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Control, comfort and durability all in one Yokohama ADVAN APEX V601

Following the launch of the ADVAN Sport V107 flagship performance tire in 2022, which perfectly balances control performance and ride comfort, and has become the standard tire for many luxury performance cars, Taiwan's Yokohama Tire has once again introduced the latest ADVAN to domestic car fans and consumers. APEX V601 tire model. This new generation of performance tires not only emphasizes performance and handling characteristics, but also integrates the advantages of ride comfort and durability. It also combines better dry/wet road grip performance to provide drivers with "controllable" driving. Feel.

Yokohama Tire's ADVAN series tires refer to Yokohama's performance tires. Currently, there are three models: Neova AD09, A052 and Sport V107. Among them, AD09 is the strongest street sports tire (known as the king of performance street tires), and A052 is a competition-specific tire. As for the Sport V107, it is also a performance street tire tempered by experience in various competitions. The new ADVAN APEX V601 tire tested this time also flaunts performance, but puts more emphasis on controllability. Showcase, while not letting go of comfort and durability.

The newly launched ADVAN APEX V601 performance tire not only emphasizes controllability, but also combines comfort, durability and quietness into a new generation tire.

54 tire specifications to choose from

Taiwan's Yokohama Tire said that the main target vehicles of APEX V601 are C-E segment sports cars, including general standard models, modified cars and sports cars. At present, as many as 54 specifications have been introduced for sale in China, with sizes ranging from 17 to 21 inches, aspect ratios from 30 to 50, and tire widths from 225 to 325, covering almost all high-end and performance tire markets. As for the price of new tires, they start from 5,400 yuan to 16,700 yuan.

APEX V601 is currently imported into China in 54 specifications, with sizes ranging from 17 to 21 inches, aspect ratios from 30 to 50, tire widths from 225 to 325, and new tire prices starting from 5,400 yuan to 16,700 yuan.

The test vehicle provided by Yokohama Tire this time is the Toyota GR Supra two-door performance sports car (340hp/51.0kgm), and the tire specification is 255/35R19 96Y. The test road section we planned is from Neihu to Wuzhi Mountain and down to Xizhi, then via the National Highway 3 to the National Highway 1, then from Shilin to Forbidden City Zhishan Road, etc., through mountain roads, highways and general urban roads. Actually experience the various features of APEX V601. However, since the weather was bright and sunny on the day of the test drive, we could only experience the handling performance of this tire on dry ground. However, judging from the pattern of the 3+1 straight main grooves on the tire, the drainage performance of this tire is bound to be Quite impressive.

The tread of ADVAN APEX V601 adopts a new internal and external asymmetrical pattern design, coupled with wider 3+1 main grooves and silent sipes, to provide excellent dry grip and wet drainage performance.

Combining control, comfort and durability

Before the actual road test, let me first introduce to you the most advanced technology and materials used in the APEX V601 tire model. First, a large amount of silica and a mixture of polymers with different functions such as dry and wet grip compound rubber are used on the tread, and then combined with reinforcing materials such as double-layer steel wire and double-layer nylon to enhance the overall grip and wear resistance. performance; secondly, a double-layer structure of the sidewall is used to maintain the strength of the sidewall and achieve the purpose of lightweighting the carcass; in addition, a highly covering filler strip is used in the bead to further improve the carcass rigidity during cornering . In addition, in pursuit of optimal performance and control, APEX V601 adopts a new asymmetric pattern design. In addition to a high-rigidity wide shoulder block design, it is used to achieve high tire rigidity and exert excellent dry grip. In addition to ground force and steering accuracy, the 3+1 linear groove design located in the center of the tread can take into account drainage, control, heat dissipation, high-speed stability and all-weather grip; in addition, the knife between the linear grooves The shape-cut central tire block helps break through the water film on the road surface, and combined with the lightning-shaped groove design to maintain the rigidity of the central tire block, it can also take into account wet driving and handling performance. Finally, through the design of the curved tread rubber block, the tire contact area is maximized, thereby improving the tire's dry grip and reducing uneven wear, extending the service life of the tire. This, coupled with the optimized groove angle design, can minimize road noise and provide passengers with a more comfortable and quiet ride experience.

Large tire blocks are used on the outside and shoulder of the tire to increase the contact area with the road surface, improving grip and support stability when cornering.
The sidewall of ADVAN APEX V601 also uses a special process to make the engraved text present a stronger color contrast, showing the high visual quality of the ADVAN series tires and also improving recognition.

Strong grip, clear road feel and quiet

After driving on urban roads, the first impression this tire gives people on asphalt roads is that the rolling quietness is very good. It is very quiet in the cabin and there is little tire noise. This is quite surprising. This is not A performance tire? How could it be so quiet? ! In addition, the ability to absorb ground vibrations is also very good. Even when driving on rough cement roads or tiny potholes, the subtle resonances transmitted to the body and steering wheel will not be too obvious at this time, allowing people to feel the vibration suppression effect of the tires. High-level performance, and therefore also provides very good ride comfort performance, even if the test tire aspect ratio is only 35 and driving a Supra coupe with a low chassis.

On ordinary roads, APEX V601 not only has clear road feedback and excellent road texture, but also has excellent noise suppression when the tires are rolling, and the cabin is very quiet.

In addition, the clear road feel feedback is also admirable. Especially when driving on new and old asphalt roads with slight differences, people can clearly feel the different feedback from the road surface and master it. The trajectory of the tire is quite interesting for drivers who like to emphasize "road feel". In particular, this tire does not give a hard feedback road feel like other top performance tires, so it is relatively more comfortable. Many, which somewhat subverts the previous impression that performance tires are hard and have loud tire noise.

After turning to Wuzhishan, it was time to thoroughly test the performance capabilities of the APEX V601. By driving in and out of large and small corners in an "intense driving" way, you can immediately feel the excellent and strong grip that this tire exhibits in corners, as well as the tire's The stability and precise braking performance brought about by this means that even if you deliberately accelerate into a steep corner, the tire will stick firmly to the ground. Especially with the help of the high-rigidity wide shoulder and the central straight main block structure, the tire will not stop when passing. It will not be easily deformed due to gravity when bending, so that the vehicle still maintains precise directionality and body stability, giving the driver a high degree of driving confidence and being able to enjoy the thrill and fun of Mercedes-Benz on mountain road curves with ease.

In addition to the clear road feel feedback and high grip of APEX V601 when driving on mountain roads, the wide and highly rigid tire shoulders will not be easily deformed due to force when facing continuous curves at high speed, greatly improving the driver's comfort. confidence and fun.
The most admirable thing about APEX V601 is that when making sharp turns at high speeds, the curved tread rubber blocks not only bring stable grip, but also provide clear and precise cornering with the help of the transverse non-penetrating tread design. Bend directivity.
Even though the test car Toyota Supra has a powerful power output of 340hp and 51.0kgm, the APEX V601's strong grip can still hold it, and even when driving aggressively in corners, there is rarely a sound from the tires.

After descending from Wuzhishan to Xizhi, head towards the highway connecting National Highway No. 3 to No. 1. When the vehicle speed increased to more than 120km/h on the national highway, although the tire rolling sound was already present, it was a delicate sound that sounded like driving on a newly paved asphalt road, which once again verified that this tire has optimized grooves After the angle design, it shows excellent quiet performance. In addition, the performance in terms of dry road grip and braking performance is also quite good. Especially when changing lanes at high speed, the tires not only have good grip and stick to the road surface, but also have good rigid sidewall support, allowing the body to change lanes in an instant. It still has good stability and smooth switching, without any unstable shaking or floating feeling, giving people a full sense of trust. Even when the vehicle ahead suddenly brakes and we make emergency braking actions, its excellent grip The force of the ground also allows the vehicle to brake and decelerate instantly to avoid the risk of collision. The braking distance is shorter than expected, and the left and right movements of the vehicle body are also quite slight. The overall braking force and stability performance are very admirable.

The stability when driving in a straight line at high speed is quite good, and the bounce and vibration when driving on uneven roads and potholes will not have the rigid feeling of ordinary performance tires, and it has quite good comfort.

A performance tire that performs competently and well

Through this tire test experience, we can deeply feel Yokohama Tire’s profound and outstanding skills in developing performance tires. Especially compared with tires of the same level from other brands, APEX V601 not only performs amazingly in the emphasis on handling performance. , even more so in terms of comfort and quietness. In particular, it has excellent high-speed stability and sharp and precise steering response. It is a vehicle that can be used on ordinary urban roads, highways or even mountain roads. A very competent and excellent performance tire that can perform well in corners.

ADVAN APEX V601 six innovative technologies

  • High rigidity wide shoulder block—By combining the wide tire blocks and vertical grooves on the outside of the tread pattern with the transverse non-penetrating pattern design, the tire achieves high rigidity and exerts excellent dry grip and steering accuracy.
  • Non-penetrating straight main trench—The straight main block located in the center of the tread ensures the tire's high-speed stability and handling.
  • 3+1straight main groove—While improving water drainage through linear grooves, the outer tire blocks are also used to improve dry performance.
  • Straight fine grooves—Improve tire drainage performance and release heat energy generated by the central tire block to maintain tire dry performance.
  • Knife-shaped cutting center block—The arrangement of transverse non-penetrating grooves and fine grooves enables the central block to improve wet performance and achieve the effect of breaking through the water film while maintaining tire rigidity.
  • lightning trench—Not only increases the groove area ratio, but also maintains the rigidity of the central block. So that the tire's wet performance and handling performance can coexist.

Yokohama ADVAN APEX V601 recommended selling price list

Yokohama ADVAN APEX V601 recommended selling price list

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