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American SUV popularity ranking! Are American SUVs prone to breakage (Part 2)

[Middle Ages]Ranking of Top 5 Popular SUV Recommendations in the United States

Jeep Renegade

The Renegade, the smallest model of the Jeep brand, is equipped with a 1.3L small displacement engine and is an American SUV that is very easy to maintain.

Although it is a small car, it has the advantages of excellent off-road maneuverability and the low price of used cars. It is considered the best entry-level model of the Jeep brand.

Its width is more than 1.8m, which is not easy to drive; its length is 4.2m, the back seat is narrow, and the engine horsepower is a bit lacking.

If you think of it not as a practical car, but as a hobby car that values ​​fashion, it will be worth owning.

Hummer H3

Hummer is a different route among American SUVs. The first generation Hummer was a vehicle converted from a military vehicle Hmmwv into a civilian vehicle. The widths of H1 and H2 were both over 2m, making it difficult to drive in cities.

However, the body dimensions of the H3 are 4.74m long, 1.89m wide, and 1.87m high, which are comparable to domestic large SUVs and can be driven easily.

Although the H3 has a smaller body, it perfectly inherits the rough and military-like design of the Hummer H1. It can be said that it is an American SUV with high vehicle ownership satisfaction.

Lincoln Navigator

The representative model of large-size SUV is the Lincoln Navigator, which often appears in American movies.

The dimensions of any one-year-old model are larger than 5m in length and 2m in width, so the roads that can be traveled are also limited, and the fuel consumption performance is also poor. Although used cars are cheap, maintenance costs are high and they often break down.

Relatively, the car has a luxurious interior that Japanese cars don't have. Although there is a corresponding price to pay, those who have a clear goal of "riding a high-end large SUV" can consider buying it.

Cadillac Escalade

The American large SUV Escalade is as popular as the Lincoln Navigator in Japan.

The characteristics of the Escalade are the same as those of the Lincoln Navigator. They both have luxurious interiors, a huge body, high maintenance costs, and limited access roads.

The difference between Escalade and Lincoln Navigato is that it uses a ladder-shaped chassis with poor space efficiency and ride comfort. Although such a large car with such a huge body will not care about the shortcomings of the ladder chassis.

It is still imported by GM Japan as a formal agent, so no matter what model of car it is, the Escalade is easier to purchase and maintain than the Lincoln Navigator.

Dodge Nitro


The Dodge Nitro, sold from 2006 to 2011, is a mid-size SUV with the distinctive appearance of an American SUV.

The body dimensions are 4.58m long × 1.86m wide × 1.78m high. As long as you pay careful attention to its slightly wider body, you will not have any inconvenience when driving in Japan. Japanese cars only have a 3.7L V6 engine.

The charm of the used Nitro is that it has a large displacement, a design that is not available in Japanese cars, and the price is relatively cheap for this year's model. But it shares the same electrical woes as many American cars. If you want to drive this car for a long time, it is recommended that when looking for a car, you can find a garage that can repair it.

List of American SUVs

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Bronco Sport


Mustang Mach-E







Grand Wagoneer


Grand Cherokee


Wrangler 4xe


Cherokee 4xe

Commander (not available in the United States)

Compass Renegade
















Hummer EV










Model X

Model Y

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