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2nd-hand car news pioneered cross-border EC for used cars in Taiwan, integrating with third-party payment platforms for more peace of mind when buying and selling

Compared with the vehicles currently on sale in the Taiwan market, these are only some of the overseas vehicles on the second-hand car news website. In addition to their significant advantages in terms of vehicle condition and price, these Japanese foreign exchange used cars also have many Taiwanese vehicles. Rare rare vehicles.

According to statistics, based on 2022, the global used car market growth rate will reach 61%, and the transaction volume of used cars will reach 120 million units. Compared with the new car market, the used car market is also not to be underestimated and has great potential. In Taiwan, based on historical transaction estimates, the number of transactions in Taiwan's used car market in 2023 is expected to be 1.8 times that of the new car market. Even though the shortage of chips and raw materials due to the Russia-Ukraine war in the past few years has led to the decline in new car sales and The chaotic delivery schedule has led to an increase in demand for used cars. However, in the long term, the market demand continues to increase based on "affordable prices". In addition, in recent years, car dealers have obtained vehicle sources, maintenance, vehicle condition transparency, and sales service for used cars. The establishment of the system has gradually aligned with new cars, and used cars have become one of the choices for more and more consumers to meet their car needs.

Easily inquire and purchase overseas used cars

The third-party payment platform mechanism is more secure

In the past, when purchasing used cars, consumers had no choice but to choose between domestically produced cars or imported cars that were manufactured or distributed by agents in Taiwan, as well as imported used cars (foreign exchange used cars) introduced by parallel importers. Although the Taiwanese market also had There was a wave of importing cars owned by overseas students for their own use, but due to factors such as complicated procedures and trading restrictions, as well as the gradual increase in domestic car models, it is no longer popular.

PROTO CORPORATION is the parent company of Japan's largest used car information website "Goonet". It cooperates with used car dealers all over Japan, so it has a rich inventory of vehicles to choose from.

However, through the purchase channels mentioned above, consumers can only passively choose from car models pre-selected by car dealers and imported to Taiwan. Not only are the options limited, but also in the "one-car-one-condition" ecology of used cars. , the perfect object in my mind can be said to be rare. However, now through the cooperation between NMS Automotive and Second-hand Auto News, Taiwanese consumers can also easily check detailed information about used cars overseas, especially in Japan, which is close to Taiwan, and there are many popular cars that are highly accepted in the Taiwan market. models, even exotic car models that have not been introduced to the Taiwan market, consumers in Taiwan can directly browse local Japanese car models through the website of Second-hand Auto News and enjoy one-stop purchasing services. In addition, 2nd-hand Car News is also the first third-party payment platform in Taiwan's used car industry, providing a third-party escrow fund flow method, allowing both buyers and sellers to conduct car purchase transactions with peace of mind.

Japan Forex Cart

A new source of imported used cars

There are many reasons why Japanese used cars, which are currently quite popular, are favored by car dealers and consumers. First of all, Japanese regulations allow both right-hand drive and left-hand drive versions of cars to be driven on the road. This also allows many native left-hand drive European cars to be sold in the Japanese market. In addition, Japan itself is a major automobile industry country with a strong automobile culture. It is prosperous and has no car tariff issues. It has become a crouching tiger, hidden dragon for many high-end luxury cars and even top-end limited-edition supercars. In addition, the size of the Japanese automobile market (80 million registered vehicles) is larger than that of the Taiwan market (8 million registered vehicles). Even if right-hand drive models are excluded, the number of left-hand drive models in the used car market is still smaller than the number in the Taiwan market. Big and more choices! For example, there are about 70 Ferrari brand vehicles on Taiwan's well-known vehicle trading website, but on the Japanese car trading website, there are 960 Ferrari brand vehicles in the left-hand drive version alone. Comparing the two numbers, there are A difference of nearly 14 times,

Therefore, Japanese foreign exchange cars are undoubtedly the new best choice for purchasing imported used cars.

All PROTO CORPORATION's source vehicles have undergone Goo quality inspection to ensure vehicle quality and true condition.

Furthermore, there are more tax items to be paid when buying a car in Japan than in Taiwan. In addition to the consumption tax, license tax, and fuel tax similar to those in Taiwan (Japanese tax is levied on oil purchases), there are also local government acquisition taxes and local road taxes. Taxes, as well as national weight taxes, etc. In order to comply with the global environmental protection trend, Japan has also adopted tax incentives and legal regulations to encourage consumers to purchase new cars that comply with environmental protection laws, so as to replace older models or vehicles that can only comply with earlier environmental protection laws. This approach allows car owners to consider the best time to save maintenance costs and the price of used cars, and sell used cars with relatively low ownership years and mileage. This is one of the reasons why the mileage of used cars in Japanese foreign exchange is relatively low. Furthermore, because land is at a premium in urban areas of Japan, parking spaces are relatively limited and charges are expensive. Therefore, unless necessary, in Japanese metropolitan areas with a well-developed public transportation system, people mostly move around through the subway system during the week. Going out on weekends or Cars are the main means of transportation when traveling. And this kind of car ecology has also created the advantage of used cars in Japan in terms of mileage.

Japanese yen exchange rate lowest in nearly 30 years

The best time to buy a Japanese foreign exchange car at a low price

When purchasing a used car, price is undoubtedly one of the key points to consider. It is a good deal to buy a used car with the most satisfactory conditions at the lowest reasonable price. Japanese Forex used cars of the same year have the advantage of lower mileage. In addition, Japanese consumers' car-using culture is more careful to maintain the condition of their vehicles, and the quality is generally of an excellent level. Judging from the current timing, the exchange rate of the Taiwan dollar against the Japanese yen has reached its lowest point in the past 30 years. Compared with 12 years ago, the current value of the Japanese yen is only 2/3. It is definitely a lower price to buy used cars in Japanese foreign exchange. good time. Next, let us introduce the Step by Step process to experience buying a high-quality and cost-effective Japanese foreign exchange used car!

Japanese PROTO Group vehicle source Goo appraisal quality inspection

Step by Step Get your first Forex used car

The Japanese foreign exchange car objects browsed on the Second-hand Car News website come directly from the Japanese PROTO Group. The quality of the car source is highly guaranteed. The quality inspection of the Goo appraisal can further ensure the true condition of the vehicle. In order to ensure transaction peace of mind, Second-hand Car News not only provides third-party escrow cash flow methods to ensure trust in transactions and reassure buyers and sellers, but also provides warranties for vehicles sold, allowing consumers to buy and drive with confidence.

From the perspective of delivery time, given the geographical proximity between Taiwan and Japan, it can arrive in Taiwan by sea within one week to 10 days after selecting a car model. Compared with importing from the United States, it takes at least a month.

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