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[Group Evaluation]Not only can you enjoy it alone, but you can also enjoy it together Porsche 911 GT3 Touring x Cayenne Turbo GT/ Volkswagen Golf R x Tiguan R (middle)

Competitive chassis settings
Enjoy unrivaled high performance

As the GT Series that may be the last pure-bred fuel engine, Porsche naturally invests all the latest power technology in it without reservation: the 4.0L horizontally opposed six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine of the new generation 911 GT3 not only has 510hp/47.9kgm The powerful output, the excellent stretchability up to 9000rpm and the increasingly loud and exciting exhaust sound are even more unforgettable. The 911 GT3 with Touring Package, which comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, has a little more power. Retracting and retracting is completely up to my freedom and purity. Even drivers who do not use manual transmission can use the automatic refueling function to reduce the risk of being too busy during intense driving, or the tendency to stall when starting at slow speeds in urban areas. In such a difficult situation, the threshold for driving is actually much lower than imagined.

The knob on the lower right side of the steering wheel can quickly adjust different driving modes such as Sport, Sport+ or Individual, but it does not have a Track mode.

In order to quickly propel the huge SUV body of more than 2.2 tons, the Cayenne Turbo GT is equipped with a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine from the Cayenne Turbo Coupe that has been fully strengthened and upgraded. The maximum output increased from the Turbo's 550hp/78.5kgm to 640hp/86.7kgm in one go. , the Tiptronic S eight-speed manual transmission and the PTM tracking management system have also been further improved. It only takes 3.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. Compared with the 911 GT3 Touring with a purely rear-wheel drive setting, whether it is six The 3.9 seconds of the manual transmission or the 3.4 seconds of the seven-speed PDK version are both better. The actual driving experience is indeed the same. Whenever the road conditions permit, the Cayenne Turbo GT can immediately display the overwhelming power of the accelerator. The surging back feeling, this exciting feeling that makes people subconsciously grip the steering wheel, is also endless aftertaste.

The standard six-speed manual gearbox feels short and crisp, and the freedom and pure feeling of being in control of everything is irreplaceable.
The Cayenne Turbo GT's overwhelming power and thrust are unforgettable, and its handling response is comparable to many purebred high-performance sports cars.
The Cayenne Turbo GT is equipped with a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine with a maximum output of 640hp/86.7kgm, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 3.3 seconds.

Since the original release, the most special feature of the new generation 911 GT3 in terms of chassis settings is that it is equipped with the front axle double A-arm suspension system from the 911 RSR for the first time. After the 2022 Porsche World Roadshow driving training experience camp and two consecutive After a road test drive, I not only fully felt the more delicate and precise steering feel feedback, but also with the suspension system that is tough and solid but not rigid and bouncy, the front axle that is usually prone to occur in 911 rear-wheel drive models when accelerating and entering corners. The floating feeling has almost disappeared. The overall body dynamic response is very balanced and stable, and it can also provide direct and sensitive road feedback. Whether it is the slipperiness of the road surface or the tendency of the rear axle to swing when exiting a corner, the driver can control it. , it gives people a high degree of confidence in driving as they wish, and they are willing to constantly explore the limits of the chassis and control of this car.

The dynamic response of the 911 GT3 Touring is very balanced and stable, and the road feel feedback is direct and sharp. The driver can control the slipperiness of the road surface or the tendency of the rear axle to swing.

In addition to mechanical adjustments such as lowering the vehicle height, widening the front wheels, increasing negative camber, and increasing the strength of the three-chamber air pressure suspension, the Cayenne Turbo GT is equipped with PASM active suspension adjustment and PDCC dynamic chassis. The control system, PTV Plus torque vectoring upgrade and other electronic systems have all been replaced with performance-oriented software settings, plus the rear axle steering system, 22-inch Pirelli P Zero Corsa high-performance tires specially developed for this car and standard PCCB Ceramic composite braking system, etc., can be said to be the essence of brand technology. Although there is still a significant gap compared to the 911 GT3 Touring, which is close to the competitive level, the Cayenne Turbo GT's deft steering response and excellent center of gravity control have far exceeded expectations. In addition to the height of the driver's seat and the forward view, you can still clearly know where you are. Cayenne's overall driving experience and dynamic response, both inside and outside the cabin, are comparable to those of many purebred high-performance sports cars.

The PASM active suspension only provides two settings: Sport and Track. The driving performance is tough and solid but never hard and bouncy.

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