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Introduced a limited number of 100 special cars equipped with manual engines! Nissan Skyline NISMO Japan will go on sale in early September

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●"Skyline NISMO" is limited to 1,000 units!
●"Skyline NISMO" developed for the ultimate luxury station wagon
●Limited to 100 units "Skyline NISMO Limited" equipped with a hand-crafted engine
●The online tour will continue! You can watch past videos

"Skyline NISMO" is limited to 1,000 units!

On August 8, 2023, Nissan released the high-end sports sedan performance version "Skyline NISMO" and the special car "Skyline NISMO Limited".

Skyline NISMO is limited to 1,000 units and is scheduled to be launched in early September, while Skyline NISMO Limited is limited to 100 units and is scheduled to be launched in summer 2024. In addition, Skyline NISMO Limited conducts lottery sales through online application, and you must go to the website to apply. The application deadline is until 15:00 on September 4, 2023.

"Skyline NISMO" developed with the aim of the ultimate luxury station wagon

Nissan said that the "Skyline NISMO" released this time combines the excellent performance of the "Skyline" luxury station wagon, the aerodynamic technology and chassis technology of the NISMO track, and is the ultimate luxury station wagon that drives faster, more comfortably and with more peace of mind. Developed for purpose, its range spans the entire vehicle.

Engine tuned by racing engineering team & exclusive shift schedule

The VR30DDTT 3.0LV 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine was modified by the engineers who developed the GT500-class racing engine using the same development equipment as the racing engine, and the maximum torque is 475N・m (48.4kgf・m) that "Skyline 400R" is proud of. Increased to 550N・m (56.1kgf・m), the maximum output increased from 298kW (405ps) to 309kW (420ps).

7-speed AT, "Standard", "Sport" and "Sport+" in the 6 driving modes add exclusive shift schedules, coupled with high-output engine performance, so that it can maintain high speeds on roads such as continuous curves, And achieve good driving responsiveness, and at the same time, it also has strong acceleration performance when the vehicle is adjusted to a daily car.

19-inch wheels & front and rear special tires

In order to fully transmit the upgraded output force to the road surface, the rear tire width of "Skyline NISMO" has been increased by 20mm, from 245mm to 265mm. In addition, the front and rear tires adopt the specially developed "DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX GT600" with different tread patterns for the average grip of the front and rear tires.

Paired with high-rigidity and light-weight NISMO-specific Enkei 19-inch aluminum wheels, it improves steering response and cornering grounding.

In order to make more use of high-performance tires, the elastic coefficient of the front suspension spring is increased by 4%, and the rear anti-roll bar is increased by 44%, so as to slow down the inclination of the vehicle when turning, so that the vehicle can adapt to the road conditions when driving. Excellent grounding performance can still be maintained.

In addition, the adhesive for the front and rear windshields is a high-rigidity adhesive that is also used in "Nissan GT-R NISMO". It can reduce the delay of steering response.

Adjust brakes and vehicle controls to improve drivability

The brakes use excellent anti-brake heat-fading parts, which are about 1.5 times more resistant to brake heat-fading than "Skyline 400R". In addition to using special tires and pads, and re-examining the control of the ABS system, the deceleration and braking distance from 100~0Km/h is about 4m shorter than that of the Skyline 400R.

It is also adjusted for TCS (Traction Control System) and VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) controls, so that the performance of the vehicle will not be affected when driving close to the limit, and it can also have clean and neat handling when driving on continuous curves.

An exclusive aero package that showcases the powerful image of "Skyline"

The exterior is equipped with front and rear bumpers and side steps specially developed for this car, embellished with thin bright red lines. The surrounding shape of the front bumper radiator guard and the design of the side of the car pay tribute to the "surf line" adopted by previous models, showing the strong image of "Skyline".

The car also adds accessories such as NISMO exclusive fog lights and exclusive emblems to create a classic design that can recognize NISMO at a glance. The front fenders are also equipped with exclusive "GT emblems".

In addition to the shape, this design can also reduce air resistance, increase downforce, and enhance the stability of high-speed driving. It also improves the cooling performance of the water tank and oil cooler by optimizing the opening section of the water tank guard and the shape of the internal rectifying tube.

In addition to the special color "NISMO Stealth Gray", there are five colors in total: "Carmine Red", "Brilliant White Pearl", "Dark Metal Gray", and "Meteor Flake Black Pearl".

The interior adopts a variety of exclusive equipment that arouses the excitement of driving

The cabin continues the high-quality atmosphere of "Skyline 400R", and uses black uniformly to present a high-quality driving space.

In order to make it easier to confirm the steering angle on the NISMO exclusive leather steering wheel, a red center mark is designed. The tachometer of the instrument is 280km/h, and the tachometer is equipped with exclusive equipment surrounded by red decoration. The center console is limited to 1,000 serial number metal signs.

Optionally, NISMO specially adjusted RECARO sports seats are set, with black as the base tone and red accents in the center. By optimizing the structure of the seat surface and the position of the suede material to disperse body pressure when sitting down, the seat can support the body posture even when turning rapidly, and at the same time, it has the comfort of a luxury car.

●Nissan Skyline NISMO main exclusive equipment

NISMO exclusive bumper (front, rear)

NISMO exclusive LED fog lights (front and rear)

NISMO exclusive car side steps

NISMO exclusive emblem (front, rear)

NISMO exclusive GT emblem (on the side of the car)

NISMO special tire (DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX GT 600) front 245/40R19 98W rear 265/35R19 98W

NISMO exclusive Enkei 19-inch aluminum rim

NISMO exclusive adjustment RECARO sports seat (front seat) + exclusive rear seat fixed seat & carbon fiber trim

NISMO exclusive Fine Vision self-luminous instrument (280km/h tachometer, red circle decoration, including Logo)

NISMO exclusive serial number plate

NISMO exclusive leather steering wheel (red center mark)

Limited to 100 units of "Skyline NISMO Limited" equipped with a hand-crafted engine

The limited edition of 100 "Skyline NISMO Limited" commemorates the 60th anniversary of the birth of the S54A-1 "Skyline GT", a special car equipped with a 1964 Skyline GT racing specification decal. One of the most eye-catching is equipped with a hand-crafted engine.

The Skyline NISMO Limited engine is manually assembled by workers with special certificates at the "Takumi Production Line" in the Yokohama factory. On the basis of equalizing the dimensional variations of each part due to temperature changes, the allowable vibration range of the valve clearance is changed from the normal 40μm down to 20 μm. In order to provide consumers with the best condition of the 7-speed AT shifting machine with shifting learning function, it leaves the factory after a special driving test.

The Skyline NISMO Limited is equipped with a bonnet decal reminiscent of a racing car, and matte metal-coated wheels, a first for Nissan. As a proof of Skyline NISMO Limited, it is equipped with a "Takumi Label" that records the person in charge of engine assembly, a limited number of 100 "exclusive serial number plates", etc.

The body colors are "White Pearl", "NISMO Stealth Gray", and "Dark Metal Gray".

●Nissan Skyline NISMO Limited main exclusive equipment

NISMO Limited Exclusive Engine Decoration Sticker

NISMO Limited exclusive emblem (back)

NISMO Limited Exclusive Takumi Label & Serial Number Plaque

NISMO Limited exclusive serial number plate

NISMO Limited exclusive Enkei 19-inch aluminum rim (matte metal coating)

NISMO Limited dedicated staff assembles the engine

NISMO exclusive adjustment RECARO sports seat (front seat) + exclusive rear seat fixed seat

Carbon fiber trim (dashboard, center console, door trim)

The online tour will continue! You can watch past videos

Nissan holds an online "Nissan Heritage Collection" on YouTube, and those who cannot visit the garage can watch it through YouTube.

The online visit will be held seven times from 2020 to July 2023. The videos will explain the storage vehicles in the garage according to the themes of "Design Story" and "Technology Innovation". Videos of past online tours are also available on the official Nissan YouTube channel.

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