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[100 Questions]Recommend eight PHEV models! What kind of car is a PHEV? And what kind of people is it suitable for?

PHEV is a gasoline vehicle that can also be used as an electric vehicle, which is very convenient. But it also has good and bad aspects.

It is not as popular as gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. Until a few years ago, Japan's domestically produced PHEVs only had two types: Prius and Outlander. Recently, the number of models has slowly increased.

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●PHEV is the abbreviation of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
●[Domestic]5 recommended PHEVs
●[Imported cars]3 recommended PHEVs
●PHEV is suitable for this kind of people!

PHEV is the abbreviation for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

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In addition to the engine, it is also equipped with a large-capacity battery and a high-output motor PHEV. It can be said to be a model between a hybrid model and an electric vehicle.

PHEV is the abbreviation of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, also known as plug-in hybrid vehicle. The most obvious feature of PHEV is that it has an external charging hole for charging.

The first-generation sedan Toyota Prius PHV was launched in Japan in November 2011. The first-generation SUV Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was launched in December 2012. Now many car manufacturers at home and abroad are producing PHEV.

PHEVDifferences from HV

Hybrid electric vehicles (HV), also known as HEVs, have the same basic structure as PHEVs. But the HV does not have an external charging hole.

In addition, compared with PHEVs, the battery capacity is smaller and the output power of the drive motor is also low. Even for models that can be driven by motors, the EV range is only about a few kilometers. The HV motor only functions as an auxiliary engine.

On the contrary, PHEV can drive with a motor that has a higher energy conversion efficiency than the engine, and does not make an engine noise when running solely on the motor. The overall fuel consumption performance is also better among the same models.

PHEVDifferences from EV (electric vehicle)

"BEV", which is powered solely by batteries, is also called an electric vehicle (EV). It is a vehicle that removes the engine from a PHEV and is equipped with a larger-capacity battery.

Because it does not have an engine, it does not emit harmful substances such as carbon dioxide when driving, and the fuel cost can also be paid for with cheaper electricity. In addition, since it is not equipped with a large engine, the body design has a high degree of freedom and good space efficiency.

However, EVs rely on batteries for driving and in-vehicle power, and will not be able to drive without battery. In addition, the battery of an EV is several times larger than that of a PHEV, and it will take more time to fully charge.

【Japan】5 recommended PHEVs

Toyota Prius PHEV

Toyota new generation Prius (PHEV) prototype

The fifth-generation Prius has changed its body design to an aggressive design that breaks away from a sedan and is expected to be launched in March 2023.

The power specification is a 2.0L engine plus a 163ps motor, and the system output is also increased from 122ps to 223ps. The EV driving range is developed with the goal of being 1.5 times that of the previous generation's 68.2km, and the new car can travel about 100km on a full charge.

In addition, the roof of the car can be equipped with a second-generation solar system, which can increase the power consumption by an equivalent of 1,250km per year. The new-generation Prius, also equipped with a 2.0L engine, is priced at 3.2 million to 3.92 million yen, and the price of the PHEV model is about 1 million yen more.


.Price: Undecided

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,600mm × 1,780mm × 1,430mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: Undetermined

. EV driving range: Undetermined

Toyota RAV4 PHV

In June 2020, the fifth-generation RAV4 added a PHEV model. After the launch, a large number of orders poured in, and it immediately stopped accepting orders. It has now reopened for orders.

RAV4 PHV adds two front and rear motors to the 2.5L engine. The system output is 306ps, which is also the highest performance in the RAV4 series.

RAV4 PHV does not support fast charging. It is a high-performance electric SUV that mainly runs on the engine.


.Car price: 5.53 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,600mm × 1,855mm × 1,695mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 22.2km/L

. EV driving range: 95km

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV, known as the pioneer of SUV PHEV models, was overhauled into a third-generation model in December 2021. At the same time, the third-generation Outlander has also been changed to a single PHEV model.

In addition to the Eco mode that prioritizes fuel consumption performance, there are seven driving modes such as Mud and Snow. When switching modes, the car will allocate the best driving force of the 2.4L engine and front and rear motors according to the situation, giving full play to extremely high off-road driving performance. .

Unlike the rival RAV4, which supports fast charging, the Outlander PHEV is closer to an EV.


.Car price: 4.84 million ~ 5.71 million

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,710mm × 1,860mm × 1,745mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 16.2~16.6km/L

. EV driving distance: 83~87km

Mazda CX-60 PHEV

The CX-60 PHEV model, developed with European high-end SUVs as its imaginary enemy, will be launched in December 2022. The 2.5L engine is equipped with only one motor and is built into an 8-speed manual transmission. The 4WD system maintains a natural steering feel based on rear-wheel drive through the transmission shaft.

The rear suspension arm uses ball bearings used on racetracks to create smooth road adaptability. Although it is inferior to competitors in terms of PHEV specifications, it is still very advanced for an off-road SUV.


.Car price: 5.3 million to 6.26 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,740mm × 1,890mm × 1,685mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 14.6km/L

. EV driving range: 75km

Lexus RX 450h+

The fifth-generation RX, which will be launched on November 18, 2022, will add the PHEV model RX450h+. The plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system is the same as the Toyota RAV4. The improved engine provides a system output of 309ps. It adopts the new 4WD system "Direct4" for electric vehicles to control the optimal driving force.

Due to its heavier front end, the PHEV's performance is not as good as that of the Toyota RAV4, but its coupe-like design and elegant interior, combined with the PHEV's excellent quietness, emphasize the charm of a high-end SUV.


.Car price: 8.71 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,890mm × 1,920mm × 1,700mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 18.1km/L

. EV driving range: 86km

[Imported Cars]3 recommended PHEVs

Mercedes-Benz A250e

The A Class A250e, which will be launched in May 2021, is a front-wheel drive model equipped with a 1.3L engine and a front-wheel motor. Both hatchback and sedan are equipped with PHEV specifications.

A250e has 6 driving modes. In different modes, you can choose to release the accelerator and use the shift paddles behind the steering wheel to adjust the recharging efficiency. Sport mode uses an engine output of 160ps and a motor output of approximately 100ps to demonstrate excellent acceleration performance. When the driving mode is selected, the suspension, shift timing and steering assistance will also be automatically changed.

Whether it is a front-wheel drive small hatchback or a PHEV, the characteristics of the A250e are complete and consistent with Mercedes-Benz.


.Car price: 6.39~6.41 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,440mm × 1,800mm × 1,455mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 16.3km/L

. EV driving range: 72km

Peugeot 308 HYBRID

The third-generation 308, which will be launched in April 2022, will not only have a 1.2L gasoline turbo and 1.5L diesel, but also a "HYBRID" 1.6 engine PHEV model.

In addition to digital instruments and advanced auxiliary systems such as a voice control system activated by the "OK, Peugeot" command and active cruise, its biggest feature is its interior and exterior design that is in line with Peugeot's recent style.

Although the suspension system is on the stiff side, the body is adjusted to have a light steering feel, and coupled with the 225ps power output, it is not an exaggeration to call it a high-end small hatchback. The relatively low price among imported PHEVs is also the charm of the 308 HYBRID.


.Car price: 5.15 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,420mm × 1,850mm × 1,475mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 17.6km/L

. EV driving distance: 64m

Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid

The C5 X, which will be unveiled in August 2022, is a PHEV SUV that shares the same chassis platform as the Peugeot 408. Since the power specifications of the PHEV model are the same as those of the Peugeot 308 HYBRID, the price is cheaper.

The most eye-catching feature of the C5

Through the use of electronically controlled suspension and newly developed seats made of high-density polyurethane, the ride quality of a flagship model is created. Most importantly, Citroën's unique interior and exterior design satisfies the satisfaction of owning a vehicle.


.Car price: 6.36 million yen

. Body size (length × width × height): 4,805mm × 1,865mm × 1,490mm

. WLTC fuel consumption: 17.3km/L

. EV driving distance: 65m

PHEV is suitable for this kind of people!

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Live in a remote area or in an area with insufficient gas stations

The EV range of PHEV is at least about 50km, so it can travel a one-way distance of about 20km without fuel. PHEV can be said to be the most suitable vehicle for areas with insufficient gas stations.

Even if you cannot fully charge your vehicle at home, PHEVs that use both electricity and fuel have a long driving range and can be relied upon in places with few gas stations.

Securing power supply during disasters and leisure activities

PHEV is suitable for people who like car travel or outdoor leisure activities. It can also be used as an emergency power source. Although the battery capacity is not as good as that of electric vehicles, PHEVs can play a great role as mobile batteries and mobile generators in emergencies or leisure activities. If V2H is used that can transmit vehicle power to houses, it can be used as household power storage equipment.

People who want to ride in imported cars, luxury cars, or electric cars

PHEV is suitable for people who are considering buying imported cars or high-end cars but are hesitant because they are worried about maintenance, or who are hesitant to buy an electric car because of the convenience of use.

The advantage of PHEV is that it can be used as both an engine vehicle and an electric vehicle, and the maintenance cost is not expensive. In addition, in recent years, the number of models with added value such as high-end and sports performance has gradually increased. By converting the saved maintenance costs into car purchase costs, you can ride in imported cars or high-end cars.

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