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[Collective Appraisal]Welcoming the New Year and Dismissing the Old is More Lively Analysis of the Power of Domestic Medium-sized SUVs in the Second Half of 2023 (Part 2)

Hyundai Tucson L

Price range: 999,000 to 1,289,000 yuan

Power specifications: 1.6-liter gasoline turbo 180hp/27.0kgm

1.6-liter turbo oil-electric 230hp/35.7kgm

Key features: Added gasoline-electric power, with an average fuel consumption of 21.1km/L

All models are equipped with Hyundai SmartSense driving assistance system as standard

Chassis setting focuses on handling, but at the same time maintains good comfort

Even though Tucson L is not a new face in this competition, its avant-garde appearance is not acceptable to all buyers, but aside from the subjective factor of styling, this car really has no shortcomings to pick. The fourth-generation Tucson released in Taiwan at the end of 2021 has an extra L in its car name, which means it is a version with a longer wheelbase; the wheelbase of 2755mm is unprecedented in this class, and it also makes this car proud of the rear seat. It is a pity that due to the restrictions of domestic passenger and truck regulations, the back of the rear seat must be fixed at a relatively steep angle and cannot be adjusted, which more or less affects the ride comfort.

The through-type light guide strip is matched with the wing-type LED taillights, echoing the shape of the front of the car.

Tucson L not only has an avant-garde sci-fi appearance, but also emphasizes digital technology in the cockpit design. The display size of the driving instrument and the central touch-sensitive multimedia head unit are both 10.25 inches, and there is no difference in treatment due to the grade. need. It is worth mentioning that the gear shift of Tucson L adopts a push-button design, which also gives the central saddle a refreshing and flat visual experience; and the innovative air-conditioning mode without DC fan can reduce the large air volume while improving the cooling effect of the car compartment. The constant noise output further enhances the riding atmosphere.

The console adopts left-right symmetrical design, and the interior layout is simple but full of strong sense of technology.

Even if you are considering the entry-level 1.6-liter GLT-A gasoline turbo model within one million, you can still enjoy the Hyundai SmartSense active safety assistance technology that meets the Level 2 level, but the turbo gasoline-electric power that only joined the lineup in June this year is bound to It will become the main sales force of Tucson L. Regardless of the average fuel consumption data exceeding 20 kilometers per liter, its maximum combined horsepower of 230hp and strong torque output of 35.7kgm, its performance is also among the best in its class. With the help of the third-generation N-Platform modular chassis, Tucson L has intuitive and agile steering response and a very solid and stable chassis characteristics. Under high-speed driving, the high center of gravity of an SUV seldom appears. At the same time, it maintains excellent road texture and excellent quietness, and the overall setting is extremely balanced and stable. Once again, people can see the rapid progress of Korean car manufacturers' car manufacturing technology!

Nissan X-Trail

Pre-sale price: 1.09 to 1.29 million yuan

Power specification: 1.5 liter gasoline and electric 204hp/31.0kgm

Key features: The localized version will be released in August at the earliest

●Change to use 1.5-liter light oil-electric power, with an average fuel consumption of 16km/L

●The dual 12.3-inch screens are the best in its class, and the double-layer glass enhances the quietness

In February this year, Nissan imported the new fourth-generation X-Trail e-Power. Although the price was as high as 1.519 million yuan, the slogan "electric vehicles without charging" did cause a lot of topics. 600 were also sold out in a short time. But all of this is actually just a warm-up. What the industry focuses on is the follow-up localization. After all, it is more competitive in price, so that it can compete with the brand new CR-V that debuted almost at the same time.

The fourth-generation X-Trail is built on the CMF-C modular platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The length, width and height are 4680x1820x1749mm, and the wheelbase is 2705mm. Except for a slight drop in height, the size has not changed much from the previous generation. . The front of the new car still takes the V-Motion large water tank shield as the main axis, and the headlights use a separate shape similar to the Juke, which can give people a refreshing feeling without losing the family characteristics. On the whole, the new X-Trail has a similar charm and body shape to the old model, but the sense of roundness is much less rounded. If the appearance details of the new domestically produced cars can be handled as compared with the imported version (such as: dark glass on the rear window, chrome plating around the scratch parts), the texture is bound to be quite good.

The new X-Trail has a strong sense of fashion in appearance, while still retaining a bit of off-road atmosphere. (The picture shows the X-Trail e-Power model)

Judging from the current pre-sale specifications announced by the industry, for example: 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch screen car machine, 10.8-inch head-up display, double-layer sound-proof glass, Bose Premium Sound, etc. The configuration that originally appeared on the imported X-Trail Basically all of them are included; as for the ProPILOT Zhixing security system that reaches Level 2, it should not be absent. However, the detailed specifications and configurations still need to be further confirmed before the listing, and interested readers have to wait patiently.

Both the driving instrument and the central control screen are 12.3 inches in size, and a 10.8-inch head-up display is also available. (The picture shows the X-Trail e-Power model)

As for the power system of the domestic X-Trail, although it still uses the same 1.5-liter three-cylinder variable compression ratio turbocharged engine, the overall structure returns to the traditional direct drive mode, rather than the imported version that uses the engine as a generator to charge the battery. Then provide the indirect design of the electric motor. With the assistance of light oil-electric technology, the average fuel consumption of the domestic X-Trail Energy Bureau can reach 16km/L, and the fuel consumption in urban areas has even reached 13.7km/L, showing a certain level of energy-saving performance. If a more competitive official price can be offered at that time, I believe it will definitely attract the attention of many buyers.

Ford Kuga

Price range: 949,000 to 1,299,000 yuan

Power specification: 1.5-liter gasoline turbo 180hp/26.3kgm

2.0-litre petrol turbo 250hp/38.7kgm

Key features: All models are equipped with Co-Pilot360 driving assistance system as standard

●Provide a four-wheel drive option (2.0 liters) that is rare in its class

●Provide a rare passenger car certification model (Vignale) in the same class

Although foreign Kuga facelifts appeared at the end of last year, according to past experience, Taiwan will not have a chance to see them until the fourth quarter of this year or even the first quarter of 2024 at the earliest. The biggest difference of the new car is two parts: the front design and the SYNC4 in-vehicle system, the latter will use a 13.2-inch touch screen (SYNC3 is 8 inches), and the sense of technology is obviously slightly better.

Still, if you're buying a mid-size SUV at this point in time, we think the Kuga is still a passing choice. I still remember that Ford Liuhe was the first to set a precedent for the ". Taking the current Kuga as an example, Co-Pilot360 is not standard equipment for all employees at the beginning of its launch in 2020. After a second-year update, not only all car series have Co-Pilot360, but the equipment level is also gradually upgraded. Now even if you choose the entry-level model, the interior configuration of the car has long been irrelevant to "Yangchun".

Although a small facelift is about to usher in, Kuga's handsome appearance remains undiminished.

In addition to the 1.5-liter model, Kuga's 2.0-liter model is also very popular. The powerful performance of 250hp/38.7kgm is not only superior to rivals, but also comes standard with a four-wheel drive system that is rare in its class, which can distribute part of the power to the rear axle when necessary, so as to enhance control and get out of trouble on harsh terrain. Perhaps compared with the new Hybrid or PHEV, Kuga's 250hp output is really nothing, but nearly 50% of the car's body is made of ultra-high rigidity steel, plus the flexible chassis settings, supplemented by AWD blessing. In terms of handling, we think Kuga still has its own way!

In addition, the Kuga Vignale flagship model added at the end of last year has many exclusive luxury equipment, including: exclusive body interior and exterior kits, 20-inch aluminum rims, Windsor breathable leather seats, 10-way electric adjustment for the co-driver, etc. The most important thing is that the car is adopted Passenger car certification also provides rear seats with front and rear sliding and seat back angle adjustable functions, and the overall ride comfort is further improved. As for the Ford Co-Pilot360, which is standard for all models, it can provide Level 2 driving assistance capabilities. After many test drives, its automatic car following and lane centering capabilities are very good, compared with most imported brands. No less!

Vignale uses more elegant wood-grained panels, and the seats are also made of exclusive breathable leather materials.


Price range: 915,000 to 1,219,000 yuan

Power specification: 1.5-liter gasoline turbo 180hp/27.0kgm

2.0-litre petrol turbo 223hp/37.8kgm

1.5-liter plug-in gasoline-electric 291hp/49kgm

Key features: Provide the only PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric option in its class

●The brand focuses on high cost performance, even entry-level models are fully equipped

All models are equipped with MG Pilot 2.0 Level 2 driving assistance system as standard

The MG brand, which has just joined the battle in 2022, will start with the medium-sized SUV HS. When it was launched in September last year, the industry first let the entry-level 1.5T and top-spec PHEV models take the lead. In March this year, it launched the mid-range 2.0T AWD, and constructed price ranges of 915,000, 1.069 million and 1.219 million yuan. Looking at this first-class distance market, you will find that the starting price of the new medium-sized SUVs launched this year has exceeded the threshold of one million. If the budget is only about 900,000 yuan, consumers may have to settle for a CUV that is one size smaller, or choose from a limited number of other models.

All car series are supported by Trophy kits, and a large number of blackened parts enhance the sense of movement.

The positioning of HS 1.5T is aimed at buyers who have such needs. Although it is the lowest priced model in the car series, it is called the "1.5T flagship model", and the equipment is not shabby at all; such as the MG Pilot 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system that meets the Level 2 standard, and the 18-inch aluminum rim , panoramic sunroof, Keyless Entry, Push Start, dual-zone constant temperature air-conditioning, rear seat air outlets, dual front seat electric seats, wireless charging for mobile phones, 256-color ring cabin atmosphere lights, surround view imaging, etc. With the blessing of the Trophy blackening kit, it looks very handsome. If it is more technological than the cockpit, the configuration of 12.3-inch digital instrument plus 10.1-inch floating touch screen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection can also meet the needs of most consumers. Don't forget, this is a medium-sized SUV with a price of only 915,000 yuan.

The cockpit is designed in a youthful style, and even the entry-level model has digital instruments and a large-screen car.

As for the HS 2.0T flagship version with an asking price of 1.069 million yuan, the configuration is slightly improved, but the focus is on the more powerful power output and the adoption of the AWD four-wheel drive system. The targeted opponent is the Kuga EcoBoost 250 with the same four-wheel drive setting. ST-Line X hopes to attract consumers who love powerful power with a price difference of up to 170,000 yuan. As for the other HS PHEV Yudian version, it is the only plug-in gasoline electric model in its class. Not only is the product positioning special, but its performance output is even more impressive. It is understood that a large number of orders for all HS models are currently being digested, and the buying momentum has far exceeded the expectations of the market and industry players.

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