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Is Vanning modified car not illegal?! What are its advantages and disadvantages?

table of contents
●What is Vanning modified car?
●Characteristics of Vanning modified cars
●Vanning modified illegal? Legal?
The advantages and disadvantages of Vanning modified cars
●Let’s enjoy Vanning modified cars within the legal range

What is a Vanning modified car?

Birth, Rise and Fall in America
"Vanning" refers to the modification method implemented on station wagons such as MPVs.
The Vanning culture, which was born on the West Coast of the United States in the 1960s, was originally designed to improve the comfort of the car by refitting the interior into a campervan.

Vanning tuning culture reached its peak of popularity in the 1970s, then gradually declined, and disappeared completely in the late 1980s.

Japanese Vanning modified car
It is said that the Vanning modification was introduced to Japan in the 1970s.
But it does not introduce the popular Vanning modification culture in the United States intact, but understands Vanning modification from a unique Japanese perspective, and then integrates it into the Japanese modification culture.

Japanese Vanning modification was popular during the economic bubble period, and other types of modification players joined Vanning modification one after another, evolving into a completely different culture from that of the United States.
The modified appearance of Japanese Vanning is more exaggerated and more coercive than that of the United States. The huge aerodynamic kit, explosion sound, huge audio equipment and other modifications even surprised the Americans.

Features of Vanning Modified Cars

Source: Source: Author: Les Chatfield CC BY 2.0

Although Japanese Vanning modified cars have a variety of styles, they still have some common features.

Appearance: Packed with a huge, ostentatious aero kit. Seals windows other than the windshield and front door windows for a flatter exterior design. In addition, change the window into a star shape or a heart shape, and add decorative parts.

Painting: Prefer pearl and metal painting. The body will be painted with the faces of celebrities and cartoon characters.

Interior: Extensive use of leather creates a luxurious space. Set up large sound and screen and gorgeous lighting.

Is Vanning Modification Illegal? Legal?

Vehicle safety standards in Japan are stricter than those in the United States, so in the past it was necessary to obtain license plates for special purpose vehicles and inspect them with the same safety standards as campers.

However, since 2001, Japan has strengthened the regulation of special vehicles, making it more difficult to obtain license plates for special vehicles. Therefore, it is difficult for Vanning modification to pass legal standards.

Although it is difficult to pass legal standards, it is not illegal for a vehicle to be modified by Vanning. As long as it meets the strict standards, it will be difficult to pass the vehicle inspection.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vanning modified cars

WateringAdvantages of modified cars


The beauty of Vanning's modified car is its gorgeous appearance. Although personal preferences are different, people who like this type of car should love it so much that they can't extricate themselves.

WateringDisadvantages of modified cars

Its flashy looks were also a downside to Vanning's modified car. Exaggerated and coercive shapes will bring a sense of oppression and may also cause pedestrians to be injured. It may also be impossible to enter the three-dimensional parking lot and pass the viaduct due to the height of the vehicle.

Enjoy Vanning modified cars within the legal range


As mentioned earlier, it is not illegal to convert a vehicle into a Vanning.

If you do not follow the law, you will be regarded as an illegal modification, and you will be fined or sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. Please be sure to enjoy the Vanning modified car within the legal scope!

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