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[Car market analysis]The continued strength of buying momentum is more exciting than the general election

As soon as the Yaris Cross was launched, 1,424 units were listed in October. The crossover duck can completely defeat its opponents with only a single power source.
※The total table data is based on the statistics of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Transport on the number of new vehicle licenses.

According to statistical data, the number of new cars listed on the market in October 2023 reached 40,540, which can be said to be a new high record for October after the epidemic. In the past two years, the car shortage due to changes in the supply chain has gradually returned to the right track. Domestic cars and The number of imported cars listed reached 22,963 and 17,577 respectively, with a total market share of 56.7:43.3. The cumulative number of new cars listed from January to October is approaching the 400,000 mark (390,260). It can be seen that the launch of many domestic new cars has boosted momentum. In addition, the performance of all new cars is not far behind, and then there are still November and December left. It seems that the market leader Hotai Motors’ previous upward adjustment of the full-year market size forecast is true. Don’t forgetAt the end of the year, the Taipei Auto Show will resume for the first time after many years.2023, the Year of the Black Rabbit, has not only seen a series of surprising changes every month so far, but it may also bring more surprises.

The Strongest Release of Domestic New Cars in October After the Epidemic

Although in the past few months, many classic affordable cars in the domestic car market that have accompanied the Chinese people for many years have been discontinued. For example, after the Toyota Yaris, the king of domestic hatchbacks for many years, was discontinued, Guorui first officially launched the Yaris in late September. The larger version of the Yaris Cross, although not as good as the ASEAN versions, also has a petrol-electric hybrid model and is only powered by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. However, as soon as it was launched, 1,424 units were listed in October, making the previous ones delisted. Yaris not only has a perfect Happy Ending, but also perfectly expands the scale of the domestic small sports leisure market.

In addition, it almost continues the single model strategy of "standard equipment is the top of the range" that the brand has adhered to since its launch. The MG ZS is launched with a recommended price of 749,000 yuan. The momentum of the car series has not only allowed the MG brand to achieve over 10,000 listings (10,286 units) from January to October after Chunghwa Motors introduced it to domestic production, but also allowed Chunghwa Motors (CMC, Mitsubishi Motors, MG) to list its cars in a single month The number has exceeded the 5,000 threshold (5,167 units). At the recent corporate briefing of Yulon Group, it was announced that it will challenge higher sales growth next year.

MG ZS continues to be the top model with a single model. Although only 750 units are listed, in October, together with HS, the accumulated listings of 1-10 brands reached a milestone of over 10,000 units.

Of course, there are 668 units of the newly redesigned Chinese CMC Zinger car series, the king of domestic business travel, both old and new models are listed. Although it is not particularly outstanding, with its relatively large size and the price of a domestic small SUV, you can enjoy it. It is positioned as a dual multi-function for business and travel, and this time it is the first to launch a 5+2-seater version, as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission from the German ZF brand, combined with a 1.5L turbocharged engine that has the advantage of domestic tax brackets. , it is said that order digestion has been scheduled until the end of the year. It can also be seen that Yulon China Group has recently produced a large number of new cars. In addition, after Yan Chen Lillian took over, it has fully moved towards more diversified mobile services, hoping to break away from the stereotypes of the traditional automobile manufacturing service industry. , especially after the acquisition of Line Taxi (Line Go), in one fell swoop, it acquired a customer list that surpassed that of iRent/Yoxi. At the HHTD 2023 Hon Hai Technology Day, the pre-order price of Luxgen n, Luxgen’s first electric SUV, starts from 999,0007the official number of orders received has exceeded 9,000, and there are plans to establish integrated services such as pure electric taxis/booked minibus fleets, etc. It is said that with the help of "Hon Hai Speed", all orders will be digested within one year. Then it is more likely that Nazhijie will win the electric vehicle sales championship that Tesla has held for many years in one fell swoop next year (2024, the Year of the Dragon), and it is even more likely that it will set a higher standard for the joint venture "Honghua Advanced" that has just successfully listed on the GEM. High military exploits.

After the launch of the new Zinger, it has taken on the challenge of reshuffling the million-dollar business travel market with its comprehensive advantages.
When Honghua Advanced was officially listed on the GEM stock market, the first mass-produced car, the N7, announced that it had received over 9,000 orders (15 new cars were listed in October)!

Although all walks of life have affirmed the performance of market leader Hotai Motors, whether it is Toyota or Lexus in the domestic auto market, with actual actions over the years, but after Elon Musk has set off a huge change that has rarely been seen in the global auto industry in more than 100 years, who can Having said that, in some time, Taiwan’s car scene may take on a completely new look?

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in October 2023

Cost-effectiveness will obviously become the mainstream of changes in consumer trends

According to statistics, the average unit price of cars purchased by Chinese people has exceeded the threshold of one million Taiwan dollars. However, it is obvious that the many new models, whether they are domestically produced or imported new cars, whether they are cross-border recreational vehicles that have defeated traditional RVs, or smart electric vehicles and new models. The listing performance of energy vehicles since this year has clearly stated that as long as the government solves the penetration rate of infrastructure, Chinese people will accept plug-in new energy and gasoline-electric hybrid new vehicles in the future. It has even been announced that they will be launched at the 2024 Taipei Auto Show at the end of the year. , it is confirmed that the new hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars that will debut in China for the first time will have the opportunity to become consumers' purchase lists. In addition, in terms of the trend of Chinese people's car purchasing choices, in addition to MG's adoption of a cost-effective strategy that has redefined the original structure of car purchasing cost-effectiveness, China Motor's sales strategies for the MG ZS and Zinger car series this time may seem to have different product positioning, but if Enlarging the pattern, together with the performance of Yulon Nissan's new Nissan Judging from the layout of the legendary SUV created by Cross and RAV4, the overall strategy of new energy-based quasi-new energy is also combined with the new-energy SUV strategies of the five major brands such as CMC, Mitsubishi, MG, Luxgen, and Nissan, plus the horizontal business Toward the field of mobile service value-added services, don’t forget that Yulon Group also integrates Hon Hai Group’s all-round MIH open platform strategy, so maybe by this time next year, the automobile consumer market with affordable prices will again Is it another new situation?

Although X-Trail e-Power is currently mainly imported cars, it actually allows the all-new domestically produced X-Trail to almost regain its former sales champion status of domestically produced mid-size SUVs.
Number of brands listed by the Top 10 car manufacturers in October 2023
Number of listings of the Top 10 imported passenger car brands in October 2023
Number of listings of Top 10 premium passenger car brands in October 2023
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger car series listed in October 2023
Ranking of imported passenger car series by number of listings in October 2023
Although the Honda Civic sells for 1.399 million yuan, there were still 258 new cars listed in October.
Skoda achieved the status of the seventh largest imported brand with 961 units listed in October, and the new generation Octavia (253 units) became the strongest main force.
In addition to the Tiguan, Taiwan’s Volkswagen’s eighth-generation Golf (202 units) also performed amazingly in October.
A total of 811 units of the new GLC model series were listed in October, once again demonstrating Mercedes-Benz’s amazing brand power.

The high-end car world becomes a new battlefield for changes in the Year of the Black Rabbit

Pande, the general agent of Pande, which has just announced the launch of the new generation Big Five series, not only subverts the traditional lead and takes the pure electric version as the sales pioneer, but also announced that Taiwan has become an extremely rare pure electric new energy vehicle in the global market, accounting for 20% of the sales. % model. Compared with the current situation of charging facilities whose penetration rate needs to be fully improved before the end of the year, in addition to Tesla, Audi and Porsche brands, which are pioneers in the high-end electric vehicle market, have actually achieved rapid growth in just one year. Within the range, it lost to BMW in terms of listing performance.

On the other hand, in the past, many people did not believe it, let alone consider it as the first choice of Korean car brands when buying cars. Whether it is Hyundai or Kia, they have almost become the dominant trump card of the American brand, Tesla, in terms of market share and sales growth rate. Among the best-performing groups, Kia only relies on one EV6. In addition to achieving the highest sales growth performance of non-premium brand smart electric vehicles, it also recently released the most powerful GT performance flagship version (2.739 million yuan!). Hyundai Custin and Kia Carnival, domestically produced seven-seater million-seat household LMPV champions, as well as the imported Staria cruise ship, etc., calculate the current average unit price of the two Korean brands, and it is actually already in the NT$1.5-2.5 million range. Since then, the success of smart electric vehicles and business travel/recreational vehicles has also had a greater impact on other imported general brands.

Kia EV6 GT was launched with a price of 2.739 million yuan. Not only has it become the most expensive Korean electric car, but according to statistics, the number of brand listings from January to October has increased by 110.8% compared with last year.

In comparison, the Lexus LM or the newly redesigned Toyota Alphard, which were short of cars as soon as they were launched, have become the most exposed executive/candidate cars following the election news. They have redefined the past executive cars and high-level cars, and have made the traditional Black-top cars are no longer the biggest focus of the spotlight. Perhaps soon, if Volvo EM90 pure electric flagship SUV is really introduced, the changes in Taiwan's high-end car industry will be even further. Not only will Lexus surpass Mercedes-Benz in terms of cumulative number of listings, Just simple.

Ranking of electric vehicle listings in October 2023
Citroën Ë-C4 pure electric sports car is launched with a fuel model, and 2 new cars are also listed.
CMC E300 China Pure Electric Lingli launched 59 new cars in October, setting a new record.
For the first time, BMW’s all-new Big Five is launched with a pure electric version. The Taiwan market has become a rare market in the world where the sales ratio of pure electric vehicles reaches 20%.
Number of listings of super luxury and rare cars in October 2023

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