With wide body Honda Civic MK8 appeared in Thai bag

Honda Civic MK8 modified long and with lemon gold color

At a time when the wide-body transformation trend is getting more and more popular, the author found that Honda Civic MK8 generation car that was also modified in a wide body style. He was deeply influenced by his special sweet lemon gold. The color is attractive, and the way of carefully observing the details is also very good. So, I especially interviewed and shared with you that cars made in Japan can also be fun and ample.


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Manually modify the kit 86
Excellent presentation perfect technology

Many car owners have modified the car, in addition to the buffers, aluminum rings, lights, the more is the modification of the air force kit in order to highlight the sporty atmosphere of the car, so that the car seems more run. If funds permit, some car owners will choose handmade or imported wide body kits so that the car has a unique appearance and then baked in a bright macaron or colored paint, even a domestic car. become a visual focus on the road and become a topic of discussion at the party.


The front pole is made of a pair of Thai style kits for the Civic 8 and a large open air dam, which is different from the Japanese style kit with a delicate orientation.

As this eight-generation Civic, according to the owner of the car, the head of Xiangyi International Automobile Co., Ltd. - Liu Sir said that this car is a means of transportation for its own transportation, because the main business project in the shop is to help customers turn the air pressure To become more familiar with the construction technology, there is also a Demo Car for display, so he will use his own car to transform.

In appearance of part of the air force kit, as the eight-generation Civic does not have the wide-body kit introduced by the large factory, to carry out the wide body transformation plan, the front and rear wide body kits used in the Toyota 86 are modified and the Thai version of the front and the deck are combined. After the GT version, the skirts of the left / right poles / sachets and other kits were used to transform the car. The constructor was "Aesthetics of the Xiangqi Air Force".

As the eight generations of the Civic did not have the corresponding wide-body kits, to achieve the large transformation plan, the owner achieved the modification goal by modifying the front and rear fuselage kits designed for the Toyota 86.

The rear guard bar is a kit that selects the GT version of the rear bar / left and right side skirts made in Taiwan.

According to the owner - Mr. Liu, in order to combine the various brands of above-mentioned appearance kits, it took a long time to modify, in order to make the integrity can achieve the perfect state, especially in the back door and wide body. The cut line processing part of the piece has to consider the smoothness of the tailgate switch and the aesthetics of the wide body line, as well as the conditions that the tire can not be swept to the back sheet, etc., so the construction is not easy to imagine, other includes the fuel tank cap. Integration, the configuration of the lines under the A-pillars and the engagement of the front and rear protections, etc., any benefits that are not well treated will affect the visual effect after modification. Fortunately, the owner finds an air force kit factory that is willing to build carefully to help transform the car. To have the effect now.

The tail fins in the luggage compartment are handmade, which are discreet but not bad.

As for light-colored paint, the Duya NC-07 paint is used for spraying, so that the color of the paint can actually show the texture, the owner tried three times before and after the completion of the cooking process. Silver ink then spray a layer of multi-layers of lemon gold candy on top and finally sprayed with transparent gold oil, the whole process is very different from the general painting, so it also costs a lot.

To combine the various brands of appearance kits, a lot of time to modify them before and after, the purpose is to make the integrity reaches the perfect state The dazzling paint is selected from Duya NC-07 lemon gold. Paint to spray.


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