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Lexus Electrified: A big question for Lexus in the era of electrification

When it comes to global luxury brand electric vehicles, everyone may have different answers in mind, but when it comes to the most representative one, Lexus Electrified is definitely the leader, and it is even called the origin of new energy vehicles. Not an exaggeration at all!

What is Lexus Electrified?

What exactly is Lexus Electrified? As the name suggests, Lexus Electrified is the electrified model of Lexus. It also symbolizes the brand's efforts and expectations for the carbon neutral vision. Although the term sounds novel, in fact, as early as 2005, Lexus had already launched the world's first The first luxury electric SUV - RX 400h, uses a 3.3-liter V6 engine paired with an electric motor module to create a new driving experience with high output and low fuel consumption, and thus achieves the pioneering status of luxury brand electric SUVs. Following the RX 400h, Lexus has continued to launch a variety of electrified products, including LS 600h, IS 300h, CT 200h, ES 300h and other hybrid hybrid powertrains, each of which has achieved success in its category.

Lexus Electrified is the electrified model of Lexus, and it also symbolizes the brand's efforts and expectations for the carbon neutral vision.

To this day, Lexus is still committed to finding the perfect balance between driving pleasure and energy conservation and carbon reduction. The new cars it launches range from UX small SUV to LC high-end sports car/convertible. Almost all product lines have electrified models for prospective car owners to choose from. A variety of new energy products can meet the expectations of more consumers. Of course, Lexus will continue to develop more new energy vehicles that meet market expectations in the future. It is expected that more than 10 electrified models will be launched by 2025. new cars, thereby helping to achieve the macro corporate goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Electrified vehicles are not just pure electric vehicles, but also include multiple electric vehicles such as PHEV and HEV.

Why Lexus Electrified?

Of course, electrified vehicles refer to more than just pure electric power. As mentioned, in addition to BEV electric vehicles, Lexus Electrified also includes PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and Chinese replacement vehicles. The familiar HEV hybrid electric vehicle. In fact, whether in Taiwan or other countries around the world, there are always different imaginations and expectations for new energy vehicles due to different living and transportation environments as well as personal or family car needs. , therefore Lexus takes this as an idea when planning new products, providing more diversified electric vehicle models to meet consumers' diverse usage habits and purposes.

As early as 2005, Lexus was the first in the world to launch the RX 400h, the world's first luxury electric SUV. It uses a V6 engine paired with an electric motor module to create a new driving experience with high output and low fuel consumption.

Therefore, the reason why we choose Lexus Electrified is that it can meet the needs and preferences of every customer as much as possible, so that everyone can find an electrified vehicle that suits them in the Lexus brand. Lexus can satisfy all their desires for electric vehicles. Only by satisfying them with diversified products can we find every feasible carbon reduction path to reduce environmental load.

Following the RX 400h, Lexus continues to launch various electrified models. The well-known Hybrid hybrid powertrain has become an iconic product in the field of luxury energy-saving vehicles.

Lexus Electrified multiple option one: BEV pure electric power

And because Lexus Electrified has three major electrification-oriented products, it faces three consumer groups with completely different vehicle usage environments. First of all, in terms of BEV pure electric vehicles, such as Lexus’ latest pure electric power product RZ 450e, which is 100% powered by electricity, is relatively suitable for buyers who can install their own charging piles in their living area, or who have charging stations and charging piles near their home and company or even on commuting routes. As long as there is no need to worry about charging issues, You can enjoy the fun of acceleration and abundant and smooth kinetic energy output of electric vehicles. Take the RZ 450e as an example. It has a peak output of 313ps and 44.4kg-m and can break 100 kilometers in 5.3 seconds. It also has good quality and luxurious texture. , satisfying all aspects that high-end buyers care about.

The latest electric car from Lexus, the RZ 450e, is suitable for those who want to experience the charm of electric cars but cannot give up luxury, comfort and exquisite texture.

Lexus Electrified multiple option two: PHEV plug-in hybrid power

In addition to BEV pure electric vehicles, PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are also extremely important products under Lexus Electrified. Basically, you can think of PHEV as a complete synthesis of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles. Not only can it drive in two power modes, but it can also replenish energy in two ways. When it is fully charged at a charging station and driven for a short distance in the city, it can be regarded as a pure electric vehicle, so you can experience the electric motor. Excellent output characteristics and a clean feeling of low noise and zero emissions. When the battery is low or there is a need for long-distance driving, the PHEV will switch to the internal combustion engine to provide vehicle power, eliminating range anxiety and the worry of finding charging stations. In addition, it can use 110V power supply The socket directly replenishes electric energy, adding to the convenience of charging. For the currently popular RX and NX car series, both have 450h+ plug-in hybrid gasoline and electric power models for prospective car owners to choose from, which can be said to be Get the best of both worlds with the Lexus Electrified option.

BEV pure electric vehicles have the fun of acceleration and abundant and smooth kinetic energy output, and are more conducive to body weight and space planning and utilization.

Lexus Electrified multiple option three: HEV hybrid power

Lexus's beloved HEV hybrid power system satisfies the long adaptation period of switching from oil to electricity in the most user-friendly way. What's more, all Lexus models are available with HEV power, such as Unwilling to give up the driving characteristics and energy replenishment methods of traditional power, the Lexus Hybrid system allows the internal combustion engine and the electric motor module to coexist and symbiosis. It not only has the ability to drive purely electric under certain conditions, but also brings a considerable degree of BEV electric vehicle experience. , while retaining a higher proportion of the usage habits and kinetic energy response that you are familiar with fuel vehicles. Compared with the Mild hybrid light petrol-electric system widely used by European competitors, the Lexus Hybrid system can also achieve better motor output and kinetic energy recovery efficiency. , and can be quickly converted between gasoline and electricity at any time, creating a win-win situation of convenience and energy saving. Since there is no need to worry about charging issues, it is suitable for all consumers and driving environments, and can easily meet the high-efficiency and low-consumption Lexus Electrified life.

PHEV plug-in hybrid power is a combination of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles. It can be used as a pure electric vehicle for short distances, and can be refueled to replenish kinetic energy for long distances.

To put it simply, under the Lexus Electrified concept, BEV is suitable for buyers who want a good electric vehicle experience while being reluctant to give up luxury quality, PHEV is suitable for users who want to try electric vehicles but are worried about range anxiety, and HEV is suitable for almost all car owners. Not only will there be no painful period of gasoline-electric conversion, but it will also meet everyone's needs and preferences with the most diverse models and grades.

Lexus Electrified envisions a net-zero green future

Because it has been rooted in the market for a long time, various Lexus Electrified models are currently sold in about 90 countries around the world. Also because it strives to meet the needs of the market in terms of brand, products, technology, efficiency and marketing, in 2020, Lexus Electrified already accounts for 1/3 of the total global sales of electrified vehicles, and by 2023, the total sales of Lexus electrified vehicles will exceed the 2.4 million mark, while reducing carbon emissions by up to 19 million tons globally. Together, it is equivalent to the carbon reduction effect of more than 49,000 Daan Forest Parks, and is equivalent to the disappearance of up to 300,000 traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles from the world. It has naturally exerted a certain degree of decompression effect on the global environment. Looking into the future, Lexus Electrified will also We will continue to work hard to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, and provide diversified electric vehicle products tailored to local conditions. We will not only strive to meet the Lexus Electrified needs of all consumers, but also explore more feasible and perfect ways to pursue environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality.

HEV gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles such as the NX 350h bring convenience that is no different from traditional car usage.

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