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[100 Questions]Why not increase the number of fast charging piles at rest stops and parking lots? How will the infrastructure issues that hinder the popularity of EVs develop in the future?

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●The number of fast charging stations is less than half that of gas stations
●How long does it take for the fast charger at the rest stop to be fully charged?
●High installation costs also hinder the increase of charging stations.
●The key to operating income lies in public-private cooperation

Japan has less than half the number of fast charging stations as gas stations


Carbon neutrality has been gaining more and more attention in society recently, and electric vehicles that can run without refueling are also attracting great attention. But compared to the gas stations that can be seen across the country, there are still very few charging stations for electric vehicles.

In 2022, there will be approximately 28,475 gas stations across Japan. On the other hand, as of the end of March 2023, there were approximately 19,764 charging stations across Japan. Although they are still fewer than gas stations, they are gradually increasing.

What we want to discuss here is that there are only 9,559 charging stations with fast charging capabilities. Its number is one-third that of gas stations.

In other words, if you want to recharge at the destination, you can't complete it and set off in a short time like refueling.

How long does it take for the fast charger at the rest stop to be fully charged?

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For electric vehicle charging, in addition to general charging piles, there are also fast charging piles. Here I also want to discuss a little bit about "how long does it take to fully charge the phone with fast charging".

Charging piles usually designed for use at home are designed to be fully charged at night when the car is not in use. In this case, it will take about 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.

Relatively speaking, fast charging in service areas and parking lots takes about 1 to 2 hours to fully charge. It's quite fast compared to ordinary charging piles, but it still takes more time than filling up with gas.

The author asked the person in charge of installing electric vehicle charging piles in Minato-ku, Tokyo, about the charging time of fast charging piles. He said, "There are differences between car models. Usually fast charging is used, and it takes about 1 to 2 hours to fully charge. Therefore, in order to allow more Many drivers can use fast charging. At the fast charging stations installed in Japan, charging will stop after 30 minutes. Charging for 30 minutes can charge the battery to 50~70%, so there is no problem in driving. "

In fact, the fast charging pile is not a "full charge" but a design that will end in "30 minutes". Even so, the time has been shortened a lot. If we simply calculate that each car takes 30 minutes to order, only 48 cars can be charged in a day. The turnover rate is much lower than when refueling at a gas station.

High installation costs are also an obstacle to increasing the number of charging stations.

As electric vehicles increase, the demand for fast charging stations will also increase.

Regarding this point, the person in charge said: "To set up a charging station, a general charging pile costs about 700,000 yen, and a fast charging pile costs more than 2 million yen. In addition to the construction costs such as power supply, it is necessary to set up a fast charging pile. At least 3 million yen is required.

Although the cost of setting up charging piles has been declining recently, it is still very expensive to install multiple charging piles in the same place. Recently, fast charging stations have begun to appear everywhere, but the cost of these charging stations is very high. Therefore, there is still some way to go before charging stations can reach the same number as gas stations. "

The author's friend works in a materials company. A few years ago, the company set up charging stations to allow the company's electric official vehicles and employees' electric vehicles to be charged. Later, because there were not many electric official vehicles, few employees were driving them, and maintenance costs were very high, it was decided to dismantle them.

No matter how much we promote the popularization of electric vehicles, gasoline vehicles are still the mainstream. The dilemma of "there are few charging stations, so I don't want to switch to electric vehicles yet" and "because the number of electric vehicles has not increased, I cannot add charging stations" seems to continue.

The key to operating income lies in public-private cooperation


Although fast charging stations are slowly increasing, on the other hand, there are also many charging stations that have been removed and need to update equipment.

For the fast charging stations introduced in the early stage, due to the long installation period and the aging of the equipment, the replacement of the charging station equipment is inevitable.

In other words, it will take a lot of time for the number of fast charging stations to keep pace with gas stations. If profits cannot be guaranteed, it will be difficult to continue operating.

To increase the number of fast charging stations, it is necessary to shorten the charging time of each vehicle and establish a profitable business model.

I heard that well-known convenience stores have begun to add charging stations in store parking lots. However, there are limits to the efforts of the operators alone. In the future, public-private cooperation from the government, car manufacturers, etc. may be needed.

Original source:Why aren't there more quick charging spots in SA and parking lots? What will happen to the infrastructure issues that are hindering the spread of EVs?
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