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[F1 Special Topic]Can one person carry the whole team? The whole team carries one person? Red Bull/Verstappen retain double title ahead of schedule

Although the title and subtitle look very much like an annual review, this article is certainly not an annual review, and it is not yet time to review in this issue. It is just that the overall championship situation has been decided in advance for the second consecutive year, and it is earlier than last year...

remoteI remember (it’s very far away: after three stops in this issue, you may even forget that it happened) Red Bull’s tragic chain failure in Singapore in the last issue, but it immediately returned to “normal” when it arrived in Japan: Max Verstappen ended up with a lap of more than half a second The gap--no gap between any two positions is as big as his--won the pole position, and both Mercedes and Ferrari woke up from their dreams (how short-lived), but the driver ranked second is still a surprise: making his debut this season Oscar Piastri started on the front row for the first time since.

McLaren's rise

Not only that, Lando Norris is ranked third. This is the second time this season that McLaren has started from 2-3 (the last time was the British Grand Prix, but their rankings were reversed), which shows that the team was weak at the beginning of the season. The team's upgrade in the second half of the season was not only effective, but also very effective. However, Jiang is too old - even though he is not actually old - Norris overtook his rookie teammate Piastri at the same time, and then the two finished the race with this ranking, with Piastri taking the top spot. This is the first individual F1 podium, and the team’s first two-car podium since the 2021 Italian Grand Prix.

The Qatar Grand Prix was even more surprising: Although McLaren did not perform well in qualifying, he occupied the front row in sprint qualifying and was Piastri on the pole. He held on to win in the sprint race. If this was an official race, it would be Piastri. The first stroke and first victory. The final benefited from the chaos caused by the collision of two Mercedes. Piastri, who started sixth, took second place at the first corner and finished the race in this position. At the end, Norris wanted to challenge his teammate for the position but was stopped by the team. McLaren won Two consecutive double-car podiums for the first time in 11 and a half years.

At the start of Qatar Station, Mercedes' Hamilton squeezed onto the outside of Russell in an attempt to take the lead. As a result, he collided at the first corner and Hamilton immediately retired from the race.
Two major upgrades at the beginning of the season have made McLaren's performance improve by leaps and bounds, with consecutive podiums becoming the norm, and even two consecutive podiums for two cars.

At the U.S. Grand Prix, Piastri failed to perform well in qualifying and the final, but Norris was ranked second. After refreshing his personal record of three consecutive podiums, it was extended to four consecutive podiums. Due to the continuous good results, McLaren Knocked out Aston Martin and moved up to 4th in the team standings! In the past five races, McLaren has been the team with the most points--even more than Red Bull--if this continues, the team will be able to finish in third place at the end of the season, which is worth looking forward to. It may not be a dream to reach the top three. .

The road surface of the American Grand Prix was bumpy, but some teams were reluctant to raise their chassis. As a result, Hamilton and Leclerc were removed from the race because their underbody boards were too worn during post-race inspections.
In the American Grand Prix, Tsunoda switched to soft tires with two laps left, becoming the third Japanese F1 driver in history to write the fastest lap in a final after 11 years.
In the US Grand Prix, due to the removal of the leading car, both Williams drivers scored points. Newcomer Sargent finally scored for the first time in his home country. So far, all drivers who have participated since the beginning of this season have scored points.

Aston Martin's steep descent

As a customer team that supplies power components to Mercedes, McLaren has scored 131 points in the last five games, while Aston Martin has only scored 21 points. The latter's prosperity at the beginning of the season is even further ahead. The major upgrade at the U.S. Grand Prix completely had the opposite effect, causing the team to decide to replace all the car chassis with the previous version before the final at the expense of starting from the pit stop. In other words, this major upgrade was all in vain. It's a waste of money that's extremely valuable given today's budget constraints.

Not only has McLaren improved its racing performance, it even recorded a 1.8-second pause at the Qatar Grand Prix, breaking the long-standing record monopolized by Red Bull.

Most of this year’s Aston Martin racing cars were copied – oh no – to pay homage to last year’s Red Bull. At the beginning of the season, they did achieve the glory of six podiums in eight races, but by the middle of the season, bottlenecks obviously began to appear. The reason is actually very simple: since it is a copy ─ Okay, I won’t modify it ─ I can only copy what can be seen from the appearance, not to mention the chassis, let alone the concept of the original version and the upgrade direction reserved for the future. It is true that senior designers can’t see it You can figure out the concept just by looking at it, but if it’s Red Bull’s genius technical chief Adrian Newey, are you sure you can figure it out?

Originally I was talking about Red Bull at the beginning, but suddenly I branched off to talk about McLaren and even Aston Martin. Now I finally thought of returning to the topic: Verstappen in Japan continued his strong performance in qualifying and won the final with a gap of nearly 20 seconds. At the same time, it was confirmed that Red Bull won the Constructors' Championship six races ahead of schedule this year (last year it was three races ahead of schedule). In addition to Verstappen, whose personal points surpassed the second-place team's points and secured the Constructors' Championship with just one person, Red Bull was able to win the Constructors' Championship so early. Of course, his teammate Sergio Perez also contributed, which is why the driver won the championship first last year and the team won the championship first this year.

The light and shadow of the championship team

Although Verstappen only finished second in the Qatar Grand Prix sprint race, the points confirmed that he won the driver's championship five races ahead of schedule this year (last year it was four races ahead of schedule), and it was an extremely rare Saturday victory, but he was not alone, because There have been instances in the history of F1 where the final was scheduled on a Saturday - in fact, this year's Las Vegas Grand Prix happened again - so it can only be said that this is the first time that F1 has won the championship on a non-final occasion: there is a sprint race in all competitions. Grant? But to be precise, he won the title not five games ahead of schedule, but five and a half games ahead of schedule!

Verstappen won the sprint race in Qatar. Before the final, he revealed the 2023 championship helmet he had prepared, with 21, 22 and 23 stars on it.

In the US Grand Prix where Verstappen became the queen, even though the fastest lap in qualifying was canceled due to going out of bounds and he ranked only 6th, he won the sprint race and took the lead after half-time in the final, winning his 50th F1 victory! Verstappen is completely the engine of Red Bull, but while the team and drivers have won championships, Perez has gone without a podium for the longest time this season - four consecutive races - and has no sense of presence when the team and teammates are celebrating. , lacked the atmosphere of "celebrating with the glory", I once thought that Red Bull would resume the championship formation in the middle of the season, but the result was completely unreasonable...

At the Japanese Grand Prix, where Red Bull Racing won the championship in advance, Perez first retired from the race, then returned to the field after repairing in the garage, ran a few laps, then pitted and retired. He was completely treated like a testing machine.

Although this issue is not an annual review, we have finished talking about the championship team and driver. Can Perez keep his long-cherished dream of being the driver's runner-up? Now it doesn’t look very safe, and even Red Bull may have wanted to let him go. Judging from last year’s experience, Verstappen is not the kind of person who will try his best to help his teammates after winning the championship. This highlights that Red Bull is another team. In a one-man team, the deputy has completely become a shadow under the light. The consultant Helmut Marko does not care, and the team leader Christian Horner does not like it. The Mexican race after the deadline for this issue is Perez's home stadium. Will it be the starting point for him to turn the tide at the end of the season?

Wang Yiping

[Crooked criticism of F1]In addition to possible second penalties, retirement penalties, points deductions or even suspensions, fines are also a way of dealing with (usually disciplinary) violations by drivers during the race. Originally, F1 drivers violated the rules. The upper limit of fines is 250,000 euros, but in October the WMSC (World Motor Racing Council) raised the upper limit four times to 1 million euros! Today, nearly half of the drivers in F1 have an annual salary of less than this amount (some are even less than the original 250,000 euros). Kevin Magnussen said with a smile: "If I am fined like this, I will run away!" Although there are very few cases where the fine reaches the upper limit. Few, but the FIA ​​is not too lenient when it comes to penalties. For example, after last year's Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen touched the rear wing of Lewis Hamilton's car, and the fine was 50,000 euros. In this issue, Hamilton walked across the track after retiring from the Qatar Grand Prix, and the fine was also 50,000 euros, but not all drivers can afford the fine. ah! Will the FIA ​​say that if you don’t break the rules, you don’t have to worry about fines? Or adopt the income proportional principle like some European countries?

[F1 Special Topic]Sprint Race: Adding a tasteless thing to a tasteless thing?

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