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[Car market analysis]Consolidation, waiting for the battle, and welcoming the new year, both losses and gains

With a score of 1,163 units, MG HS not only won the domestic mid-to-large SUV class championship for the first time, but also won an astonishing performance of 6,175 new car registrations from January to July. Next, the ZS new car will be launched at the end of August, and may become the new car again. The most cost-effective assassin in its class!
※The total table data is based on the statistics of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Transport on the number of new vehicle licenses.

Say goodbye to the exclamations in the first half of 2023 and enter the first month of the second half of the year. Due to the sales competition before the traditional folk custom month, it has officially entered the most intense and intense stage in the middle of the year. The market size in July is almost the same as that in June. According to statistics, the total number of new cars listed in the domestic market is 42,360 (42,380 in June). Domestic cars (22,068) vs. imported cars (20,292) account for 52.1:47.9. As for the cumulative number of new cars listed from January to July, 277,216 units, an increase of 14.9% over the same period last year. Although it has declined slightly compared with last year's growth rate (15.6%) from January to June, the domestic import ratio is 51.9:48.1. It can be seen that the growth energy of domestically produced cars in 2023 has significantly improved. , next, many new domestically produced cars in the potential growth category are about to enter the market, but at the same time, many cars will also exit the market. Whether it is general brands vs. high-end brands, traditional fuel vehicles vs. new energy power, there will be another wave of excitement. A new game that people are looking forward to.

It is difficult for Chinese people to grasp the consumption taste of the country. The changes in the old and the new have caused subtle changes in the market landscape.

It has been said that the COVID-19 epidemic has not only become a rare change in history that all mankind has experienced together. Regarding the global and local ecology of the automobile market, in addition to the smart electric vehicle craze ignited by Tesla, it has reshaped the automobile industry and market that have been in the industry for more than a hundred years. In addition to earth-shaking changes, changes in the general environment, cross-strait tensions, the U.S.-China trade war, and the war between Ukraine and Russia, etc., have all set records and changes rarely seen in history. Together with the consumption situation of the domestic automobile market, 2023 will also Once again, there was a change that shocked everyone.

In July, MG HS sold nearly 1,200 units. At the moment when CR-V, the most popular domestically produced mid- to large-sized SUV, was replacing its old one with the new one, MG HS not only won the sales championship in this category in one go, but also set a record for the entire car series. With a cumulative listing of 6,175 vehicles, MG may become another new brand with the potential to save Yulon Group from its 70th anniversary and put the current market leader Hetai Motor in the back, compared to the major changes that have occurred in mainland China due to economic development.

Although in late August, Hotai Motors announced a super strategy for the Yaris Cross with a pre-sale price lower than the threshold of NT$700,000 for old-to-new models, but with the recent news about the MG ZS, this is the second MG model to be domestically produced. The new passenger car is not only expected to set a global record and introduce Level 2 driving assistance technology, but also will provide the largest panoramic sunroof in its class. In addition, the price strategy has not yet been finalized. This magazine believes that this may be better than the Nissan X - Trail followed the example of the Impala 101 off-line ceremony that year, which is more worthy of the expectations of all walks of life and the Chinese people. After all, the market sales performance of MG HS is not only excellent, but also shows that over the years, the consumer public’s expectations for the cost-effectiveness of general brands have long been continuously improved. Budgets and so on are paralyzing, and the ranking of automakers and brands in July, which is entering the second half of the year, seems to be a preview of the tsunami-level changes that may lead to further changes in the market ecology in the future.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in July 2023
The new car Corolla Cross finally achieved the long-awaited record of breaking the 4,000-unit threshold in July. It shows that the tastes of domestic consumers are not only changing, but also the intensity of market competition is far beyond your imagination.
Toyota Town Ace, the king of fortune, once again achieved a good result of 1,639 units, ranking in the top 4 in the total market in terms of number of listings in a single month. The number of vans listed reached 624 units, far exceeding its rival Linli van (437 units).
Number of brands listed by the Top 10 car manufacturers in July 2023

With changes that even Hetai cannot predict, Mercedes-Benz's sales champion for many years may be snatched away by Lexus

If we compare the best-selling rankings of automakers and brands with the best-selling ecology of imported brands and premium brands, it is not difficult to find that Lexus’s hot sales this year alone have made it difficult for traditional European premium brand owners to sleep well. According to statistics From January to July, Lexus once again achieved 3,501 units, once again beating its younger brother Toyota (3,286 units). Its performance was even nearly double that of Mercedes-Benz (1,963 units). Don’t forget that Mercedes-Benz in Taiwan has been established for many years. Since then, the proportion of parallel input has actually not decreased, and the madman Elon Musk has almost dominated the smart electric vehicle market. In addition to TPC overcharging, under today's ever-changing political and economic situation, it has successfully become the NACS North American national charging station. Standards have also attracted more and more traditional car manufacturers and groups to join. According to the current development trend, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Tesla will list more than 10,000 new cars in Taiwan in 2023. However, the mother of technical cooperation with the market leader Hotai Group The Group (Toyota/Lexus) is still catching up with its German and Korean rivals in the development of smart electric vehicles. Although it only relies on RX, NX, and UX to make other LSUV competitors tremble, don't forget that whether in the mass market or smart electric In the automotive field, Hotai Group, as the leader, may face changes that are more severe than those in the past market.

Number of listings of the Top 10 imported passenger car brands in July 2023
Number of listings of Top 7 premium passenger car brands in July 2023
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger car series listed in July 2023
Although the HR-V is only powered by a gasoline vehicle, it still achieved 672 sales in the whole month. We look forward to the launch of the gasoline-electric model in the future to achieve even better performance.
After Sienta fully promoted sales and adjusted its vehicle lineup (the production of 1.5L passenger trucks will be discontinued), the number of vehicles listed in a single month soared to 767.
Although Hyundai Custin did not achieve the record-breaking result of nearly 700 units (695 units) in June, with 530 units, it still became the market champion among million-level MPVs.
Zinger listed 525 vehicles (41 pickup trucks) in the whole month. Soon, it will add a major facelift with 1.5L turbo power. It will also add a 7-seater model. It may become a mid-to-large SUV to appeal to small SUV buyers. Potential supernova.
Ranking of imported passenger car series by number of listings in July 2023
The current Kia Carnival has definitely broken the best-selling record in history. In July, with 244 units listed, it dominated the full-size LMPV segment and became a hot-selling product that also targets the business travel/leisure segment.
Among the top ten best-selling imported cars, in addition to seven SUV models, Lexus's LSUVs (RX, NX, UX) also occupy the top three rankings 2-4. Even the UX has been listed at 587 units from January to July. 3,583 units were sold, which is basically the same as HR-V (3,995 units).

On the other hand, as the fourth head of Yulon (Lillian Yan) who has celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding, she may become the most visionary leader of the group. In addition to taking over the huge family business of Yulon Group, she has also made unprecedented achievements. Luxgen n's technological marriage method has allowed Hon Hai Group to advance more than half of Honghua, which holds a stake in Hon Hai Group, but it has already received nearly 30,000 pre-orders for Luxgen n7, it is confirmed that it will be mass-produced and launched before the end of the year, and Yulon Electric has become one of the mainstream players in domestic smart electric vehicle infrastructure. On the one hand, Hotai Group is constrained by Toyota, which is still relatively backward in the field of smart electric vehicles. The competition between the two major groups will likely undergo another change in the second half of the year. As the saying goes, "Times make heroes." At present, even the Chief Accountant has a conservative view on Taiwan's economic boom in the second half of the year. Whether the domestic auto market can live up to Hotai's prediction this year will depend on the total size of 450,000 to 460,000 vehicles. The optimistic expectations are now difficult to settle. After all, maybe after the epidemic is over, the international situation will change here and the 2024 presidential election will be held there. The election situation alone has subverted the imagination of the Chinese people. Who knows whether it will be like the one in July when there was only one Mini. The Mini brand of SE electric cars can actually list 399 new cars. In the current situation where there is no electric car, it seems that there is no market voice, is it like a sudden turnaround?

Ranking of electric vehicle listings in July 2023
BMW has performed well in the field of high-end electric vehicles, with 257 i4 and iX units listed, and 376 all-brand electric vehicles!
There were 303 new Tesla Model Y vehicles listed in July, but the cumulative number of registered vehicles from January to July has reached 7,674. It seems that it is a foregone conclusion that the number will exceed 10,000 this year.
Number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in July 2023
The boss car market has turned, but don’t forget that the Chinese people’s consumption power is still astonishing. The cumulative number of S-Class units listed from January to July is still 619, and the visibility of the tens of millions of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is not low.
Jeep Gladiator Rubicon has 5 new vehicles listed throughout the month, which shows that the purebred American off-road pickup truck has its amazing appeal. The general agent Ogi Auto will officially introduce it in 2024, and it will definitely have a stronger topic when compared with Land Rover.
Jaguar F-Type 2.0 actually had 7 new cars listed in July. Who said British sports cars have no charm?
There are as many as 18 new cars in the entire Lamborghini Urus S/Performante series. Including the Huracan supercar, there are as many as 26 new cars in the entire brand, showing the strong consumption power of the Chinese people.

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