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[Auto Market Analysis]Tesla is staggering, who can be the old god?

The number of Tesla Model X listings reached 856, and it has become the new domestic champion of the five-meter large-size LSUV class. It also makes Tesla among the top five (Top 5) in the auto market for the first time!
※The data in the general table is subject to the statistics of the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications inquiring about the number of new car licenses.

Corresponding to May, the Chinese people are full of surprises again. Although the development of the traditional car industry in June is low-level, but compared with only 21 working days, the number of listings in June is slightly reduced by 0.2% compared with the previous month. However, the number of listings on individual working days In terms of quantity, it still presents the completely unpredictable characteristics of 2023, the Double Spring and Black Year of the Rabbit. Compared with June last year, new car listings increased by 54.8% in one breath. In June, domestically produced cars went against the previous norm, and their market share fell below the 50% threshold again, allowing the share of imported cars to reach 52.9%, surpassing# The highlight of the #MeToo boom in the auto market in June, the biggest shocker is that Tesla directly ascended to the fifth largest brand position.

Musk continues to dominate and casts more variables

Looking at the numbers, we can see that since the number of Model Y’s listing exceeded 1,000 in May, there has been a “tradition” of a large number of Tesla’s new cars arriving in Hong Kong every quarter in the past. It seems that Tesla in Taiwan has been established for more than ten years. After the performance of the domestic market was slightly in line with the international market, what happened in June not only shocked the Taiwanese car industry again, but also made it known to the whole world. The listing results of 2,296 vehicles in a single month not only became the fifth largest (Top 1) in the domestic car industry for the first time. 5) The brand became the top 4 imported car brands and the top 3 premium brands in June, not only once again highlighting the influence created by Elon Musk in the development of the automobile industry for more than 100 years, even though Taiwan is almost in the global car industry, it is rare for the government to pay attention to wisdom The ultra-low influence of the electric car slogan is greater than the actual action. Even though it was reported last year that the law was to be amended to assist the construction of public construction problems, I am afraid that it is far inferior to the 2024 presidential election in terms of media layout and news trends, let alone the recent The field of hydrogen energy is constantly sending out new information.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in June 2023
Taiwan’s sacred car Corolla Cross registered only 2,481 new cars, which not only failed to reach the target of 4,000 units set by Hetai, but also fell 7.8% from January to June compared with the same period last year.
Toyota Yaris (1,277 units) was discontinued to make way for the Yaris Cross, and after the news came out at the end of last year, it not only increased by 46.4% over the same period last year, but also increased by 9.5% in the first half of the year (65,856 units).
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed in June 2023
Number of Listed Top 20 Imported Passenger Car Brands in June 2023
Number of Listed Top 10 Premium Car Markets in June 2023
Maserati set a record for the highest number of listings (100 units) in a single month since its debut in June, and the lineup of LSUV sports utility vehicles and new energy (gasoline-electric hybrid) brought the number of listings to 403 units in the first half of the year.

It is not surprising that Model Y has become the king of new electric cars in the world and in Taiwan. As long as the original manufacturer pays more attention to the Taiwan market, the priority of production capacity deployment and order digestion will continue to move forward. In June, the market share of pure electric passenger vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) hit a new record high of 8.7%. In just half a year, it has surpassed the listing performance of last year (2022).

Among them, the most staggering thing is the Model X Gullwing pure electric LSUV with a number of 856 vehicles listed. In addition to providing 5/6/7 people with three different cabin configuration options, even the entry-level model (3.5699 million yuan) ) have to pay the luxury tax (higher than NT$3 million), but don’t forget that the Model X Plaid 6-seater (3.8799 million yuan) provides a maximum horsepower of 1020hp, and the starting acceleration of the supercar level is only 0-100km/h. The extraordinary performance of 2.6 seconds not only subverts the domestic 5-meter LSUV luxury sports travel class, I think whether it is Land Rover or Mercedes, it will be scary to see it, let alone the total market share of this month is 30% (29.2%) The market leader that can't even reach - Hetai Automobile. Compared with the global electric car industry, the current Japanese car manufacturers are completely in a weak position in terms of competitiveness and product layout. It is no wonder that since last year, Elon Musk wanted to call out the current chairman Akio Toyoda, who suddenly stepped down as the CEO, and hoped that the Toyota Group would become a battery that was jokingly called bulldog. Under the current development of electric vehicles, major car groups like Ford and the major auto groups that have announced to join the "North American Charging Standard" (NACS-North American Charging Standard-formerly Tesla TPC) since May, it seems that there is no need for " Straw boat borrowing arrows", but the overall trend is after the epidemic, and the automotive supply chain is also due to smart electric vehicles, chip shortages and political factors (including the opening of the Chinese Sichuan Opera at the end of last year, and the real dawn has not yet been seen. The Ukrainian-Russian war, etc.), even if the supply chain is gradually returning to normal, this change that has set a record in the history of the global automotive industry for more than a century seems to be like new news every day. The powerful influence of Elon Musk is not limited to the automotive industry at all. It is nothing more than an online forum, but affects global political and economic development trends, just like his adult can buy Twitter, arbitrarily change the bird logo he doesn't like, and suddenly replace it with X new identity.

Ranking of the number of electric vehicles listed in June 2023
In June, the king of Mercedes-Benz pure electric sales was 82 EQEs, and the total number of all-brand electric vehicles was 190.

The non-special camp has never stopped vertically and horizontally

At present, apart from China, the influence of Tesla’s TPC on the charging standard of electric vehicles in the future will definitely exceed that of the Ukrainian-Russian war, which is unknown when the dust will settle. Even the relatively strong Korean traditional car manufacturers in this field Hyundai-Kia not only wants to increase the scale of new energy production and sales in the United States, but the Japanese automaker whose direction is still unclear so far responded to Musk with Nissan, which has achieved the production of one million electric vehicles in 12 years. It will be two years later than Tesla. Don’t forget that in the first half of this year alone, Tesla’s global delivery volume has exceeded 880,000.

Even though the current presidential election and the government’s lip service to the new energy vehicle development policy are as confusing as the election situation, we can see that the second half of the year will still be filled with new car listings in June. Many variables. But it can also be found that although Tesla’s listing in the first half of the year has increased by 60.2% compared with the same period last year, Tesla is of course also in crisis under the current situation of becoming a challenge target in the global auto industry, just like the global political and economic situation after the epidemic. Changes, including the development of the Ukrainian-Russian War, and Typhoon Dusurui, who visited Taiwan successfully after 1,500 days of violation, are generally unpredictable, and there are no rules to find.

Number of license plates of Top 20 automakers in June 2023
Luxgen U6 Neo registered 98 new cars in the whole month, bringing the total number of brand listings to 213, and 1092 in the first half of the year, an increase of 18.9% over the same period last year.
Ranking of Domestic Passenger Vehicles Listed in June 2023
MH HS 2.0 4WD (104 units) Although the order has been received in March, the delivery of the vehicle only started in June, so after the listing in May (1032 units), the number increased slightly to 1128 units in June, pending the completion of material supply Normal performance should take July to see a truly strong performance.
According to folklore, Ford Kuga is most obviously affected by the MG HS storm. In June, 417 new cars were listed. Compared with last year, the previous month's decline was 28% and 40.7%, respectively, and the first half of the year was a decline of 30.5% compared with the same period last year.
China-made X-Trail only listed 11 new cars in June, and imported gasoline-electric e-Power only had 4 vehicles. It is said that they are all ready for the new domestic light oil-electric heir.
Sienta may be Hetai’s worst-performing domestically-produced car (306 units) over the years. In the first half of the year, there were only 2,345 units listed. Of course, Guorui’s early “year-old repair” is to prepare for the expansion of Town Ace and the launch of Yaris Cross.
Nissan Tiida (359 units) Yulon Nissan’s 17-year production history of the second generation ended in July. The story of the “Magic Big Space” may end at the end of the year when it is sold out.
The domestically-made hatchback is the only domestically-made hatchback that supports the overall situation: Mtsubishi Colt Plus (329 units) became the domestically-made hatchback car that independently supported the overall situation after the production of the two hatchbacks was discontinued. fell 0.5%.

If, as the government often speaks out, declaring that smart electric vehicles are definitely the last chance to stand on the cusp of the car industry in Taiwan, Hon Hai Electric Vehicle, which is closely cooperating with Yulong Group, even announced its cooperation with Lordstown, a new American electric vehicle manufacturer two years ago, In addition to the progress in Eurasia so far, in the domestic car industry it seems that only Luxgen7It has not yet been officially mass-produced, and the future still looks bleak.

In October of the previous year, it announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Lordstown, a new American electric vehicle manufacturer, to provide a local production base for Hon Hai Group to enter the North American electric vehicle industry.

From the perspective of the domestic industrial ecology, the Yulon Group, which is in charge of the fourth leader, is under the full control of Yan Chen Lilian, and the Hon Hai Group, which has always been confident in the global OEM field, may be in the smart electric industry. The field of cars suffered from Waterloo, fortunately, the reaction speed was fast enough, except for Nazhijie who had been shouting for a long time7In addition to the progress of mass production, the Chinese people are greatly looking forward to it. Under the leadership of the current chairman Liu Yangwei, the pace of development has not stopped. In the last ten days of July, it was announced that ADI, a major semiconductor manufacturer, will sign a technical cooperation agreement to jointly create a new generation of smart electric vehicles. Exclusive digital cockpit platform and high-efficiency battery management system (BMS), and on July 24, ZF Group, one of the three largest suppliers in Germany, announced the signing of a contract and will establish a new joint venture company, hoping to help MIH to pull Closer to BMW, Daimler, Stellantis.

On July 24, ZF announced the establishment of a new partnership with Hon Hai Group in passenger car chassis systems. Hon Hai will acquire ZF Chassis Modules GmbH (a subsidiary of ZF Group that manufactures and assembles passenger car axle systems, and its main customers include BMW. AG, Daimler, Stellantis, etc.) 50% of the shares (on the left is Dr. Holger Klein, CEO of ZF, and on the right is Jun Seki, Chief Strategy Officer of Hon Hai Electric Vehicles).

Coincidentally, the Volkswagen Group, which has deepened cooperation with Ford on light commercial vehicles and smart electric vehicles, announced almost at the same time that it will cooperate with China's new electric vehicle brand "Xpeng Motors" (Xpeng) to establish a joint venture in Anhui. In addition to the reorganization of Volkswagen), the MEB electric vehicle platform was introduced under the name of "Volkswagen Technology" established in May to create a new generation of products. This move is also regarded as a challenge to BMW, Daimler and even Hyundai-Kia Group.

Volkswagen announced that it has reached a technical cooperation agreement with China's Xiaopeng Motors (Xpeng), invested 700 million US dollars to acquire about 4.99% of the equity, and will entrust Xiaopeng Motors to build a new electric car with the MEB architecture (the picture shows the Xpeng Motors Xpeng P7 electric coupe, The product is targeted at the Tesla Model S)
Oliver Blume, the current CEO of Flowserve Group.

It is hoped that in the more anticipated second half of 2023, the global and domestic electric vehicle industry will experience changes beyond the #MeToo craze that has been shocking for a while. When will there be concrete progress on the road? These are full of question marks and must wait until after the 2024 presidential election is over before it can be a foregone conclusion.

Number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in June 2023
In June, Toyota Crown listed 116 new cars, and the cumulative number of new cars listed in the first half of the year reached 474.
There have been 4.36 million orders for the facelifted LM. In June, 88 new cars of the original model were listed. In the first half of the year, a total of 903 vehicles were listed, which is still stronger than that of the same brother Alphard (202 vehicles).
It’s been a long time since the Audi R8, the former car of the Iron Man, had a new car listed on the road in June this year. Once upon a time, its visibility could not be compared with that of the Mavericks.
It's cool to drive this! The high-performance version of Cadillac Escalade-V has a new car officially listed on the road in China in June.
Ferrari only listed 19 cars in May, attracting attention, and then listed 27 new cars in one go in June. Portofino M and Roma also listed 8 cars respectively.

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