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[Group Evaluation]Not only can you enjoy it alone, but you can also enjoy it together Porsche 911 GT3 Touring x Cayenne Turbo GT/ Volkswagen Golf R x Tiguan R (Part 2)

Turn passion for the track into daily life

Volkswagen R

Uniform dazzling blue outfit
The unmistakable R Performance family

Since its establishment, the Volkswagen R Division has adhered to the spirit of combining the latest technology, track spirit and driving pleasure, and is committed to creating the most powerful performance cars in the brand while achieving perfection in daily use and driving pleasure. Balance, from the first-generation Golf R32 developed based on the fourth-generation Golf, to the R version that can be seen in most car series today, it is not difficult to see how much global car fans love R performance cars. For domestic consumers, in addition to the Golf R high-performance steel cannon that has been continuously introduced in the past, the recently introduced Golf R Variant, Tiguan R and T-Roc R have not only further enriched and expanded the R car lineup, but also made the past Passionate car fans who have high practical needs such as passenger performance can also realize their dream of owning a powerful performance car.

Continuing the highly family-oriented design approach on general models, the R performance models of the same generation will also show a uniform appearance, and the current style started from the Tiguan R, which was first launched after the minor facelift of the car series. In addition to In addition to the new, more concise R-shaped emblem on the water tank guard, the front air dam also presents an almost integrated large-opening visual effect through transverse bright black trim strips and cross grid layout, matching both sides. The lines of the same color as the body extend downward and inward to outline the lower spoiler shape, forming a clear and easily identifiable exclusive front appearance of the new generation R family.

In addition to the R-specific aerodynamic kit, the Golf R also has exclusive blue trim strips on the upper edges of the headlights and water tank guards.

Turn your attention to the side and rear of the car, whether it is the exclusive R-shaped emblem on the front fender, the powerful Estoril five-spoke Y-shaped wheels, the metallic matte silver-painted rearview mirror cover, and the R-shaped logo. The blue-painted brake calipers, the single R-shaped emblem under the factory emblem on the rear, and the rear lower spoiler shape integrating four exhaust tailpipes on both sides make the two cars instantly recognizable from all angles. unique identity. However, compared to the above-mentioned differences, which are still details, the best way to highlight the performance and momentum of the R family is to choose the same Lapiz Blue metallic blue color as the test car, which can instantly distinguish it from ordinary roads. It stands out from the most common monotonous car colors such as black, white, silver, and gray.

Exclusive-style 19-inch Y-shaped five-spoke Estoril wheels are standard, and R-shaped emblems can also be seen on the brake calipers and front fenders.

In addition to the seemingly uniform performance attire, the industry has also introduced some personalized options for the Golf R and Tiguan R introduced in China. For example, the Golf R offers a limited edition 23-year-old Special Edition with R Performance exclusive large spoiler rear wing and other equipment. For the Tiguan R, you can choose the Black Style R exclusive black appearance package for an additional RMB 25,000, including the central grille of the radiator guard, the rearview mirror cover, the window frame and the body trim, etc. are all in gloss black. Optional equipment also includes Akrapovic titanium alloy scorpion pipes that take into account performance improvement and lightweight effects while making the exhaust sound clearer and more surging, as well as R-shaped decorative covers in the center of the rim that can automatically rotate back into alignment.

The special edition model adds R Performance's exclusive large spoiler rear wing, which simultaneously enhances performance momentum and downforce performance.
Tiguan R is equipped with 21-inch Estoril five-spoke Y-shaped wheels, which naturally enhances the visual tension.
The large-opening air dam shape treated in gloss black not only becomes an exclusive identification shape, but also provides the heat dissipation capacity required for performance cars.
Both vehicles can choose Akrapovic titanium alloy scorpion pipes that take into account performance improvement and lightweight effects, and at the same time make the exhaust sound clearer and more powerful.

Emphasis on digital development
Create running fun without losing practicality

Following the footsteps of Volkswagen's new generation of general models to vigorously embrace digitalization, the new generation of R performance models also take a high-tech and modern control experience as the main design axis in the interior. For example, the Golf R and Tiguan R are equipped with a flat-bottom The sports leather multi-function steering wheel is designed with the grips on both sides wrapped in breathable leather. The rear is equipped with sports car-style shift paddles that are much larger than those of ordinary models. At the same time, the touch quick control area on the left also has an R exclusive driving mode. switch button. In addition, blue elements are used to embellish the trim panels, stitching and seats. You can easily find the matching sapphire blue backlight among the 30 colors of interior atmosphere lights, which together present distinctive R-exclusive performance. Cockpit.

Both Golf R and Tiguan R are equipped with sports leather multi-function steering wheels, and the R button on the lower left can quickly switch to racing mode.

Restricted by differences in model generations, the Tiguan R, which is based on the facelifted Tiguan, can only add appearance elements such as the R mark and blue hands to the 10.25-inch digital instrument section. Unlike the new generation Golf R, which can also provide R Exclusive performance-oriented instrument mode, in addition to the large R-shaped mark in the center bucket and the racing-like overhead sequential speed display design, the power output, front and rear torque distribution, G-Force gravity acceleration change, and turbine can be switched on both sides as needed. Function information such as boost value and track lap time are displayed, bringing a more intuitive and personalized instrument interface. However, since the shortcut keys on both sides of the steering wheel have been changed to touch-sensitive designs, there is a certain chance that the up and down control keys on the right side will be accidentally touched during intense driving, causing the instrument display to change, which is quite annoying.

The new generation of Golf R provides R-exclusive performance instrument mode, bringing a more intuitive and personalized instrument interface.

Since the R car series is not only a pure performance model, but also serves as the flagship positioning of the car series, the equipment settings are naturally top-notch. For example, the Tiguan R is equipped with an LED Matrix matrix that integrates DLA dynamic headlight automatic switching function. Headlights and panoramic electric sunroof, while both cars come standard with high-end equipment such as harman/kardon audio system, HUD head-up display, and include Front Assist forward collision warning including AEB automatic assisted emergency braking, ACC active fixed-distance cruise, The complete IQ.Drive intelligent driving assistance system with functions such as Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle, active lane correction assistance, and side blind spot warning does not affect the convenience and safety of daily use due to performance orientation.

Tiguan R has a panoramic electric sunroof and a spacious rear seat space, which is indeed more suitable for daily use and driving pleasure.

Considering that domestic consumers focus on convenience and quality, the Golf R and Tiguan R introduced by the industry are equipped with dual front sports Nappa leather seats with carbon fiber textures on both sides of the seat as standard, but the Golf R is limited to the 23-year-old Special Edition. The model version adopts ArtVelours-like integrated sports car seats covered with suede/leather/fabric material, which can better meet the needs of hot-blooded control in terms of shape and texture, coverage on both sides or anti-slip effect. The rear seat Although the seat surface has the same sporty shape, it is limited by the folding and flattening function and cannot greatly enhance the support on both sides. In addition, the relatively limited space performance and the obvious rear axle bounce of the hatchback model make it difficult to fully load four people. If people want to share the thrill of passion, Tiguan R would be more suitable.

Tiguan R comes standard with dual front sports Nappa leather seats with carbon fiber textures on both sides of the seat, focusing more on comfort and texture.
The special edition model uses integrated sports car seats covered in ArtVelours suede/leather/fabric material, which can better meet the control needs.
Although the rear seat surface has been replaced with the same sporty shape, if you want to fully load four people and share the passionate pleasure, the Tiguan R will be more suitable.

EA888 Mingji takes charge
Torque distribution adds flexibility and freedom

Not only does it have a dazzling blue outfit and a digital cockpit, the new generation R performance family also tends to be consistent in terms of power configuration. Both Golf R and Tiguan R are equipped with VW's famous EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbine engine. The maximum horsepower is also the same at 320hp. Only the output range and peak torque are slightly different. They also use the same seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic. Paired with the 4Motion active intelligent four-wheel drive system, the acceleration performance from 0 to 100km/h within 5 seconds is almost the same. If the Launch Control start assist function is activated in the Race racing mode, the two cars will The moment you release the brake pedal and eject with all your strength, it can bring a very strong force against the back, and the level of refreshment is also among the best.

Both vehicles are equipped with the famous EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbine engine, which also provides a strong horsepower output of 320hp.

Thanks to the lightweight car weight of 1.5 tons, the Golf R can show a very light and dense acceleration response even in comfort mode. At the same time, the gear shifting is more aggressive than the Tiguan R or Golf R Variant. , it can also give people a more comfortable and brisk feeling; while the Tiguan R, in addition to weighing 250kg more, the comfort mode may control sewage and fuel consumption, and will also adjust the shifting logic to the E energy-saving mode to maintain low temperature for a long time. The speed is at a high speed and the throttle response is quite smooth. When stopping and walking in urban areas, the power response often feels half a beat slower. It is necessary to switch to sports mode or above and control the throttle carefully to maintain smooth body dynamics. It can be used as a daily transportation. It takes some getting used to.

Even in comfort mode, the Golf R can show a very light and dense acceleration response, and the gear shifting is also quite crisp and clear.
The Tiguan R's driving mode settings are quite different, and the large response gap between comfort and sport modes also takes time to adapt to.

In terms of chassis settings, Golf R and Tiguan R are also equipped with an exclusive sports suspension with a lowered vehicle height and a DCC active chassis control system, although there are differences in the number of soft and hard adjustment stages (Golf R: 15 stages, Tiguan R: 3 segment), but overall it is a standard German high-performance car tuning style that is flexible in the early section and tough in the middle and rear sections. It is not easy to have obvious body pitch or cornering roll under intense driving. In addition, the introduction of The R Performance Torque Vectoring torque distribution system, which uses a multi-plate electro-hydraulic clutch structure, has greatly improved the front-wheel drive control tone of the previous 4Motion, which has a clear tendency to push the front wheel. It can show a very neutral rear axle tracking response regardless of large or small corners, further In addition to improving the cornering limit, it can also create richer driving pleasure.

The torque distribution system greatly improves the front-wheel drive control tone that was obvious in the past, showing a very neutral rear axle tracking response.

What's more, the R Performance exclusive package that comes standard with the Golf R Special Edition also includes Drift Mode and Special Mode Nurburgring Track Mode. Although we don't have a safe and suitable venue to try the magic of the former in person, we have previously At the R Performance Day track event, we have also seen the original test drivers show off their gorgeous tail-drifting skills; as for the Special Mode Nürburgring track mode, it will slightly soften the initial suspension damping, which can be used on mountain roads with poor smoothness. It can also work with the four-wheel drive system to produce excellent road holding performance, allowing people to safely step on the accelerator to accelerate in corners and enjoy the thrill of ejecting out of the corner at full power. It also brings control limits beyond expectations.

The Special Mode Nürburgring track mode is very suitable for mountain road racing, with excellent performance in comfort and road holding.
Although I didn't have the opportunity to try it myself, I have seen the original factory test driver show off his gorgeous tail-driving skills in track events before.

More diverse aspects of passion

Through this opportunity to get in-depth with the Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package, Cayenne Turbo GT, and Volkswagen Golf R and Tiguan R, we can truly feel that today's high-performance cars are no longer as necessary as they used to be. Although comfort and practicality are greatly sacrificed, even high-end SUVs can show their unique charm of being driven by a full load of four people with the assistance of various electronic control systems.

For the Porsche GT Series that pursues ultimate driving performance, it goes without saying that the new generation 911 GT3 has a sharp, precise and delicate driving experience. The latest addition of the Cayenne Turbo GT is even more wild with its 4.0L V8 twin-turbo advantage. In addition to the powerful power performance, the agile body dynamic response that is comparable to a purebred high-performance sports car also greatly exceeds expectations. It is definitely worth a try for top buyers who can afford it.

As for the Volkswagen R, which focuses on combining track spirit and daily use, it is based on a highly consistent design approach and performance formula, and is matched with different body types to meet more consumer preferences. It can not only enjoy passionate driving but also be able to travel easily on a daily basis. With its versatile capabilities and a relatively affordable price of NT$2 million, it’s no wonder that it is widely loved by performance car fans and continues to record outstanding sales results in both the global and Taiwanese markets!

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