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Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen certified used cars fully launch new brand identity

The service center has LED screens of various sizes and a digital display area for tablet devices to display information, presenting a highly technological experience atmosphere and bringing the latest information with zero time difference.

●Be the first in Asia to launch new brand identity

●13 exhibition centers are being upgraded one after another

●Launch of Eight Guarantees 2.0

●The only one that provides two major services: "test drive with peace of mind before purchasing" and "upgraded car delivery bonus"

In the past three years, Taiwan's new car market has remained very active despite the epidemic, and the used car market has been booming. Volkswagen Taiwan, which has always been committed to the expansion of Taiwan's used car market, has spotted the development opportunities in Taiwan's used car market. In March, it officially took the lead in Asia to launch the new brand identity "Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen Original Used Car".

According to estimates by Volkswagen Taiwan, the number of used car transfers in 2023 will reach 1.8 times the sales volume of new cars, reaching 870,000 units. Based on the cumulative period from January to July 2023, the market share of Volkswagen original certified used cars is 15%, which is equivalent to 15%. A growth of 42% compared with the same period in 2022. Steffen Knapp, President of Volkswagen Taiwan, said that with the goal of creating a "safe and secure buying experience for used cars," two display centers have completed the upgrade of software and hardware equipment and new used car brand recognition, and will also complete the other 11 this year. The upgrade of the exhibition center aims to achieve a market penetration rate of more than 15% (that is, for every 6 Volkswagen used cars on the market, 1 is a Certified Pre-Owned used car).

Steffen Knapp, President of Volkswagen Taiwan (left) and Xu Wanxuan, Director of Sales and Business Development (right).
The Xizhi Exhibition Center for Volkswagen Original Used Cars, which has been upgraded and has been upgraded, is located on the transportation thoroughfare of Keelung in both north and south, covering a vast area of ​​132 square meters in the hinterland.

Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen used cars take "German craftsmanship to last forever" as the brand spirit, and promise eight guarantees 2.0, including: test drive with peace of mind before buying a car, and consumers can make an appointment to test drive selected used Volkswagen cars; Upgraded car delivery benefits include an exclusive delivery room with the same treatment as a new car, as well as rich car delivery gifts.

In order to ensure a good car buying experience, Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen used cars use top German technology, comply with the original factory's standardized processes and systematic solutions. All certified cars have undergone 133 tests, and the original factory maintenance and Mileage records, and original factory diagnostic computer testing. By displaying a transparent vehicle calendar, consumers can clearly understand the authenticity of the vehicle's mileage and the status of major repairs. In addition, within 7 days of the consumer purchasing a Volkswagen original certified used car, With the "7-day car purchase appreciation", you can apply for returns and exchanges during this period, providing consumers with the best protection with a reliable used car platform.

Consumers can make an appointment to test drive designated used Volkswagen cars. When purchasing a car, they will enjoy an exclusive delivery room with the same treatment as a new car, and receive rich car delivery gifts.

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