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[100 Questions]Should I buy a new car or the current model? Are there any unexpected disadvantages of a major facelift?

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●Should I wait for a major facelift to launch a new generation model before buying a car?
●There are indeed many advantages to driving the latest car model...
●Affected by rising prices, car prices have increased significantly
●The pain of being unable to drive a new car immediately due to a long delivery time

Should you wait for a major facelift to launch a new generation model before buying a car?

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The major facelift will significantly update the design, redesigning the basic structure of the vehicle to satisfy car owners with the latest equipment and design. This period is also known as the best time to change a car.

But during the model change period, people will begin to hesitate whether to buy the current model that is available now or wait for the new model to be launched after a major facelift.

In the past, everyone said that waiting for a new car was the best choice, but recently this is not necessarily the best answer.

Driving the latest models does have a lot of advantages…


The automotive product transformation period is divided into minor facelifts with minor changes in equipment and design, and major facelifts that re-examine the vehicle's fundamentals.

Many car owners pursue the "latest and most advanced" value when it comes to vehicles. Therefore, when the vehicle is about to undergo a major facelift, those who do not hesitate to wait until the car is fully facelifted before purchasing are more satisfied with the vehicle. will improve.

In addition to functions and equipment, the value when selling is also better than the new generation model. Therefore, there is almost no harm to car owners until they buy a car after a major facelift, and it is also the best way to buy a car.

Affected by rising prices, car prices have increased significantly


Prices have been rising recently, and the automotive industry has also been affected by this wave. Electricity bills, gas bills, daily necessities, etc. are rising one after another, and car prices are no exception. Starting from the beginning of 2023, various car manufacturers have launched various new models, but most car prices have increased.

The most obvious one is the situation of improving vehicle specifications and raising prices. Through a major facelift, a model with a more high-end feel than the current model has been created. Car prices increase with quality upgrades, and sometimes the increase is as high as 1.5 times compared with old models.

In recent years, when considering upgrading to the latest model of the same car model, it has become more common to exceed the budget. The result of waiting for the launch of major facelift models is that the burden on car owners has become heavier, and there are more and more cases of people choosing not to buy them due to the above reasons.

The suffering of not being able to drive a new car right away when the delivery time is too long


The recent issue surrounding car replacement is the excessively long delivery period.
The delivery period of a major facelift new car basically starts at one year, and is more common if it is closer to two years. However, car owners who are considering buying a new generation model do not have time to think slowly. Because of delivery issues, it has become more common to buy directly without looking at the actual car.

The price increase and the inability to obtain the vehicle immediately are a big disadvantage for car owners. Considering these shortcomings, it is more convenient to buy the current car model at the end of the product model period and use the car.

When purchasing a vehicle, the shopping method of overcoming money and time issues first, and then deciding whether to buy a new model or the current model is more in line with modern times.

The author asked the car dealer business about car ownership, and the business said that the advantages of new models are increasingly overshadowed by shortcomings such as high prices and delivery times, so they will be more attentive to listening to customer needs.

If a customer is considering replacing a car now, they should pay more attention to the invisible shortcomings than the high product value that can be seen with the eyes. Only by minimizing the shortcomings can the customer be satisfied.

Car owners can find out what they value most among the three factors: performance, time, and price. If you value performance, you can wait for a major facelift of the vehicle; if you value time and price, you can choose the current model. This is also the judgment that car owners need to have now.

Original source:Are there any surprising disadvantages to the full model change of Reiwa?When purchasing a new car, I thought about whether I should buy a new model or the current model.
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