment? Can it be solved with silicone?
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