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F1’s 11th team is on the horizon

If Andretti Cadillac is successfully formed, it will be the first time that GM, which competes in many racing cars around the world, has entered F1, and will also develop its own power components.

In order to expand the scale of F1, the FIA ​​opened two places in addition to the current 10 teams for new teams to apply to join. However, after review, only one team met the conditions and was allowed to participate in F1 as early as 2025. The selected team was the American racing family Andretti and GM Group cooperates with Andretti Cadillac (hereinafter referred to as Andretti)─and the team stated that there will be at least one American driver.

Although Cadillac in the team's name is the car manufacturer - and it participates in many racing cars - Andretti initially signed a memorandum of power supply with Renault during the planning process. That is to say, Cadillac was originally planned to use the car factory's resources to assist the Andretti team in building cars. The power will be powered by Renault, which is currently used only by its own factory team Alpine in F1.

However, except for Alpine, which is expected to have another team customer, and McLaren, which is also involved in American racing, the other eight current F1 teams - especially the downstream teams - are not happy to see Andretti join because the denominator of the team's bonus has changed. As it gets bigger, everyone can get less, and the downstream teams are more worried that the new teams will become strong competitors and squeeze out their championship rankings, which are related to the amount of dividends.

Therefore, different from the active opening up of the governing body FIA, FOG (F1 Group), which is mainly composed of F1 commercial operating companies and team representatives, vigorously resists new teams and even plans to include new ones in the current Concorde Agreement (F1 Competition Contract). The team's participation deposit will be raised from US$200 million to US$600 million starting in 2026, which is intended to force people to retreat with an ultra-high threshold. Not only will the new team not be able to distribute dividends at the beginning, but it will also have to pay more to subsidize the losses of other teams in the dividend share. !

FOG is worthy of "eliminating all evil": not only does it set a high threshold at the financial level, but seeing that the power supply memorandum between Andretti and Renault is about to expire, FOG even advocates that Renault can exclude F1 "The power supplier with the fewest users must provide it to those without power suppliers." The purpose of the "Team Use" regulation is to leave Andretti without power (although Renault may not think so: as the worst-performing power supplier in F1 currently, more customers will help research and development).

The whole routine goes like this: Although Andretti can compete in 2025 at the earliest, he must complete the registration and pay all "fees" no later than June 1, 2024. The time is too hasty, and F1 will start from 2026 There are also specification changes - although almost all of them are in terms of power - that is, it is not cost-effective to build a car with current specifications and change it after only one year of running. However, if it does not compete until 2026, it may face an increase of US$400 million in deposits. , it’s really deadly! And if FOG pushes people too far, Andretti will not rule out filing legal proceedings, and there is no telling how long it will drag on.

If Renault is in business, Andretti can readily use the power of the factory, but the satisfaction of the cooperation is not necessarily ideal. Andretti must have its own backer, and GM recently announced that they will register as the 2028 F1 power supplier, which is Cadillac. Develop its own F1 power to supply the Andretti team co-branded with them! This is explosive news. Most teams said that although they do not welcome the Andretti team, they are happy to see Cadillac power. After all, it is undoubtedly a good thing to have more power suppliers to choose from. However, GM said affectionately: If FOG boycotts Andretti, then Cadillac will not join, they will only advance and retreat together.

FOG really lives up to its name, it is a smoky haze!

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