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[First-hand test drive]Luxury off-road soul 2024 SsangYong Rexton seven-passenger luxury version

If you want rich functional configurations, but also have spacious space for seven people, and preferably also have ample power and a four-wheel drive system for driving... However, it is indeed not easy to meet the above conditions at the same time, but the 2024 Ssang Yong Rexton has fulfilled everyone's wishes. Not only that, it also generously provides a texture-rich appearance and a brand-new cockpit design.

The intertwined diamond-type water tank guard gives Rexton a refined look.

SUVs are undoubtedly the mainstream of today's market, but with more and more family members, ordinary mid-sized SUVs are not enough, so they have turned to seven-seater SUVs. With its exquisite appearance, rich and fully loaded equipment, abundant power and strong off-road capabilities, the 2024 SsangYong Rexton has become a pocket list that consumers cannot ignore when making choices.

Fashionable spontaneity

Led by the generous size of 4,850mm × 1,960mm × 1,825mm, it has taken the lead in successfully creating the majesty that a flagship should have. However, the creation of majesty is not limited to the size and body shape. The intertwined drill-type water tank guard is paired with a straightforward The neat lines show confident and fashionable charm, the three-dimensional taillights and the new flowing front and rear direction lights exude a technological atmosphere, and the new 20-inch flying aluminum rims further create a luxurious texture.

The 2024 Rexton is replaced with new 20-inch flying-type aluminum wheels.
The three-dimensional taillight group further allows Rexton to show its confident and fashionable charm.

Convenient and spacious enjoyment

It is extraordinary on the outside, but also provides unexpected honor and enjoyment on the inside. The open space of the Rexton cabin is already expected, and the delicate texture created by a large number of soft trim panels is surprising. The rhombus style trim panel design Not only does it serve as the finishing touch, it also brings high-end and aesthetic visual effects to the cabin.

The Rexton cabin is decorated with a large number of soft decorative panels and rhombus patterns to create a high-end texture atmosphere.

In addition to being refined, the 2024 Rexton has upgraded the central control screen to 12.3 inches. The horizontal interface design provides the most intuitive and easy-to-operate driving experience. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection and wireless charging also meet the car preferences and needs of today's consumers. . In addition, the entire vehicle is equipped with Level 2 smart driving assistance such as USB-C charging stand, AVM surround view image, IACC autonomous intelligent adaptive cruise control, LKA lane maintenance, BSW blind spot detection warning, RCTA reverse braking assist, 9 airbags, 81.7% HSS high-strength steel creates a complete and convenient technology and safe driving experience.

New model models have the central control screen upgraded to 12.3 inches, and there is no shortage of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connections.

In addition to being fully loaded with convenience and safety equipment, Rexton benefits from its body size and 2,865mm wheelbase and dual heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats, providing a spacious and comfortable riding environment for all passengers, and the third row of seats can be used Adults can also enjoy ample space. In addition, in addition to being suitable for family members, Rexton also has a spacious and flat luggage compartment space. Once the third and second row seats are folded, a cargo space of up to 1,806 liters can be created.

IACC autonomous intelligent adaptive cruise control and LKA lane maintenance bring Level 2 semi-autonomous driving, and new model models move lane maintenance to the steering wheel.
The entire car is equipped with a USB-C charging stand.

Powerful and fearless performance

Although the Rexton is a flagship seven-seater SUV, it has ample power to assist the journey under the large and textured appearance. It is equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel turbo engine with a maximum horsepower of 202hp and a peak torque of 45kgm. The peak torque is fully released at 1,600rpm. Paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission system, it can demonstrate light and sensitive acceleration response, and even with a full load of seven people, it still has enough power to cruise easily. Not only that, Rexton is also equipped with four-wheel drive and electronic afterburner box (2H/4H/4L) and off-road capabilities such as 20.5-degree approach angle/22-degree departure angle. Even if it faces steep roads, it can conquer it calmly and lead the family to explore. An open journey.

Rexton dual front seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions.
As a seven-seater SUV for carrying families, the Rexton has plenty of room for adults in the third row.

Test drive experience ~ fun for work, leisure and off-roading

Rexton is equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel engine with a power output of 202hp/45kgm and has full acceleration performance in any speed range.

Facing the fierce leisure travel market, Rexton's large and exquisite appearance gives it a unique taste; and with its full load of convenience and safety equipment, combined with a seven-seater design that combines ride quality, Rexton can easily handle both daily and third-generation travel. In addition, if you have work needs or want to experience more in-depth off-road fun, SsangYong also offers the pickup truck model Rexton Sports to choose from. Not only does it have a more prominent off-road style, the 2024 model also has re-adjusted damping and is equipped with body shock absorbers. The pad size is adjusted to improve riding comfort. Rexton Sports has two options: off-road version (1.198 million yuan) and warrior version (1.488 million yuan).

Driven by full performance, Rexton's ability to smooth out potholes on the road is also quite good.

SsangYong Rexton luxury flagship model

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