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[Japan Mobility Show 2023]Things you should know as a "car fan"! Japan Mobility Show 2023 attention booths

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●Japan Mobility Show 2023 attention booths!
●BYD exhibits models not introduced in Japan and aims to dominate Japan
●Future version of Delica! Mitsubishi electric car "D:X Concept" is the most advanced here
●Next-generation model? Suzuki “Swift Concept” debuts

Japan Mobility Show 2023 attention booth!

"Japan Mobility Show 2023", which will be held on October 26, 2023 (Thursday), has attracted much attention as it has undergone major reforms to prevent the continued decline in the number of visitors.

In addition to appreciating new cars and technologies, there are also many experiential activity booths for visitors to have fun with manufacturers. With the slogan "Automobiles are an industry that everyone can achieve together", it has evolved into an exhibition that can gather crowds of people.

Among the more than 400 corporate partners of the Japan Mobility Show this time, several booths that may have a great impact on the automotive industry and attract attention in the future have been selected for introduction.

BYD exhibits models not introduced in Japan and aims to dominate Japan

This time at the Japan Mobility Show, next to Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and BMW, and with a spacious booth area, is the Chinese car manufacturer "BYD".

BYD is the abbreviation of "Build Your Dream". is a battery manufacturer founded in Shenzhen, China in 1995. In 2003, China's state-owned automobile manufacturers were grouped into the automobile industry. Two years later, a Japanese subsidiary was established, and in 2015, solar power generation business in Japan was launched. Last year, it entered the Japanese car industry and became a topic of public discussion.

BYD, which is growing at an alarming rate, exhibited the SUV "U8" and MPV "D9" at the Japan Mobility Show, which it has no plans to introduce to Japan.

Why is it still displayed at the Japan Mobility Show when there is no plan to introduce it to Japan?

"I want more people to know about the existence of BYD"

The head of BYD’s public relations explains this as follows.

"BYD sells three models in Japan, but they are not well-known. So one of our missions at the Japan Mobility Show is to let more people know about the existence of BYD. Therefore, we decided to exhibit high-end models that can drive on poor roads. The SUV ‘U8’ and the MPV ‘D9’ jointly developed with Mercedes-Benz. These two models have already been launched in China, and they are also popular among customers and represent BYD.”

"BYD is a battery manufacturer with excellent battery quality. In addition, BYD also wants to promote that in addition to the small electric car "BYD DOLPHIN", the medium-sized SUV "BYD ATTO 3", and the high-end sedan "BYD SEAL" sold in Japan, they also have orthodox products. SUV and MPV models. "

"I hope everyone can learn about BYD's technology and rich product lineup at Japan Mobility Show."

BYD, which continues to grow as a high-profile manufacturer and brand in China, must increase its visibility in Japan. Therefore, I hope that through the Japan Mobility Show, which many Japanese people will participate in, they will know that "BYD is actually building this kind of car."

The future version of Delica! Mitsubishi’s electric car “D:X Concept” is the most advanced here

Mitsubishi Motors released the "MITSUBISHI D:X Concept" (D:X), an electric crossover MPV inspired by the future Delica.

Inheriting the Delica's spacious cabin space and solid and excellent safety performance, the D:X adopts a body design that combines straight lines and curves to remind people of the future. It features excellent driving performance that allows it to easily drive on harsh road conditions, and it also has the spacious cabin of an MPV.

The actual car is even bigger than the photo. But after sitting in the car, I found that it has no blind spots and can be maneuvered flexibly.

Transparent hood ensures visibility

Public relations said that the most important part for good visibility and easy driving is the "see-through hood".

"With the see-through hood, you can see the outside scenery from the front windshield to your feet. Therefore, you can also see the road conditions under the hood while driving. You should be able to feel the futuristic Delica from this."

Next to D: The concept is "to have a further adventure at the location where the vehicle arrives." It is true that when you are outdoors and in natural landscapes, you will want to go to places that are inaccessible to vehicles. This is where "Last 1 mile Mobility" comes in handy.

It gives us an imaginative way to show that we can go everywhere by loading Last 1 mile Mobility in D:X, which makes people feel excited.

Next-generation model? Suzuki “Swift Concept” debuts

Suzuki “Swift Concept” makes its debut. The current model of Swift was launched in 2016, and it has been about seven years since its launch. Is the Swift Concept launched when it is rumored to be about to undergo a major facelift, the next generation model?

Debut soon

The person in charge of the venue said, "The Swift Concept launched this time is just a concept car. Therefore, it is not a next-generation model. However, drivers of the current Swift model have also given us many opinions, including some that do not need to be changed, and some that hope it will be more The moving part. The Swift Concept is a model developed by reflecting various opinions.”

"The Swift Concept reflects the opinions of users and the trend of the times. Even so, there is a reason why it is not said to be a next-generation model. That is that the engine and interior and exterior parts have not yet been determined. In other words, we are not satisfied The current situation is that we want to provide vehicles that satisfy customers, so we will continue to develop and improve them.”

When President Suzuki attended the press conference, he also said that he will present a new generation of Swift to you in the near future.

Swift has many fans at home and abroad. For the author who has driven the current model Swift, the release of the Swift Concept is not an unrelated matter. Although the current model does not feel old, in terms of model cycles, seven years is quite a long time.

Although the detailed specifications of the Swift Concept have not been announced, judging from the riding impressions, it is very reassuring as the next generation Swift, and the interior is also quite ingenious.

Japan Mobility Show runs from October 28th to November 5th, and its content is more interesting than previous Tokyo Motor Shows. It is recommended that everyone visit the exhibition during the exhibition period.

Original source:“Is this a big breakthrough for BEVs and Chinese manufacturers?” What you should know if you are an “automotive fan”!Japan Mobility Show Featured Booth
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