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[F1 Topic]Ex-Red Army driver pursues champion 15 years ago

In 2008, Massa reversed the "King of the King" when he passed the finish line at the closing stage, but was reversed half a minute later, and he was full of grief and anger when he stood on the podium.

In the closing station (18th station) of 2008 in Brazil, local driver Felipe Massa passed the finish line first in the rain. At that moment, his rival Lewis Hamilton was running in sixth place. If he finished the race in this position, Massa would reverse the annual points, As the world champion, he himself and his team Ferrari had already celebrated the double championship "in advance" at that time, but then Hamilton moved up one position due to the driver's mistake in front, so when he passed the finish line 39 seconds after Massa's "king" At that time, they won the championship by 1 point.

Massa only became the world champion (dream) for more than half a minute. Since then, he has been brooding about the whole season and began to think about the whole season. Then he thought of the change in Singapore at the 15th station: Massa took the lead from the pole position at this station. On the 13th lap, Renault's Nelson Piquet Jr. lost control and hit the wall, leading to a yellow flag to slow down the field, while his teammate Fernando Alonso stopped to refuel and change tires almost at the same time, avoiding the car formation and taking the lead when returning to the field.

However, due to the team's operational error during the stoppage, Massa dragged the torn fuel pipe away before the work was completed. This toss made him fall directly to the last place. In the end, Alonso won, while Massa only ranked 13th. , Ending with zero points has become a key to his loss of points. The next year, it was revealed that Piquet Jr. hit the wall as a "fake hit"!

According to Piquet Jr., Flavio Briatore, the leader of Renault at the time, ordered him to hit the wall and cause chaos in order to renew the contract. Alonso could be the first to stop and take the lead. However, Piquet Jr. was replaced in the middle of the season the following year, so It was revealed that after the FIA ​​trial, Briatore was permanently expelled from F1, and the technical director of the team, Pat Symonds, was banned for five years. Alonso was not held accountable because he said he did not know that the team had done this beforehand.

For nearly 15 years, Massa has been very concerned, and he has spoken out from time to time. He believes that if it were not for that accident, Ferrari's last current champion driver would be him instead of his teammate Kimi Raikkonen in 2007, but what is a foregone conclusion? Comeback? In April this year, former F1 business chairman Bernie Ecclestone said in an interview: "If the regulations were followed that year, the race would have been cancelled." Then the points for Hamilton's third place at the station would not count, so the championship at the end of the year would not be counted. It will be Massa.

Now Massa is finally determined to file legal proceedings against F1. Even if the foregone conclusion cannot be changed, he advocates that F1 should at least compensate him for the loss of fame and fortune caused by his failure to become the king—that is, money—so the media went again. Interviewed Ecclestone, but the old man said that he did not remember what he said in the previous paragraph—anyway, he is not in his position and is not responsible—at present Massa has not formally filed a lawsuit, so he does not know how F1 will handle this old case.

But the results of a whole season are the sum of every game in the whole year. If it is said that points are lost, it will not only be in one race. Even if Massa blames his missed championship on the incident in Singapore, he can use it in every race. Discussion, and how can he prove that if he stops at other times, he will not encounter Ferrari's operation mistakes? If Massa can do that, could Hamilton also sue for missing out on the title at the closing race in 2021 due to the FIA's inappropriate timing of the restart?

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