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Hot Rod is an American car modification culture that also attracts attention in Japan

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●Hot Rod is?
●Hot Rod Vehicle Competition
●Hot Rod extension series
●Will Hot Rod pass the inspection?
●American modding culture Hot Rod is spreading its branches in Japan

Hot Rod is?


Hot Rod is a car modification culture born in the United States in 1930. Based on lightweight modification, the appearance has a strong sense of presence.

Hot RodHistory

When Hot Rod was born, it was popular in the United States to modify vehicles to make them run faster, and to use modified vehicles for street racing. The purpose of Hot Rod is to pursue speed, so it mainly focuses on modifications such as lightweighting the body and installing a high-output engine.

After street racing was banned, the competition stage shifted to the track. As competition events began to be held, Hot Rod gradually became the modification culture in the United States.

Classic Hot Rod Modification

Hot Rod has several classic modifications. The Chop Top modification that cuts off the connection between the hood and the A-pillar of the roof is a modification method to reduce air resistance while traveling. The A-pillar is shortened and the vehicle height is lowered to reduce air resistance.

Equipping an engine with a stronger output is also a common modification method for Hot Rod. There is also a Restomod modification of old cars using high-performance parts.

In terms of appearance, there are many gorgeous techniques, such as flame body paint that simulates Hot Rod.

Hot Rod Vehicle Competition

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After street racing became illegal, the Hot Rod Competition Association (NHRA) (National Hot Rod Association) was established to create a legal competition system.

The competition created at this time was the 0-400m drag race, a time trial to compete for the time to complete the 1/4 mile (approximately 402m).

A vehicle's acceleration ability is key in sprint racing, and it's also a great way to check out the hot rod's modification capabilities.

After the event became competitive, the Dragster racing car that specialized in Hot Rod competition came out, and its time to reach the finish line was about 4 seconds.

Hot Rod racing cars make loud noises while driving, and can sometimes reach speeds exceeding 500 kilometers per hour. The popularity of Hot Rod racing has always been high because of the boldness of the competition.

Hot Rod extension series


The modification style derived from the pursuit of speed Hot Rod has been deeply rooted in the United States. More and more people are introducing American modification culture to Japan.

Street Rod for the pursuit of good looks

In addition to Hot Rod modifications that pursue speed, there are also Street Rod modifications that pursue beauty, handsomeness, and originality. Because the focus is not on track performance, but on daily driving comfort, it is equipped with a suspension system and air-conditioning system.

The appearance is high-end and textured, giving people the impression of a retro high-end car. The interior pays attention to details and is full of luxury.

Rat Rod with full retro feel

Rat Rod deliberately gives the vehicle an antique design, using paint or coating to express rust, dirt, and scars, which is both retro and full of charm.

Some people will deliberately leave the scars on their vehicles to create a sense of age. It is said that the appearance like a rat inhabiting the vehicle is the origin of the term Rat Rod.

Uniquely transformed Funny Car

Funny Car is one of the types of drag racing cars. The total length is about 6m, and everything from the engine to the tires is completely covered by the body.

The unusual appearance such as the huge size of the rear wheels is the origin of the term Funny Car. In addition to racing vehicles, it can also refer to strange and unique modification techniques, and also has other nicknames such as Funny Face.

Will the Hot Rod pass the car inspection?


Judging from the completely exposed fenderless tires and uncovered engine design, it should not be able to pass the vehicle inspection. However, during vehicle inspection, the inspection standards at the time when the vehicle left the factory are applicable, so old cars that were manufactured around the 1930s can pass the vehicle inspection.

The current vehicle inspection system has been in place since 1951, and it will be very difficult for Hot Rod cars based on vehicles manufactured after that time to pass vehicle inspection.

Hot Rod American modding culture is spreading in Japan

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At the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW held in Yokohama, Japan, you can experience hot rods and other American modified cultural vehicles. The annual American Car Gathering also attracts a large number of people.

Through these activities, Japan has gradually become aware of Hot Rod culture, and the chances of seeing these modified retro American cars on the streets have also increased.

Hot Rod modification, based on retro American cars, has gradually spread in Japan through activities. In addition to Hot Rod, the high-end retro modification of Street Rod has also attracted much attention, and its future development is worth paying attention to.

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