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Menacing Toyota YARiS CROSS

In the past, small cars often meant that they were well-equipped, had poor quality, or were crowded with space. They were unlikely to have anything to do with words like "luxury" and "comfort." However, in recent years, due to changes in family structures and social patterns, purchasing a car is no longer purely a consideration of price. What consumers want more is to create a spacious and unrestrained riding experience in a neat body size. Of course, considerate equipment, Safety assistance, etc. must also keep up with the times, and we can’t just make do with it just because the car is small! The newly launched Toyota YARiS CROSS is a new-generation CUV created with new thinking. It not only has an avant-garde and dynamic appearance and excellent space performance, but is also supplemented by high-quality interior and complete active and passive safety assistance. It will completely subvert your expectations of existing small cars. Definition!

The family-like appearance adds to the domineering look

As the saying goes, "A car is like its people." The appearance of a car is the first impression it gives people, and it also represents the taste and preferences of the car owner. The new Toyota YARiS CROSS adopts the Solid Dynamic design vocabulary and has a dynamic, lively and voluminous body appearance. From a distance, it looks like a mini version of its best-selling SUV RAV4. Both cars feature a large trapezoidal water tank guard and sharp The shape of the headlights creates an atmospheric and technological front profile.Viewed from the rear, the Toyota YARiS CROSS also has a strong sense of presence. The backward-sloping rear line and the design of expanded taillights create a broad and steady visual experience.。

Adopting the brand's Solid Dynamic design vocabulary, the muscular body lines are like a smaller version of the RAV4.

There is a saying that "details determine success or failure." The new Toyota YARiS CROSS places great emphasis on the details of its appearance. Not only are all models equipped with LED Bi-Beam headlights and LED taillights as standard, but they are also all equipped with 17-inch rim tires, creating a powerful aura even if the car is small. On the top-spec trendy version, a silver spoiler floor is also installed on the lower edge of the front and rear bumpers; it is also equipped with LED front fog lights with black piano paint lamp bases, supplemented by eye-catching two-color cutting-style aluminum rims (cool in medium regulations) (standard equipment on the dynamic version and above), which greatly enhances the overall sports style.

All models are equipped with LED headlights as standard and have AHB intelligent high and low beam switching functions.
Medium and top-spec models use 17-inch two-color cutting-style aluminum wheels to add to the dynamic look.

Unimaginable ride performance

In the world of CUV, compactness is king. The dimensions of the new Toyota YARiS CROSS are 4,310×1,770×1,655mm in length, width and height respectively. With a length of only 4.3 meters, it can be said to be effortless when traveling through streets and alleys. The wheelbase of 2620mm is unparalleled among its competitors in the same class. Wait and easily create an unparalleled riding space. It is worth mentioning that Toyota YARiS CROSS not only has ample knee and head room in the rear seat, but its rear seat back also has a two-stage angle adjustment function that is rare in its class, further improving ride comfort.

Not only can the rear seat back be separated in six or four directions, but the reclining angle can also be adjusted in two levels.

As for the luggage compartment, Toyota YARiS CROSS’s volume of up to 458 liters is even more amazing! According to actual tests, two 29-inch suitcases and four 20-inch suitcases can be put in without having to flatten the back seat. In addition, two 20-inch suitcases can be placed under the floor at the same time, and there is still room for two pieces of luggage. To 3 pieces of carry-on backpack or hand luggage, there is nothing more so-called "a small car with a big belly" than this! Coupled with the convenient kick-sensitive electric tailgate (standard on the top-end trendy version), you can get into the car and sit down calmly even if you are carrying large or small bags.

The luggage compartment has a volume of up to 458 liters, so even when traveling with a full load, there is still room for a large amount of luggage.
There is a mystery under the luggage compartment floor! It can actually fit two suitcases.
The kick-sensitive electric tailgate is especially useful when carrying large and small bags with both hands!

The safety interior is fully equipped

In terms of cockpit layout, the new Toyota YARiS CROSS is based on the double-layer ring cabin concept. In addition to giving the driver a sense of surrounding driving control, it also allows passengers to feel an open space comparable to that of an SUV. The extensive use of piano paint and silver decorative panels on the console adds a lot to the texture of the Toyota YARiS CROSS's cabin, and the upper half of the door and instrument panel are covered with large areas of soft leather, giving it a luxurious feel. But life. On the top-spec trendy version, Toyota YARiS CROSS also introduces eye-catching blue elements, including blue stitching on the front seats, cabin atmosphere lights and blue trim strips on the instrument panel (standard on the mid-spec cool-action version and above). It creates a full dynamic effect, and the meaning of attacking young people is quite obvious.

The exclusive double-layer ring-cabin console design takes into account the driver's sense of control and the passengers' sense of space.

In view of the emphasis today's buyers place on active and passive safety, the Toyota YARiS CROSS is equipped with 6 SRS auxiliary airbags as standard, which can fully protect the driving safety of all vehicle occupants when necessary. In addition, in terms of active safety, all car series are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense active safety protection systems, including: ACC full-speed active distance maintenance system, PCS early warning protection system, lane driving assistance system (including lane departure warning, lane departure warning system, etc.) Departure correction assist, lane driving assist), AHB intelligent high-beam automatic switching system, front vehicle departure reminder, pedal mis-depression suppression system, etc. The top-end fashion version also adds BSM blind spot detection and RCTA rear side warning. System, long-distance driving can effectively reduce the driver's mental burden and reduce the chance of accidents.

All models are equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense intelligent driving assistance system as standard, making long-distance driving more secure.

As the latest generation of domestically produced urban minivans, Toyota YARiS CROSS’s equipment richness is definitely not far behind. All models are equipped with EPB electronic handbrake (with Auto Hold function) and a 9-inch Drive+ Link multimedia host that supports Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The back seat is also equipped with two sets of Type-C slots for more convenient mobile phone charging. In addition, the top-spec trendy version also comes with a 7-inch full-color digital instrument, a constant temperature air-conditioning system, rearview mirror LED welcome lights and rear seat air outlets (standard on the mid-level cool-action version and above), making it a super-class version. The equipment level of distance is to meet the needs of consumers.

The 7-inch full-color digital instrument can provide complete driving information, and can also set birthday and ten sets of anniversary reminders.
The 9-inch Drive+ Link multimedia host is standard in all car series and can support smartphone connection.
The rear seat is equipped with Type-C slots and air outlets, providing comfort and convenience.
All four doors of the car and the front and rear center armrests are equipped with cup holders, so there is no need to worry about having nowhere to put all kinds of drinks.

Best fuel consumption performance in its class

In terms of power, the new Toyota YARiS CROSS is equipped with a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine, which can output a maximum horsepower of 106PS/6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 14.1kgm/4,200rpm. Looking at the CUV leisure class, 1.5-liter displacement can be said to be the most common setting, which can basically meet the needs of most consumers. However, everyone has different tricks, and the tricks are different. The 2NR-VE engine used by Toyota YARiS CROSS can produce abundant torque at low speeds. It is paired with a CVT gearbox with simulated 7-speed manual automatic transmission. It has very Brisk acceleration performance. In addition to excellent actual power response, Toyota YARiS CROSS also has excellent fuel consumption performance. According to the actual measurement of the Energy Bureau, it can reach 17.5 kilometers per liter, which is far better than other competitors in the same class. It fully demonstrates the ultra-energy-saving charm of the new generation of urban minivans!

Even with a small displacement, it can accelerate briskly and has excellent fuel consumption performance. This is the power of the Toyota Yaris Cross!

In order to provide the best driving experience, Toyota YARiS CROSS has also made great efforts in suspension. The suspension settings of independent MacPherson type at the front and torsion bar type trailing arm at the rear (with anti-roll bars at the front and rear) ensure that the suspension volume is minimized while maintaining a certain level of comfort and driving pleasure. To put it simply, it is to return as much valuable space as possible to the car cabin, thereby creating additional passenger volume, making it possible to drive happily when driving alone, and to keep the car body stable when multiple people are riding, so that the car owner can No matter how you open it or use it, you will be satisfied! Who said that buying a CUV can only settle for a small space or a few equipment? Although the Toyota YARiS CROSS is not big, it is extraordinary in nature. Do not believe? Come to Toyota showrooms across Taiwan to experience its difference for yourself!

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