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[100 Questions]What are car side pedals? Introduce their effect, function and vehicle inspection related matters

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●What are the side steps of the car?
●Will a vehicle equipped with side steps pass the vehicle inspection?
●Can I install the car side steps by DIY?
●If the car side pedal is damaged, can it be repaired?

What are car side steps?

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The elongated parts mounted on the lower side of the car are called "side steps".

Commonly found in taller vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, they are used as auxiliary pedals for getting in and out of the car.

The side steps on SUVs and trucks have the advantage of stabilizing your feet and allowing you to get in and out of the vehicle safely. In addition, some people use it to protect the sides of cars.

Recently, more and more appearance-modified products have been launched, making them not only pedals, but also accessories that make the appearance more fashionable. The side steps of the car are also one of the well-known aerodynamic kits, sometimes called "side skirts".

Will a vehicle equipped with side steps pass the vehicle inspection?

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If the product is genuine and suitable for the car model, it is rare for it to fail the car inspection. However, if it is installed with universal accessories or combined with short springs and suspension systems to lower the vehicle height, it may not be possible to ensure the minimum ground clearance of 9cm.

In addition, regarding the issue of the vehicle body becoming wider after installing the side steps, as long as the unilateral width is less than 1cm, it is still within the allowable range. However, depending on the shape and installation method, the vehicle body width may exceed the specified value, and the vehicle may not pass the inspection.

Correctly installing the appropriate spare parts is the only way to avoid worrying about whether they meet vehicle inspection regulations after installation.

Can I install car side steps by DIY?

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Someone once asked me in the past, "Is it possible to install the side steps on the car by yourself?", and the author's answer was "You can install it yourself, but it is not recommended."

The reason is that the installation of the vehicle side pedals is much more difficult than imagined and requires a suitable installation environment.

The side steps of the car are slender parts, making it difficult for non-professionals to lift and install them alone. In addition, it also needs to go through trivial processes such as painting, drilling screw holes, protective work, sandpaper polishing, etc. Therefore, you need to have the installation site, time and corresponding skills to install it yourself.

In addition, vehicle modification involves safety and legal issues, so correct installation is crucial. Incorrect installation will not only affect vehicle safety and driving performance, but may also become the main cause of accidents.

If installed incorrectly, it may not comply with vehicle inspection regulations.

Can the side steps of the car be repaired if they are damaged?


Car side pedals are made of metal or plastic. The former is installed on an SUV and used as a pedal. If the metal side pedal is damaged or deformed, please ask a repairman to handle it. However, the plastic side pedals used for modification are damaged and difficult to repair.

Although it can be repaired, the finished product is not beautiful. In addition, the strength of the parts cannot be guaranteed, so if the side pedals used for modification are damaged, it is usually recommended to replace them with new ones.

The installation and maintenance of vehicle side steps are related to vehicle safety and legal issues. It is recommended that you entrust professionals and dealers to install them in the correct way.

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