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[F1 Special Topic]Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The main title and subtitle of this issue are actually the super-translated title and original title of the same movie (with the same original book title) when it was introduced into the country, but the feelings are completely different, which just reflects the development of this 41-year-old film. The difference in feelings between fans and drivers at the Vegas Grand Prix...

BookThis period is the last three races of the four consecutive races in the Americas. The first is Ferrari's first row start in the finals at the Mexico Grand Prix for the first time in a year. As the only team other than Red Bull to have won a race this season, it is of course gearing up. , but after more than a year of bad luck, Charles Leclerc, who is in the pole position, is always at a disadvantage when facing Max Verstappen and becomes less aggressive. Even if he starts from the pole position, he often cannot defend his opponent's surprise attacks and often ends up in the first place. I lost my position at the first corner.

Verstappen breaks record for most wins in a season

This time was no exception: Verstappen broke through the defense at the start and jumped into first place, making Ferrari's front row start completely useless. Not only that, Leclerc was also collided by Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez, who was striving to perform at the home race, but luckily Leclerc was not only fine, but did not lose position as a result - except for being overtaken by Verstappen first - while Perez damaged the suspension of his car and limped back to the pit stop for inspection before being forced to retire from the race, which shocked his country. The folks were disappointed.

Perez, who was playing at home in Mexico, rushed to the outside to suppress Leclerc as soon as he ran. As a result, he collided and retired in front of his countrymen.

Under the premise that Verstappen left "as usual", Ferrari, which started 1-2, could only settle for second best and hold on to the 2-3 position to maximize its losses. Unfortunately, the race ended due to Kevin Magnussen hitting the wall. The safety car came out on the 34th lap and the red flag was suspended because the barrier was damaged and needed repairs. Ferrari had only changed to hard tires three or four laps ago due to the originally planned one-stop strategy, so they did not change again during the safety car period. The result was that the team could not hold on to 2-3.

Lewis Hamilton had originally switched to hard tires on lap 24, and was probably planning to change to softer tires at the end of the race. However, he changed to a set of soft tires after only 10 laps during the safety car period. The old medium tires, and he had already passed Carlos Sainz three laps before changing tires, and passed Leclerc four laps after changing tires. After pulling a safe distance, he took good care of the old medium tires─at this time, he was the only one among the top four who was not using hard tires. Tire──Not only did he hold on to second place, but he also ran the fastest lap on the last lap; Verstappen achieved 16 wins in a single season.

Perez failed in the Mexican Grand Prix, and Hamilton, who competed with him for the driver's runner-up of the year and climbed on the podium, got a chance to get closer, but...
After Ricciardo returned for two games, he missed five games due to injury. In the second game of his comeback in Mexico, he finished 4th in qualifying and 7th in the final, finally gaining points.

Aston Martin fights against bottlenecks

Leclerc suffered the biggest bad luck of the season at the Sao Paulo station: He, who was ranked second, lost control and hit the wall during the warm-up lap. It turned out that the hydraulic system of his Ferrari car failed, and most of the movable parts of the car are controlled by hydraulics. , thus making him unable to turn (power steering failure), he lost control and hit the wall, and retired before the race even started! Leclerc almost collapsed in the car and shouted "Why am I so unlucky" twice in a row - "unlucky" has become his daily routine in the game, and his championship ranking has dropped to 7th two stops ago.

During the warm-up lap of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix final, Leclerc's car's hydraulic system failed, the steering failed and it hit the wall. He immediately shouted on the radio twice, "Why am I so unlucky?"...

In the qualifying session of this station, due to weather factors, almost everyone only ran once, which made the rankings a bit abnormal. However, Aston Martin’s results of occupying the second row were still amazing, with Lance Stroll third and Fernando Alonso fourth! Stroll's problem of not being good at competing for the lead remained the same, and he dropped five places in one run. Alonso's position remained unchanged, because McLaren's Lando Norris, who was competing with Aston Martin for fourth place in the championship, moved up four places and became second. The race started from then on. It's Norris' pursuit of Verstappen.

McLaren continued the results of mid-season upgrades. Norris took the pole position in sprint qualifying at the Sao Paulo station, but was successfully surprised by Verstappen at the beginning of the sprint race.

After the prologue, Alonso was running quietly in third place, while Perez, who started in ninth place, caught up all the way. At the end of the race, he finally caught up with Alonso and overtook him on the second to last lap, but Alonso's fighting spirit never stopped. Not deteriorating due to age, he continued to bite his opponent after being overtaken, and reversed again on the last lap, but the distance was still inseparable. In the end, the two cars almost crossed the line side by side, and Perez was kicked off the podium by Alonso with a gap of 0.053 seconds. Last issue mentioned that Aston Martin encountered an upgrade bottleneck, but under the premise that it was difficult to change the general direction, the team still relied on detailed settings to regain some performance.

In Sao Paulo, Alonso was overtaken by Perez on the penultimate lap, but he managed to overtake on the last lap and climbed onto the podium for the first time in six races.

Las Vegas entertainment atmosphere

Next is the final round of the four consecutive races in the Americas, the Las Vegas station where F1 was revived after 41 years - it was called the American station at the time - but this time it was different from the one held in the parking lot of the Caesar Palace Hotel from 1981 to 1982. It’s different from a closed circuit (the parking lot is so big that it can form an F1 circuit), it’s a street race in an urban area. As early as when it was announced, F1 has vigorously promoted marketing activities, aiming to become the most gorgeous and luxurious race in F1 atmosphere - surpassing the Miami Grand Prix, which is also held in the United States - in order to provide fans and spectators with the highest entertainment feast. However, the drivers felt that there was more excitement than the competition.

The Las Vegas Street Race has three long straights - although only two are allowed to use DRS - one of which is 1.9 kilometers long. However, the usual practice of using the longest straight at the start and finish of the track does not appear here. In addition to shocking Apart from the long straights that are popular in people's minds, the corners are all inexplicably curved. Although street races can only adapt to the existing routes, there is no technical challenge for the drivers - as long as they avoid hitting the wall - but Professional sports are also entertainment industries, so everyone is not immune to this.

Leclerc has taken pole position three times in four consecutive races in America, including the first pole position in the new layout of Las Vegas, but all failed to convert into wins.

If Sainz had not been punished at the start (see[Crooked Commentary]for details), Ferrari would have started on the front row again after the Mexico Grand Prix, but what remains unchanged is that the pole winner is still Leclerc: he is already the first pole-sitter in F1 history. The driver with the lowest win rate is also the driver with the most pole positions (23 times) among non-world champions. Therefore, even if he wins the pole position again, everyone still does not have high hopes for his chances of winning. Sure enough, at Turn 1 Dao was squeezed out by Verstappen again, but this time the latter's squeeze was illegal and had to be punished.

Due to insufficient road grip at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, when Verstappen tried to attack Leclerc at the start, he had difficulty entering the corner and forced his opponent out.

Driver of the Year championship, second and third place determined

Normally, illegal overtaking should give up the position, but after Verstappen overtook, he quickly opened a gap of more than 2 seconds, and it was no longer cost-effective to give up the position, so the team chose to give a 5-second penalty instead─after all, this is a performance-based team For Red Bull, it was equal to no injury--although the midfielder fell behind due to the first break, he returned to the lead with 1/4 of the game remaining, and Perez, who had previously exchanged the lead with Leclerc four times, lost the lead at the end of the game. It looked like he could finish the race 1-2 with his teammates, but he was reversed on the last lap just like he had done at the last stop.

Although Perez was reversed on the last lap in two consecutive races, he was at least on the podium. Hamilton, who competed with him for the runner-up of the year, only finished 8th and 7th in these two races. Therefore, after the penultimate race, It was finally confirmed that Perez would be the runner-up for the year ahead of schedule. This is the first time in the history of the Red Bull team that the driver championship and runner-up have been arranged. However, Perez is also the runner-up with the largest gap between his championship teammate in the history of F1-more than double the points-so although the runner-up position is still good for him. The mission was accomplished, but it was not very glorious.

The weekend after the deadline for this issue and before publication is this year's final stop in Abu Dhabi. After Hamilton has also confirmed the third place for the year, the battle for the front-end shuttle driver is still a melee between 4th and 7th place. As for the team, Mercedes and Ferrari compete for it. The annual runner-up, McLaren and Aston Martin compete for the fourth place in the year. The two groups are still inseparable in terms of points. And let us forget about the championship that won the championship early, then there is still suspense in the closing station, that is, there is still something to watch.

Wang Yiping

[Crooked criticism of F1]The first free practice session at the Las Vegas station on Friday ended in just 8 minutes. The reason was that Carlos Sainz was injured by the manhole cover sucked up by the ground effect of the car, and the upper part of the chassis was also damaged. The batteries and related parts in the position had to be replaced, but because they exceeded the annual replacement quota, they were penalized 10 places at the start of the final. The manholes were filled urgently in the arena, and due to construction, although the free practice in the second quarter could be added for half an hour, it was delayed until 2 o'clock in the middle of the night. The on-site staff and security were all off work to avoid accidents. Spectators were banned from entering the race, and the subsequent compensation measure was to issue $200 F1 gift vouchers to spectators who only purchased tickets for the practice day, but no compensation was given to spectators who purchased three-day tickets. As for whether Sainz's punishment was appropriate? Although neither the driver nor the team was responsible and the venue was not properly prepared, the FIA ​​punished it in accordance with the regulations. The reason is that the rule book does not mention the replacement of racing parts due to external forces (there is no precedent), so it had to resort to the team to vote whether the penalty should be exempted. , the result was that it failed to pass due to the opposition of Mercedes, which was competing with Ferrari for the runner-up place in the team (F1 voting must be unanimous to be effective). Is it to blame Sainz for sucking up the manhole cover himself? But this also proves how effective F1's aerodynamic force is in absorbing the ground. It is not just "sitting on the ground will absorb soil".

【F1 Special Topic】F1’s 11th team is on the horizon

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