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[Collective Appraisal]Welcoming the New Year and Discarding the Old is More Lively Analysis of the Power of Domestically Made Mid-Size SUVs in the Second Half of 2023 (Part 2)

Luxgen URX Neo

Price range: 898,000 to 1,159,000 yuan

Power specifications: 1.8-liter gasoline turbo 202hp/30.6kgm

Key features: The only SUV in China that offers a third-row option

All models are equipped with full speed range ACC, AEB and LDWS+ as standard

The Lohas version is equipped with a telescopic ramp to lock the wheelchair group

When Luxgen launched the URX, it repeatedly emphasized the diversity of the car. One of them was aimed at customers with wheelchairs at home. Therefore, the so-called "Lohas" model was added shortly after the launch. Passengers get on and off the vehicle, and can be used in bicycles or camping equipment to increase the performance of the vehicle.

The URX has the same wheelbase as U6 at 2720mm, and its length reaches 4725mm, which is a full 10 centimeters longer than U6, which also creates more luggage compartment space and the possibility of setting the third row. The current URX Neo was released in November last year, offering a total of four models: 5+1 Lohas, 5-person Big Life Home, 7-person Lohas and 7-person Big Life Home. One of the more special ones is the Lohas version, which has a telescopic ramp under the rear bumper, and a patented seven-second easy-to-buckle device at the bottom of the rear compartment, which is convenient for securing wheelchairs or bicycles. The third row of URX seats is stored in a relatively rare left and right separated type. When not in use, they are folded vertically to the left and right respectively to reserve the space in the center for wheelchairs to enter and exit.

Both the front and rear of the car are made of black steel grilled panels, bringing a blackened sporty atmosphere.

The launch of URX Neo can be regarded as a small-to-medium facelift during the product period. The biggest change on the exterior of the car body is to replace it with a design vocabulary similar to that of the n⁷ electric car. In addition, the factory emblem is also presented in the form of the LUXGEN wordmark, which really brings a sense of freshness; the rear of the car The change range of the car is relatively subtle, but it is also the same as the front bumper. It is changed to a black steel grilled decorative plate for the bottom, which strengthens the overall blackened atmosphere. As for the interior of the cockpit, the existing furnishings are maintained, and the driving instruments are still presented in the form of ARD augmented reality head-up display; the central vertical 12-inch touch screen remains unchanged, and the system is upgraded to Think+5.0, and the lower operation interface has also been modified. Redesigned and introduced the connection function of two major smartphones. In addition, the industry said that the seat material and seat length of URX Neo have been adjusted, and the overall ride comfort has been improved.

The central 12-inch touch screen is in charge of most operations, and the traffic information is presented through projection.

Another improvement of the minor facelift focuses on the refinement of the driving assistance system. All URX Neo models come standard with full-speed range ACC, AEB, BSD, Full Side View+ non-blind-spot side image and LDWS+ driving deviation warning, but it still does not have the auxiliary function of lane centering. Compared with new-generation rivals, there is still room for improvement in its ADAS performance.

Luxgen U6 Neo

U6 Neo has a fairly brisk and full acceleration power response, but the response of the automatic manual gearbox will be slightly slower when accelerating and downshifting.

Price range: 758,000 to 868,000 yuan

Power specifications: 1.8-liter gasoline turbo 202hp/30.6kgm

Key features: The design of the front of the car is changed to a new generation of family vocabulary

●Import 10.25-inch digital instrument and upgrade Think+ 5.0

●Entry models can be bought without 800,000 yuan

In May this year, Luxgen once again put on the uniform for U6 and gave U6 Neo a new name, hoping to find its own way in the highly competitive medium-sized SUV market. Just as the advertising text said: "The first step is a big car", which means that U6 Neo intends to use low prices to attract first-time buyers with limited budgets but want to buy a big car. Looking at the domestic leisure travel market, even Kicks, HR-V or Corolla Cross, which is one size smaller, are currently priced at least above 800,000 yuan, while the U6 Neo only has a starting price of 758,000 yuan, which is indeed an extraordinary performance.

Of course, we cannot deny that U6 Neo is already a very "senior" car model. The earliest U6 Turbo was launched in 2013; in 2015, it was renamed U6 Turbo Eco Hyper, which was the first minor change; in 2017, there was another minor change, and a GT 220 performance version tuned by Kazutoshi Mizuno was added. Now U6 Neo can be regarded as the third minor facelift. The purpose is nothing more than to shoulder the heavy responsibility of acting as a facade before Luxgen transforms into a pure electric brand.

In terms of appearance, the main changes of the U6 Neo are concentrated on the front of the car. The car factory changed the original factory emblem to a horizontal LUXGEN logo, and added two L-shaped LED daytime running lights in the headlights, with a dot-shaped water tank similar to the URX Neo. The shield is really refreshing. Riding in it, U6 Neo is based on the existing console hardware architecture, adding new ideas to it as much as possible. First of all, the entire car series is replaced with a 10.25-inch digital instrument. As for the current 12-inch touch screen in the center, it is upgraded to the latest Think+ 5.0 system, and for the first time supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections to meet the needs of today's consumers for navigation and car navigation. entertainment needs.

This facelift focuses on the front of the car, while the rear part retains the existing design.
Red stitching and suede-like elements are added to the cockpit, and digital instruments are standard equipped to enhance combat power.

U6 Neo will provide three models to choose from this time. The prices are 758,000 yuan for the extremely intelligent speed version, 838,000 yuan for the environmen- yuan). Among them, the Rays advanced version is equipped with a 19-inch Rays forged aluminum ring, a kick-sensitive tailgate, a full set of driving AR imaging system, and many other luxurious configurations. It's a pity that I still can't see it on Neo.

Toyota RAV4

Price range: 1.01 to 1.37 million yuan

Power specification: 2.0 liter gasoline 173hp/20.7kgm

2.5-litre petrol petrol-electric 218hp (FF) 222hp (4WD)

Key features: TSS 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system is equipped as standard for all models

●The 23-year PCS adds pedestrian emergency evasion steering assistance

Most models of the 23-year model are equipped with 12.3-inch digital instruments as standard

As a veteran of this level of market, the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4, which was launched in 2019, is still old-fashioned in the face of many opponents' innovation; even if it joins the battle as an importer, the price does not show weakness at all, no wonder Almost every depot always regards it as a formidable opponent.

After several annual updates and price increases, the product mix of RAV4 has also been adjusted flexibly. At present, there are no models under one million yuan in the whole car series, and the price range starts from 1.01 million yuan (2.0 luxury), and the highest price is the 4WD Hybrid flagship at 1.37 million yuan. The current model number is a new model of the 23rd model. All models have TSS 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system, and its performance has reached the Level 2 standard; the 23rd model has added a pedestrian emergency evasion steering assist function to the original PCS early warning protection system , to further enhance the protection capability. In addition, except for the 2.0 luxury and Hybrid, the other five mid-to-high-end models of the 23-year-old new car have upgraded the original 7.5-inch digital driving instrument to a 12.3-inch full-digital specification, providing a more refined and user-friendly display interface.

The appearance of the fifth-generation RAV4 is quite suitable for the appetite of the Chinese people, and it still does not look old after 4 years on the market.
New Year-style mid-to-high-end models are equipped with 12.3-inch full digital instrumentation, which further enhances the sense of technology.

Spreading out the configuration table of RAV4, I have to say that the general agent Hetai understands the mentality of consumers very well, and the stacking and pricing of the configuration are impeccable. More importantly, the configuration can be adjusted at any time to reflect market demand. In terms of richness of equipment, the top-spec RAV4 can be regarded as good and full; in terms of space functionality, RAV4 is one of the best in its class, plus the average fuel consumption performance of the Hybrid model is more than 20 kilometers per liter... If you really If you want to buy RAV4, we can't find any reason to dissuade you for a while. If you really want to pick a bone, at most it is too gentle road tonality, which makes driving a little less fun, but such a setting is what most buyers want. After all, a family trip can make everyone feel comfortable. The most important thing is to sit comfortably.

In the face of the upcoming massacre, we believe that there is nothing wrong with the essence of RAV4 products. Even if the novelty is not as good, it can still attract a certain proportion of consumers. It is not ruled out that there may be a small change or even the possibility of adding new weapons (for example: RAV4 GR Sport?), and this is where RAV4 makes opponents most frightened!

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