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Mazda’s “CX-30” facelift is expected to be launched in late October! Pre-orders are now open in Japan

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●The facelifted Mazda “CX-30” is newly unveiled! The price will also be increased
●The new Mazda “CX-30” has been improved in 4 areas
●Additional settings “Retro Sports Edition” special edition car

The facelifted Mazda “CX-30” debuts! Prices are also increased

Mazda CX-30 new color Ceramic Metallic

On September 4, 2023, Mazda Japan released the facelifted "CX-30" small crossover SUV. Reservations will be open from that day and it is expected to be launched in late October.

In addition to improving safety performance, convenience and comfort, this facelift also adds new exterior colors. And set up the "Retro Sports Edition" special car.

Following the facelift, Mazda raised vehicle prices due to rising raw material and logistics costs, and also made adjustments to the engine system and options.

After the facelift, the specifications of models equipped with SKYACTIV-X will be abolished. In addition to the "20S Proactive" and "XD Proactive" 4WD models, the 6-speed MT model specifications will also be abolished.

The new Mazda “CX-30” has been improved in 4 areas

1.Advanced driving assistance system adds new functions and improves safety

This improvement has expanded the detection range of AT misstart control from passing vehicles, walls and other obstacles to pedestrians ahead, improving safety performance. The driving monitoring function has also added a "distracted gaze alarm function". If it is detected that the driver is distracted, the driver will be reminded to pay attention with a picture and an alarm sound.

2. Add functions to improve in-car convenience and comfort

The screen installed in the cabin has been expanded from 8.8 inches to 10.25 inches. In addition, in addition to the original wired connections, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections can also be connected wirelessly. This facelift also adds wireless charging (Qi) and USB-Type C with lighting function.

3. Expansion of smart connection service functions

In addition to the previous "Comfort Plan" connection services, the "Monitoring Plan" and "Remote Engine Start" of the Mazda CX-60 paid plan can also be used on the CX-30.

After joining the monitoring plan, you can use the "Mazda My Car Care" function. If the vehicle is pranked by others or stolen, you can ask the security company to send guards to check the "Mazda My Car Care" function. When the set conditions are met with vehicle speed, driving time, driving area, etc., a message will be sent to your mobile phone. The "Driver Care" function of the "My Mazda" app that sends notifications.

In addition, with the use of the "Remote Engine Start" function, in addition to starting and stopping the engine in the "My Mazda" app, you can also eliminate fogging on the windows and ensure a comfortable interior temperature before driving.

4. Added two new body colors

After the CX-30 facelift, two new exterior colors are added: "Ceramic Metallic" and "Zircon Sand Metallic".

The "Ceramic Metallic" that looks like pottery will appear white and silver when exposed to light; the earth-colored "Zircon Sand Metallic" was developed inspired by the sand mold casting of metal processing.

Additional settings “Retro Sports Edition” special edition car

Mazda CX-30 Retro Sports Edition special car new color Zircon Sand Metallic

Mazda said that the Retro Sports Edition special car added to the facelift this time has a retro-modern worldview as its theme and is integrated with sports style.

The Retro Sports Edition special car uses a new exterior color "Zircon Sand Metallic" as the theme, and the door mirrors, wheel arches, and front radiator guard are all in black.

The interior is mainly in retro-style terracotta color and sporty-style black. The seats are made of terracotta-colored synthetic leather with black suede, and are embellished with terracotta stitching everywhere.

In addition, the car comes standard with the "Driving Position Support Package" including a 10-way electric chair with driver's seat position memory function and seat heating function, and a heated steering wheel function. It also comes standard with a frameless auto-dimming interior rearview mirror and 12 Speaker Bose sound system and other equipment.

●Mazda CX-30 suggested selling price

【e-SKYACTIV G 2.0】

20S (2WD): 2,556,400 yen, (4WD): 2,792,900 yen

20S Proactive (2WD): 2,776,400 yen

20S Black Tone Edition (2WD): 2,990,900 yen, (4WD): 3,227,400 yen

20S Proactive Touring Selection (2WD): 3,012,900 JPY, (4WD) 3,249,400 JPY

20S Retro Sports Edition (2WD): 3,166,900 yen, (4WD): 3,403,400 yen


XD Proactive (2WD): 3,051,400 yen

XD Black Tone Edition (2WD): 3,265,900 yen, (4WD): 3,502,400 yen

XD Proactive Touring Selection (2WD) 3,287,900 yen, (4WD): 3,524,400 yen

XD Retro Sports Edition (2WD): 3,441,900 yen, (4WD): 3,678,400 yen

Original source:Mazda “CX-30” has been improved and will be released in late October!Currently accepting reservations
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