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Mazda "CX-60" adjusts the price and cancels some specifications. The parity specification rises to 3.22 million yen

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●Mazda "CX-60" adjusts the price and cancels some specifications
●Average increase of 228,500 yen

Mazda "CX-60" adjusts prices and cancels some specifications

On August 1, 2023, Mazda announced the price adjustment of the Crossover SUV "CX-60", and it will be sold at the new price from that day onwards. Mazda re-examined part of the specification system while adjusting the price.

The Mazda CX-60 Crossover SUV, which will be launched in September 2022, is a model developed as a counter to European premium SUVs. In addition to adopting a rear-wheel drive platform that is rarely seen in domestic cars, the "e-SKYACTIV D 3.3" consisting of a 3.3L diesel turbo engine and a 48V light oil-electric system and Mazda's first PHEV are also featured.

Mazda said that this time the price is adjusted due to the price increase of raw materials and logistics.

Average increase 228,500 yen

After this price adjustment, the Mazda CX-60 has an average increase of 228,500 yen for all specifications.

The specific increase will vary depending on the model and specification. The increase of the high-end specifications of each model remains at 198,000 yen, but the increase of the cheap version is 231,000 yen to 330,000 yen. The cheaper the specification, the higher the increase .

Diesel engine vehicles with the basic specification "XD" have increased even more, with 297,000 yen for 2WD and 330,000 yen for 4WD. The 2.5L gasoline engine parity specification "25S S Package (2WD)", which was originally 2.99 million yen, rose to 3.22 million yen.

The "PHEV S Package", a PHEV model with a 2.5L gasoline engine and a motor, is abolished in this price adjustment.

●Mazda CX-60 suggested price


25S S Package (FR): 3,223,000 yen, (4WD) 3,448,500 yen

25S L Package (FR): 3,635,500 yen, (4WD) 3,861,000 yen

25S Exclusive Mode (FR): 4,042,500 yen, (4WD) 4,268,000 yen


XD (FR): 3,536,500 yen, (4WD) 3,795,000 yen

XD S Package (FR): 3,811,500 yen, (4WD) 4,037,000 yen

XD L Package (FR): 4,224,000 yen, (4WD) 4,449,500 yen

XD Exclusive Mode: (FR): 4,631,000 yen, (4WD) 4,856,500 yen

【e-SKYACTIV D 3.3】

XD-HYBRID Exclusive Sports (4WD): JPY 5,307,500

XD-HYBRID Exclusive Modern (4WD): JPY 5,307,500

XD-HYBRID Premium Sports (4WD): 5,670,500 yen

XD-HYBRID Premium Sports (4WD): 5,670,500 yen


PHEV S Package: repealed

PHEV Exclusive Sports (4WD): 6,099,500 yen

PHEV Exclusive Modern (4WD): 6,099,500 yen

PHEV Premium Sports (4WD): 6,462,500 yen

PHEV Premium Modern (4WD): 6,462,500 yen

Original source:Mazda "CX-60" abolishes some grades with price revision.The cheapest grade will be raised to 3.22 million yen
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