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[Hundred Questions]10 Japanese domestic and imported popular high-end cars! Introducing rare high-end cars together

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●What is the definition of a high-end car?
●[Domestic]5 popular high-end cars
●[Imported cars]5 popular high-end cars
●[Rare Cars]3 global rare super high-end cars

What is the definition of a high-end car?


In fact, there is no specific definition of a high-end car.

Generally speaking, if the sales price of a new car exceeds 5 million yen, it will be called a high-end car. However, in recent years, the price of cars has continued to rise, and this standard has gradually weakened.

For example, Toyota Alphard, which is synonymous with family cars, is the most typical example. It is often seen on the street, and the current price of a gasoline-electric hybrid model is 5,154,400 yen.

If the price is higher than 5 million yen, it is considered a high-end car, and Toyota Alphard can be classified as a high-end car.

But to call the Toyota Volkswagen MPV a high-end car is somewhat contrary to harmony. (It is said that the term "hidden premium car" appeared recently, and the Alphard with all options is considered a premium car...)

The definition of luxury car is not only the price
In other words, a high-end car must not only have a high price, but also have the brand power of the manufacturer, body size, car image and other factors to be called a high-end car.
Taking Alphard as an example just like before, the price of the top model "Executive Lounge" is higher than 7 million yen, but its image to the public is still a mass MPV.

So what about the Lexus LX? Although the chassis platform is the same as the Alphard, don’t you think it suddenly feels like a premium car?
Different brands of the same vehicle create the impression of MPV and luxury car, which also shows that the definition of a luxury car cannot be determined only by price.

In other words, the car models launched by first-class automakers with a high-end image are the definition of a high-end car.

[Domestic]5 Popular Luxury Cars

Toyota Crown

new car price 6,400,000 yen (RS Advanced)
drive mode 4WD
number of rides 5

When it comes to domestic high-end cars, the classic car model Toyota Crown has to be mentioned. Since the first generation of cars came out, it has been at the forefront of Japanese high-end cars for more than 60 years, and it is also synonymous with domestic high-end cars.

The new appearance of the current car model and the image of the previous car is different, and the appearance design is between the SUV and the car.

The car will be launched as a Crossover model first, and then it is planned to launch three models of "Sport", "Sedan" and "Estate".

Among them, "Estate" is the model that came out again after 16 years, so many fans are looking forward to it.

The release of future Crown models is worth watching!

Nissan Cima

new car price 9,190,000 yen (oil-electric hybrid VIP G)
drive mode FR
number of rides 5

Nissan Cima is also one of the indispensable models when talking about domestic high-end cars. It is a pity that it stopped production with the Y51 as the final model, and there is no news of a new model until 2023.

For domestic high-end cars, the price is higher than 9 million yen, which is a very rare gasoline-electric hybrid VIP G model, and its equipment is enough to rival special cars.

The interior is made of wood-grained panels and leather seats. The exterior is made of "Scratch Shield" special paint that repairs scratches. Due to the use of special paint, Nissan Cima will never fade, and the whole body exudes a style consistent with the name of VIP.

Taking the opportunity of Crown's release of a new model, what action will Nissan take? If possible, I hope Nissan Cima can be revived.

Lexus LX

new car price 18,000,000 yen (ECUTIVE)
drive mode AWD
number of rides 4

Luxury cars are not limited to sedans, for example, Lexus LX is a premium car of SUV models. Its top specification is ECUTIVE and can only carry four passengers, but it is equipped with exclusive seats.

There is also a center console that can control the air conditioner at the rear, and the LX cabin provides a comfortable space for each occupant, just like the first-class cabin of an airplane.

It shares the same basic design as the Toyota Land Cruiser and is an extremely luxurious four-seater.

Toyota Century

new car price 20,080,000 yen
drive mode FR
number of rides 4

Among domestic luxury cars, one that cannot be forgotten is the Toyota Century. Known as the pinnacle of family cars, it is a well-deserved top domestic car.

Because people who have little contact with ordinary people, such as politicians, consortium VIPs, and first-class company directors, ride in this car, there are also urban legends that "car purchases must be reviewed" and "not everyone can buy a car". It is also asking for more than 10 million yen, and not everyone can afford a car.

The engine of Century's current model has been reduced from a 5L V-type 12-cylinder to a 5L V-type 8-cylinder. But it is also equipped with a gasoline-electric hybrid system to improve fuel consumption and horsepower.

Century's symbol, the "Phoenix" factory logo, is made by modern craftsmen inheriting the hand-carved molds used by the first generation of Century in 1967.

In the auto industry centered on automation and mass production, the Toyota Century, which uses the hand-carved mold factory logo, can be called the high-end of the high-end.

In addition to the factory standard, the baking varnish of the interior wood grain veneer is also done manually by professional masters.

Lexus LS

@Santi Rodríguez/
new car price JPY 17,960,000 (EXECUTIVE Advanced Drive)
drive mode AWD
number of rides 5

When it comes to the pinnacle of premium sedans, the Lexus LS comes to mind.

Starting from the current model, the 3.5LV 8-cylinder engine is equipped with a gasoline-electric hybrid system. Although the displacement is smaller than that of the previous LS series, the driving feeling and acceleration sensitivity are beyond the past.

The appearance is full of high-end cars and exquisite design, and the design theme adopted this time is "Moonlight Road". In order to express the design concept emphasizing the Japanese style, LS adopts the traditional Japanese crafts of "platinum leaf" and "Nishijin weaving". Deduce the moonlight reflecting on the water surface, just like the scene of the moonlight road.

The body color also adopts the exclusive color of "Crescent Silver" that fits the design concept, showing the shadow under the moonlight.

[Imported cars]5 popular high-end cars

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

new car price 29,600,000 yen~
drive mode AWD
number of rides 5

When it comes to high-end imported cars, the first thing that comes to mind is Mercedes-Benz. Among them, Maybach S-Class is the top sedan.

Maybach is an automobile manufacturer founded in 1909. It was originally a company that manufactured engines, but now it is under the umbrella of Mercedes-Benz and is known as a symbol of a premium brand.

Because the Maybach is too luxurious, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class looks like a normal Volkswagen.

BMW i7

new car price 16,700,000 yen ~ (xDrive60 Excellence)
drive mode AWD
number of rides 5

BMW's premium sedan, the i7, is unveiled as a battery electric vehicle. Because it is not a gasoline-electric hybrid system, it does not use gasoline and runs only on electricity.

It also greatly improves the bottleneck cruising distance of electric vehicles, with a cruising distance of up to 650km, and is quite practical for long-distance driving.

Of course, the cruising distance will be affected by the usage of the vehicle and the driving environment, so it should not be expected too much. But even if the cruising distance is only half, it can continue to drive for more than 300km, which is a great improvement.

It can be charged at home with a large capacity through the dedicated charging system "BMW Wallbox Gen3".

In addition to the high-end vehicle, the BMW i7 also has exclusive charging equipment, which can be called a next-generation high-end car.

Audi S8

new car price 20,500,000 yen
drive mode quattro (4WD)
number of rides 5

Audi S8 is considered to be a model with a strong sporty style among many high-end cars. The engine uses a 4L V-type 8-cylinder turbo intercooler.

The engine specification is not inferior to that of a sports car, and you can enjoy driving fun in addition to the driving feeling.

With Audi's customized program Audi exclusive, you can customize the body color, interior decoration, seat stitching, etc.

"Absolutely don't be like people, want to own your own high-end car" is very suitable for Audi.

Aston Martin DBS 770 ULTIMATE

new car price 49,500,000 yen~
drive mode MR
number of rides 4

The final model of the Aston Martin DBS series, the DBS 770 ULTIMATE is a high-end sports car that represents the culmination of Aston Martin.

With a maximum output of 770 horsepower, it can be said that it was born to run faster than any other car.

Although the DBS series is a luxury car model, it also pursues driving performance. The interior is all made of carbon fiber, showing a racing atmosphere. Alcantara leather chairs make it full of luxury.

It combines "luxury" and "Sporty", and it is a well-deserved top model.

Maserati Quattroporte

new car price 25,690,000 yen (Trofeo)
drive mode RWD
number of rides 5

The high-horsepower sedan also has sporty performance. With such a different combination, the Maserati Quattroporte is known as a high-performance model.

When you open the hood, you can see the red intake manifold, highlighting the presence of the engine. The "Trident" logo in the middle can also feel Maserati's intentions.

Quattroporte should be the only one that looks like a high-end car just by looking at the engine room. The Quattroporte is on a different level from the luxury car of the famous and powerful.

The technology cultivated on the race track continues the dignity of an old car manufacturer for more than 100 years. Quattroporte built with this emotion is very suitable for car owners who are not satisfied with ordinary high-end cars.

[Rare Cars]3 global rare super high-end cars

Pay attention

When it comes to ultra-premium cars, Pagani Zonda comes to mind. The car models manufactured by the car factory are all custom-made and handmade cars. The price of the car exceeds 200 million yen.

Mr. Maezawa, president of the well-known fashion brand Zozo Town, also bought the car. There are very few units in the world, so it is very lucky to see it at a glance.

Rolls-Royce Sweptail

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail is a One-Off model unveiled at the classic car event Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este held in 2017.

It is a customized car model and has not been mass-produced. It may be the only one in the world.

The car was based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe, but the body was built by the bodybuilder. Because the car was not launched by Rolls-Royce, it should not be regarded as a Rolls-Royce car strictly speaking.

Bugatti The Black Car

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire, known as the world's most expensive vehicle, is fully in line with the title of super high-end car.

The sales price was about 1.46 billion yen at the exchange rate at the time. Based on the Bugatti Chiron and inspired by the first generation La Voiture Noire.

Like the car name with the meaning of "black car", the body color is only glossy carbon fiber black.

Deliveries of this particular Bugatti are finally due in 2021 after around two years after the prototype was revealed.

Although it is a One-Off car model, La Voiture Noire is a vehicle built by Bugatti. Therefore, in a sense, it can be regarded as a special car model of the original factory.

And this unique car launched by the original factory is a car whose value is higher than the price of the car.

Original source:10 popular luxury cars from domestic to foreign cars!Introducing ultra-rare luxury cars
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