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[Collective Appraisal]Welcoming the New Year and Discarding the Old is More Lively Analysis of the Power of Domestically Made Mid-Size SUVs in the Second Half of 2023 (Part 1)

Honda CR-V

2023/07/19 Start pre-sale

2023/08/09Officially announced the selling price

Hyundai Tucson L

2021/12/08 Official release

2023/06/14 launched Turbo Hybrid model

Nissan X-Trail

2023/02/15 Official release of imported e-Power models

2023/06/12 A limited-time recruitment event for the domestic X-Trail light oil tram model "Navigator" was released

Ford Kuga

2022/04/29 Announcement of 22.5 years

2022/12/01 Announce the 2023 model and price, and replace the original 250 AWD flagship version with Vignale


2022/07/27 Officially released the brand and launched 1.5T and PHEV models

2022/09/13 Announce the official price

2023/03/08 launched 2.0T AWD model

Luxgen URX NEO

2022/11/29 Introduced a small facelift URX NEO

Luxgen U6 NEO

2023/06/01 Introduced a small facelift U6 NEO

Toyota RAV4

In 2022/09, the 2023 model will be released and the price will be increased. There will be no difference in the interior and appearance, and the interior instruments and some safety equipment will be strengthened.

The time sequence enters the second half of 2023, and various domestic automakers are ready to move. They want to concentrate all their firepower on the medium-sized SUV battlefield that has been calm for a while. The first to ignite this fuze, we think, can be traced back to the end of 2022, when Yulon Nissan is preparing to introduce the new generation of X-Trail. However, the imported X-Trail e-Power, which is limited to 600 units and has an asking price of more than 1.5 million, is definitely not the focus. The focus is on the domestic 1.5-liter light oil-electric turbo version that will debut from August to September this year. Of course, the ever-victorious Honda CR-V in this class is not a vegetarian either. The industry has already announced that the sixth-generation new car will be launched in early August, and "remind" buyers who are interested in buying it when they pass by it. Don't miss it. Of course, the Hyundai Tucson L, which was repackaged not long ago, is also a temporary choice among today's medium-sized SUVs due to the addition of gasoline-electric power and greatly improved comfort equipment.

Of course, when it comes to medium-sized SUVs, we must not forget Ford Kuga. Although it has not made much movement since it added the Vignale top-spec model at the end of 2022, its strong product strength still cannot be underestimated. The new face MG HS, which just appeared in 2022, focuses on high CP value. Not only is the price of the entry model very competitive, but it also provides rare PHEV power at the same level, so that budget-conscious consumers cannot ignore its existence. As for Luxgen, which has been making frequent moves recently, although it is mainly paving the way for the n⁷ electric car that is expected to start delivery in the first quarter of next year, its URX Neo and U6 Neo have also launched small facelifts again; even if the generation is not as good as other competitors, However, both cars have their own product specificity, and they are also competent C/P value roles. As for the imported Toyota RAV4, since the price range basically completely overlaps with these domestic rivals, we naturally have to count it in such a fierce battle. If you intend to buy this new car in the near future, please don't miss this analysis of the combat power of medium-sized SUVs!

Honda CR-V

Pre-sale price: 1.08-1.28 million yuan

Power specifications: 1.5-liter gasoline turbo 193hp/24.8kgm

Key features: All car series have Level 2 Honda SENSING driving assistance

●Honda CONNECT intelligent networking system is provided for middle and high-end models

The space performance is more refined, and the adjustable range of the rear seat is superior to its peers

In July last year, Honda released the sixth-generation CR-V in North America, which also predicted that the sales success of this domestic SUV will soon enter the stage of changing the dynasty. Since Taiwan has already announced the configuration and pre-sale price of the new car on July 19, this article will focus on the nature of the product and the market.

The reason why CR-V has been able to maintain its sales popularity is that we believe that the main reason is that it can satisfy the car needs of buyers of this level to the greatest extent, including ride comfort, space functionality, and driving balance. However, many buyers also believe that the equipment of the old CR-V is a bit behind the times, and the performance of the driver assistance system is also lagging behind that of its rivals, and these, the sixth-generation CR-V basically make up for it. First of all, the new car is equipped with Honda SENSING intelligent safety active protection system as standard (has reached Level 2 capability), the number of airbags has been increased from 6 to 10 (additional front seat knees and rear seat side), and the new addition of the whole car The reminder that the seat belt is not fastened has improved the passive safety performance of the owner. As for the top-spec Prestige model, we also saw 10.2-inch digital instruments, 9-inch multimedia car, MVCS surround view video assist, Bose 12-speaker audio, far away from the automatic closing tailgate, front and rear Type-C charging ports, dual The electric front seat and other equipment, coupled with the small and refined details of the whole car, give it a sense of luxury. Not only that, but in the case of iron rods installed in the passenger and truck certification, the rear seats of the sixth-generation CR-V can also provide front and rear sliding of 19 cm and 16 sections of reclining angle adjustment, which shows that the rear compartment space is spacious.

The layout of the console is quite similar to the new Civic, and the design of the grid-shaped air outlet is a must.
The taillights are all changed to LED design, and the shape of the lamp group is more recognizable and high-end.

The Honda CONNECT networking system, which appeared simultaneously with the new CR-V, realizes remote monitoring and control capabilities. Whether it is vehicle maintenance or comfort and convenience functions, car owners can easily handle them through the exclusive mobile app. In addition, the NVH deficiencies of the old CR-V, this major facelift also through the ARD Zhenfu reaction shock absorber, ANC active noise suppression system, new sound-proof glued front screen, and the improvement of the firewall and window strips If it is strengthened, the sense of luxury on the road is bound to be better than before. It is quite exciting to look forward to the actual test drive performance!

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