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Mazda "CX-5" facelift, new "Retro Sports Edition" special car! It is expected to be launched in Japan in mid-October

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●The facelifted Mazda “CX-5” is open for pre-order! It is expected to be launched in mid-October
●Newly set "Retro Sports Edition" special car
●The facelifted Mazda "CX-5" strengthens the individuality of each specification, and the changes are as follows

The facelifted Mazda "CX-5" is open for pre-order! It is expected to be launched in mid-October

"Retro Sports Edition" special car

On September 4, 2023, Mazda Japan implemented a minor facelift of the Crossover SUV "CX-5" and opened reservations from that day.

Mazda said that this minor facelift has strengthened the individual design of each model and re-examined the standard equipment, making it an easier-to-select model series. The new "Retro Sports Edition" special car is also a topic of discussion.

Mazda also made price adjustments with this facelift. The reason for Mazda's price adjustment is the increase in raw material prices and logistics costs. The facelifted CX-5 will be launched in mid-October.

New setting "Retro Sports Edition" special car

"Retro Sports Edition" special car

With this facelift, Mazda has also set up a new "Retro Sports Edition" special car with a retro modification style atmosphere.

The Retro Sports Edition is characterized by the fact that the door mirrors, wheel rims and family-style Signature Wing radiator guard are all made of black. The exterior style is unified, and the terracotta color and black interior create a retro sports atmosphere. The interior is embellished with terracotta stitching throughout.

Retro Sports Edition special cars are equipped with SKYACTIV-G 2.0 and SKYACTIV-D 2.2 specifications respectively.

The facelifted Mazda "CX-5" strengthens the individuality of each specification. The changes are as follows

The changes common to the entire car series are the addition of the "Platinum Guartz Metallic" exterior color and factory options that were first used on the Mazda "CX-8". In addition, Mazda has also strengthened the characteristics and personality of each model and adjusted prices.

This minor facelift also abolishes the “Proactive”, “L Package”, and “25S Exclusive Mode” specifications. SKYACTIV-MT (6MT) specification models are also abolished in this facelift.

The top standard "Exclusive Mode" is only set for diesel models

The top-spec "Exclusive Mode" with Nappa leather and other equipment has been changed to a more simple and capable interior and exterior design.

The exterior adopts Gunmetal Gray straight water tank guard, and silver trim strips are added to the center of the front and rear bumpers. The wheels are made of high-gloss black painted 19-inch aluminum rims.

The interior trim panels and door trims are made of silver honeycomb trim, and the seats, center console, etc. are embellished with light gray stitching.

This facelift will abolish the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Exclusive Mode, leaving only the diesel engine model. The price of the facelifted "XD Exclusive Mode" has been increased by 55,000 yen.

"Sports Appearance" emphasizes sports style x luxury

The "Sports Appearance" special car is built on the basis of the past "L Package". The exterior design strengthens the "sporty style" and "luxury" characteristics of this specification and adds comfortable features.

Changed to gloss black straight strip water tank guard, and ventilated air conditioners were added to the driver's seat and passenger seat. Sports Appearance has increased the amount of SKYACTIV-G 2.5 and SKYACTIV-D 2.2 to 231,000 yen.

"Field Journey" improves functionality and texture

The 4WD exclusive specification "Field Journey" created for outdoor needs has been upgraded and revised in terms of functionality and texture.

In terms of appearance, only the water tank guard has been modified. In terms of interior, holes have been processed on the synthetic leather seat surface, and the seat joints and stitching embellishments are all designed in light gray.

The eye-catching light green air-conditioning vent trim strips of the old model have been changed to matte metal. The increased amounts for Field Journey are as follows: SKYACTIV-G 2.0 is 253,000 yen, and SKYACTIV-G 2.5 is 214,500 yen.

The increases for other specifications are as follows: the Smart Edition will increase by 143,000 yen, and the Black Tone Edition will increase by 165,000 yen (only the XD Black Tone Edition 4WD is 203,500 yen).

●Mazda CX-5 suggested selling price


20S Smart Edition (2WD): 2,909,500 yen, (4WD): 3,140,500 yen

20S Black Tone Edition (2WD): 3,239,500 yen, (4WD): 3,470,500 yen

20S Field Journey (4WD): 3,520,000 yen

20S Retro Sports Edition (2WD): 3,426,500 yen, (4WD): 3,657,500 yen


25S Sports Appearance (2WD) 3,581,600 yen, (4WD): 3,812,600 yen


XD Smart Edition (2WD): 3,228,500 yen, (4WD): 3,459,500 yen

XD Black Tone Edition (2WD): 3,558,500 yen, (4WD): 3,789,500 yen

XD Field Journey (4WD): 3,839,000 yen

XD Retro Sports Edition (2WD): 3,745,500 yen, (4WD): 3,976,500 yen

XD Sports Appearance (2WD): 3,900,600 yen, (4WD): 4,131,600 yen

XD Exclusive Mode (2WD): 3,994,100 yen, (4WD): 4,225,100 yen

Original source:Mazda “CX-5” has been partially improved and special edition “Retro Sports Edition” has been added! Scheduled to be released in mid-October
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