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Appeared in "Desperate Hours"! Hypercar dedicated to the Arabian royal family? Lykan HyperSport limited to 7 units worldwide

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●There are only 7 sets in the world, and more than 100 people have placed orders!
●The first Hypercar in the Arab world
●It is meaningless if it is a Volkswagen model
●Super luxury, high performance! But the essence of this car is tailor-made
Misunderstanding caused by the number of production units, "Fatal Rush" uses imitation cars

There are more than 100 people placing orders for the global limited edition of 7 units!

$3.4 million hypercar, W Motors Lykan HyperSport

W Motors, headquartered in Dubai, Middle East, launched the Lykan HyperSport high-performance sports car and sold it at a price of 3.4 million US dollars.

The US$3.4 million in the year of listing in 2013 is about 340 million yen in Japanese currency. Now that the Japanese currency has depreciated in June 2023, it would cost 470 million yen in Japanese currency! I was thinking that no one would buy it, but I didn't expect more than 100 people to place an order....

The performance of the car is good, and the luxury is as good as its price! Let us take a look at what kind of car is the Lykan HyperSport with its unique guillotine door design!

Arab world's first hypercar

The interior is not so much a hypercar, but more like a concept car designed on the premise of being sold on the market

High-performance sports cars starting from 8 million yen to tens of millions of yen are called "supercars" in Japan. Recently, supercars worth 100 million yuan have been called "Hypercars".

Now, as soon as Hypercar is released, it will be sold out immediately. In addition to the big-name and high-end car manufacturers in the past, small car manufacturers in various countries will also launch Hypercar. Many hypercars are launched by completely unknown automakers and surprising countries. They don't need to lay a large number of production lines like big factories, as long as they are equipped with high-performance engines of big factories, they can be manufactured no matter where.

But the premise is that the place must be a country with a stable political situation, peace and stability. The Middle East and the Arab world, known as the world's gunpowder magazine, have never launched Hypercar in the past.

When the Lykan HyperSport was launched at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show, the car sparked heated discussions as the first Hypercar in the Middle East and the Arab world, and the W Motors car factory was also known to the world.

If it is a Volkswagen model, it is meaningless

The front and rear fairings can be opened, and the door can be opened rearward and upward. Guillotine door "Reverse dihedral door"

"W Motors" starts with English Wolf, which means "Wolf". It was established by Lebanese Ralph Debbas and Frenchman Anthony Jannarelly. It can also be called the first supercar manufacturer in Arabia (※).

(※It is not to say that there are no car manufacturers in the Middle East and the Arab world, such as Iran SAIPA, etc.)

Among them, Anthony Jannarelly is a designer who is good at designing limited-edition high-performance sports cars, such as "Jannarelly Design-1", Lykan HyperSport and the affordable version of Fenyr SuperSport (still needing 1.85 million US dollars) are his well-known masterpieces.

They set up Hypercar as the first commercial vehicle of the W Motors brand, which sparked a lot of discussion.

If emerging manufacturers in the Middle East suddenly sell mass-market models, Toyota, Volkswagen and other world-renowned manufacturers that sell vehicles with long-term accumulated brand power and reliability will only feel that "emerging countries can only manufacture that kind of car."

But if it's an ultra-luxury hypercar based on a lot of petro-currency, people will pay attention to it. In addition, the interior of the car is made by RUF, a well-known Porsche tuning factory, and it is commissioned to produce by Magna Steyr (※) in Australia, so those big factories will recognize this.

(※Magna Steyr is an outsourcing manufacturer, which accepts orders for small and large quantities of production from various car manufacturers, and Toyota Supra/BMW Z4 are all built by it.)

Ultra-luxury, high-performance! But the essence of this car is tailor-made

Multiple 15-carat diamonds are buried, and optional items include ruby ​​and sapphire options

Lykan HyperSport is equipped with RUF’s 3.8L horizontally opposed six-cylinder turbo engine (780 horsepower), adopts a mid-mounted rear-drive layout, has a maximum speed of 395km/h, 0-100km/h acceleration of 2.8 seconds, and 0-200km/h acceleration of 9.4 seconds.

The aggressive appearance, the interior like a concept car, the guillotine door called "Reverse dihedral door", and the front and rear fairings that can be opened for easy maintenance are all the characteristics of this car.

The most worth mentioning is the "LED headlights inlaid with 420 15-carat diamonds". If you feel that the options are not enough, there are also rubies and sapphires for car owners to choose, which is quite luxurious.

They once said at the time of publication: "If you want the exhaust sound to be louder, we can also create a sonic tailpipe. Because of the limited production of 7 units, we hope to respond to customer requirements to the greatest extent. This is how we and other mass-produced car manufacturers Biggest difference."

Of these 7 units, the Dubai Police and the Abu Dhabi Police each purchased one

so there are only 5 left, but it is unknown how many were actually sold. The asking price of the car was $3.4 million and there were still 100 people ordering it, so the Fenyr SuperSport without diamonds was launched later.

(※It is more like buying this car for sightseeing resources than buying it for high-speed banning demand)

Having said that, there are really more than 100 rich people in this world who can easily spend 300 to 400 million to buy Hypercar...

Misunderstanding caused by the number of production units, "Fatal Hour" uses imitation cars

Flying high-rise buildings in "Fatal 7" is a W Motors replica car

In addition, here we want to explain the misunderstanding of the production number "5 units". This is a misunderstanding due to the fact that the "V" in Arabic is too similar to the "V" in English. The actual production number of the car is 7 (I heard that they have another 5 convertible sports car Lykan Roadster).

The Lykan HyperSport flew tall buildings in 2015's "Furious 7," but it wasn't really a vehicle for sale.

The imitation car is still launched by W Motors. It uses the original frame but the body is made of fiberglass, and the wheelbase is extended based on the Porsche Boxster. It is said that a total of 10 units were produced, 9 of which were damaged due to filming.

In addition to the W Motors imitation cars in the play, there are also imitation cars based on Boxster and other cars.Original source:
Appeared in "Waipi"! Arab royal hypercar? Lykan Hyper Sports is a car limited to 7 cars in the world[Recommended car]Want to see more:


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